Geralynn Evd
map-marker Longwood, Florida

Yahoo blocks your password & never allows you to reset SUPER_UNRELIABLE email division they are the worst in email-service. They block your passwords, they fool you-and waste your time; it is impossible to re-set password and they sell your information to other companies; moreover, they spy your info and then erase it; you never able to get a hold of them. Therefore, if you want to be smart chose any other email company; But never chose yahoo again. The 3rd world countries are more responsible and reliable and professional. We will report yahoo to federal agency-fraud scam protection; time is value. incompetent, inefficient, thieves of time. Regards, Neighbors watch (100,000 people had complaint in one month)
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Yahoo often bounces emails with different error codes. I use the same email addresses as I used to, no error there. Some emails disappear in thin air.

It used to be occasional, but now it happens every day.

Carlyon Hem
map-marker Austin, Texas

Cain Septic Design

I paid Mr. Cain a fee of $2,000 to design, permit, and oversee the installation of a new septic system. Mr. Cain insisted on receiving full payment when the designs were delivered, but before bids were received. During this engagement, Mr. Cain designed a very expensive septic system that included a high-priced proprietary computerized controller. In addition the installed costs, Travis Count (TX) requires a perpetual service contract ranging in cost from $300 to $500 annually to support the system as designed. After receiving three bids ranging from $25,000 to $40,000 USD, I informed Mr. Cain that I would not be using his design because of the system’s installed and lifetime maintenance costs. He refused to refund even a portion of the fee I paid. In effect I was charged for design, permitting, and oversight, but received only a design that was not feasible from a cost perspective. I hired a professional engineer to design a lower-cost traditional LPD system that did not require a yearly maintenance contract. The bids for this system came in between $12,000 and $16,000 - a significant savings. I would not recommend Mr. Cain if you are seeking a low maintenance, low cost septic solution. I would also recommend against paying in advance.
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Unemployment Expert Tips

Experts Tips on Unemployment and Cyber Security

Feb 3, 2020

Can’t verify your identity via Andrew Stettner, an unemployment expert, comments on how the verification process works and the privacy risks involved. Learn how one consumer resolved his issue.

Andrew Stettner
Andrew Stettner

Andrew Stettner is a senior fellow at TheCenturyFoundation and a non-profit leader who shares expert opinion on unemployment benefits and insurance reform.