Debt that isn't mine nor ever was informed of..

I received, via my employer, a wage garnishment for a debt that isn't mine. I have no idea what this debt is for, I was never notified of this debt by CACV LLC of CO. My name is totally misspelled and the address where they supposedly served the garnishment is an address that I have never lived at in my life. This is fraud. I call CAVC contact numbers and never get an answer or I am unable to leave a message. I can't get this wage garnishment stopped,....they are taking 1/2 of my net pay. I can't do this and I can't find help. This debt is not mine and these attorneys who are working for CACV won't return my calls either.
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If all else fails, move on to another job.

map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

Disgusting debt collectors

i just found out that cacv of colorado has a lien filed against my property for 9381.00, i was never informed my them that they were filing the lien and now that i'm selling the house i have to pay them before i can close escrow. this company is the most vile and disgusting group i have ever come across in my forty plus years in business. they should be put out of business. Perhaps a class action law suit against this company is in order. if enough of us can get this going maybe we can get our money back. thank you.
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Does anyone know cacv"s



to be honest I agree with u. im going through something now my name burt smith email burtsmith2001@***.com if u serious hit me up


I'm all for a class action case. They could even tell us who the original creditor was because it was not on my credit report.


My farher was very sick and then passed. My mother was mentally ill and this company put liens on her house with interest compounding on the lien of 26.99%.

I don't think they were aware. but how can an original small credit card bill that original company wrote off and sold pennies on the dollar compound to such high amounts legally ? From 3600.

To 18,000.00 and judge allows it in phoenix. How true that we live in a wicked generation


I would definitely start a class action law suit again this company!!!! If there is anyone out there who does this, reply here! I am sure enough people would do it.


Midland Llc funding sued my wife for a Citibank credit card debt that was past the statue of limitations and got a default judgement because we were never legally served nor did we even know about the trial. The first we heard about it was when they garnished her pay. At that point it was a year after the court case and a worthless lawyer charged us $800 just to tell us to pay them.


Pay your bills crybaby and things like this wont happen!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you going to sue them because your another worthless deadbeat that dosent PAY THEIR BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

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Shame on YOU! You have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about!!Or who you are talking to!

Easy for you to say "just pay your bills and stop crying about it" Excuse me!?

I DO! Even living on a fixed income!

You are missing the point, it must be do to your ignorance...I (we) we're never properly served!

Do you know what that is and/or how that works in the state of California anyway?

SHAME ON YOU, do not judge others. I am not going to waist my time with you any more,

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gshockley S
map-marker Memphis, Tennessee

The same thing has happened to me

I seem to have been sued by CACV of Colorado and never knew a thing about it. They sued me back in 2005 and I never knew a thing until I just tried to get a loan for my first house. I to did a Google search for this company and found all sorts of law suite against them and them against other consumers. I'm sorry but for a company to be able to sue someone and the person not to be notified is totally uncalled for. This so called government that we live under and support needs to get their *** in gear and step up to plate and stop these crooks. Just my opinion.
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I 've been hit by them too. My account was charged off with a zero balance.

Then after three months they reopened it and sued me. But i know God is on their trail.

They have to spend eternity somewhere for all the dirt they are doing. What do it profit a man to gain the whole world and die and lose his soul.

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Interesting how you chose that quote out of the bible but did not choose Roman's 13:7 - 13:8


cacv of colorado just to over 500.00 out of my bank account and I dont know who they are and I dont owe anybody money this was my bill money and now the bank has a hold on it to send to them how do I stop this?


Don't feel all alone here on this! I too have been victimised by the crooked a??es! They use so called "lawyers" as robots to carry out their crooked work. Lawyers who couldn't find work with a respectable law firm. Beware of this one: Christopher R. DeLoney


421 East Airport Freeway Suite 115

Irving, TX 75062 They are as disgusting as CACV themselves!

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map-marker Gloucester, Massachusetts

CACV of Colorado complaint

I received a note from my bank that CACV of Colarado has a judgement against me showing up on my credit report. I never heard of them! Has anyone else dealt with this? How can I have a judgement against me and not know anything about it? How do I find out how to deal with this. I Googled CACV and the seem to do similar types of things to people. Does anyone have any experience in dealing with this. I am trying to get re- financed and everything is in place except for this. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I have a judgment against me also from CACV. I tried contacting them by mail, certified, and phone and no one. The law firm of Allan Smith in New Jersey is trying to threaten me for the judgment.


I just received a arbitration award of $23,000 which I have no idea I owed. I am going to fight this but don't really have the money.

A class action suit needs to happen.

You cannot find anything on them. HELP!


CACV obtained a judgement and wage garnishment on me even AFTER I produced a letter of satisfaction from the original creditor. The account had been paid off for over 3 years...


I too just found out I have a judgement against me. I'm in the process of selling my home and the title company showed it to me.

Felt like someone hit me in the stomache. I never knew anything about this... In 2003 I was a victim of Identity Theft. I reported to all the credit reporting agencies and closed all credit card accounts at that time.

How do you go back and fix something like this? Especially when you know it's not yours? Any help please... This is by the Law Firm Sam Streeter in Houston, Tx.

I would so love to find a way to mess with them. This just seems to be so unethical.


we need a class action law suit to shut CAVC down. *** it, they have me by the court strings...and I don't even know who they are. I don't have money to fight them...and they were a supposed 10 year suit against me


i have just recieved the same thing from CACV, but they send it directly to my job, and they are trying to collect 25% for every paycheck. They said i owe them from year 2005 but they are barley sueing me this year. I don't even know where its coming from.


I am having the same situation here a Judgement against me and I am being sued as well. I have no idea where to turn to other than this is alot of money unless I can prove otherwise that this is not my debt.


I am having the same situation here a Judgement against me and I am being sued as well. I have no idea where to turn to other than this is alot of money unless I can prove otherwise that this is not my debt.

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I am getting ready to close on a house that I am selling and was informed by my realtor that CACV of Colorado,had a judgement against me for $19,000.00, I have never in my life owned that much money to anyone, now I got to try and get that judgement off, in order to sell my house.


I have a judgment from them too. They took over a closed account that wasn't theirs after three months.

What do it profit a man to gain the whole world and die and lose his soul. It's in God's hands.

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peggie m Njh
map-marker Batesville, Indiana

Providian Mastercard

I need to find out the phone number of this company. So i can call them about a matter I think should not be in their collections. I know Energe Mastercard took over Providian. my email is rpmeyer01@***.net. if any one has imformation on this please email me ASAP. I feel they are trying to get more money out of me. I feel I have already payed this through another company. I have not had this account for along time and it should not be on my credit report. so once again if any has a phone number please email to me.
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