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I agree with all the testimonials on this site. You can read my complaint letter to Butler Custom Caps below, for the details of my order which was botched completely. To Whom This May Concern, I was very excited to be ordering a unique and special gift for the 175 guests at my Son's graduation party on 28 June. I contacted Butler Custom Caps and the process seemed simple, efficient. Until the trouble began: misinterpretation of the design (a green shamrock), obtaining a clear and acceptable representation began to be delayed, my sample never arrived, dates began slipping. I agreed to pay on condition that they could make my 27th June date because the party was the following day. The hats were to be everyone's gift and we were preparing 200 gift bags to put the hats in and give to folks as they left the party. They rep listened to all this and assured me this was perfectly acceptable ond that Butler Custom Caps would have no difficulty making this date. When I contacted my representative at Butler Custom Caps on the 25th of June to check on the order, he told me that the caps were completed and he would contact me with shipping data.I called him again on the 26th and he told me the caps were en-route, provided me with a Fed Ex tracking number and wished me good luck. Upon checking the tracking number, I quickly determined Butler Custom Caps A) had my order scheduled for 26 June shipping from CHINA to arrive in NY on the 30th of June. It is infuriating to me that a May order delays into June and then the rep stipulates a delivery post the due date, yet tells me something completely different. I sent a chat message to the Butler Custum Caps chat line stating that my party - and I - were completely screwed if these hats didn’t arrive as promised. The rep responded that while they were late in transit (due to typhoons in China) all was well and the hats would be at the Fed Ex office in NYC the following morning at 9am. (see the copy of this chat below) Now I didn’t believe anything anyone at Butler Custom Caps had to say and I thought it prudent to contact Fed Ex to verify the Butler Custom Caps rep's commitment. Fed Ex replied that A) their NY office was closed on Saturdays and B) given the late shipping date, there would be absolutely no possibility that the caps would make it into the US, clear Customs, come across the US, arrive in Newark and ship to NY before the 30th of June. Here's the bottom line: The hats were the centerpiece of focus for my Son's graduation party. Butler Custom Caps completely screwed that up. I have numerous people upset, angry, and downright pissed-off at me for this screw-up. Regardless that Butler Custom Caps failed to honor their business commitment to me - My word, my commitment and my reputation are now all questioned. When I went back to the web to look up Butler Custom Caps, I spotted this URL that I had not seen before: Had I seen this website and read its contents, I would have heeded the numerous testamonials regarding Butler Custom Caps record of failing to deliver Regards,-Kevin Milgram My party is screwed without the hats. I am going to stop the payment unless these hats arrive in NY tonight. Welcome Milgram! Your request has been directed to the Butler Custom Caps department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call. Call accepted by operator Bryan. Currently in room: Milgram, Bryan. Bryan:Hi, we apologize for the delay and inconvenience that it has caused. Please give me a moment to check on the status of your orderBryan:Are you still there?Bryan:Your order was delayed because of the weather in China. Your caps were on schedule to meet your deadline, but Fed Ex held shipment because of Typhoons that has been hitting China. Your order was shipped this morning. They will arrive in NY tomorrow morning and you can pick up your caps at this address. 135 west 50th st. NY NY 10020Milgram:good what timeBryan:9amMilgram:thank youBryan:no problem. take care
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Dear Customers,

I am the Vice President of Customer Service and Sales for this company and we have been in business for over 5 years.

First of all unlike many of the people that are anonymously posting lies about our company, I am a real person with a real name. Feel free to Google my name and you will see that I have had over 20 years of management experience in the promotional products and print industry.

We had serious production problems and internal customer service problems between February 2010 and June 2010 due to increased business and our lack of capacity to handle it.

Check the Internet and it will confirm that we only had problems during this time period.

I am 100% confident that all of our problems have now been addressed, we can continue to provide excellent customer service and embroidered patches to its customers.

Unfortunately, I believe that recently some of our competitors have taken advantage of the situation and have posted negative comments about us. Check most of the recent posts about our company, there is no order number, no details, etc... As a consumer you have the right to be wary of any company online, but also understand that this could happen to anyone. The Internet allows people to anonymously say anything about any company, without any proof that they are telling the truth.

Therefore, I would challenge anyone that has a complaint to contact me directly at greg@***.com . If you do decide to make a negative post about our company, then at least provide the Internet the courtesy of proving that your allegations are true by stating the date of the order, the order number, whom you dealt with and what happened. Everyone has the right to express themselves on the Internet, but nobody has the right to liable a company without cause. Furthermore, if you are a customer with an outstanding issue that has not been resolved, please again contact me directly.

Lastly, if you are a potential customer and these posts scare you, please accept a further 15% discount (just tell your sales rep) on your order, and you have my guarantee that if you have any legitimate problems with your order, you can email me directly and the patches will be yours free of charge.


Greg McCurley

VP of Customer Service and Sales


agreed. all of the clowns at butler are *** every customer out there.

I wouldn't trust Greg, Yusuf, Heller, or any of the staff. They should be shut down and the employees should just quit this shady outfit.


Same problem 4 me. Have u the name of another company 4 custom caps ? Thanx a lot.


Delivering orders is surely not the problem and it has never been for me as well, moreover quality is also another issue that makes me stick to the services of Butler Patches, i find them interesting and a great service provider.... embroidered patches


to sarcastic: you're a competitor. :grin

if you think this is bad, see ALL the postings on Butler Sourcing and Butler Custom PATCHES.


Butler Sourcing is a great company...if you like to be lied to, feel like wasting your time, want to discuss your orders with someone who really isn't listening or has no clue what you are talking about, want promises that are never delivered or you want to write emails and leave voicemail messages that are never returned.

I wouldn't waste your time with this company.


To "A. Ortiz" and others,

Please update this site with your results and feedback as to your refund, if at all. I'm not getting any response either. And you're getting the same runaround with the same names as all the other customers. where are you now Carlos and Matthew?

Butler Caps is the same as Butler Patches AND Butler Sourcing. Butler goes into a customer runaround or strictly ignores your after you ask for your money back! BAD!

I'm tired of dealing with them as well, and there won't be a next time. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN!


Our company was working with Butler Patches for almost 3 months and to summarize our experience we must say IT WAS AWFUL.

They could not achieve the quality we were looking for our embroidery so they promise to return our money. We followed up with them by email in order to find out when we can expect our money back but they do not return our emails. Our project was handle by 4 different people and when the first associate help us for a little bit she or he disappears and then we have to begin explaining our project to the next associate.

Carlos and Matthew, we are using this website to see if we can get a response. Your company promised our money back and we still waiting for an update. You do not return our emails.

We do not suggest to use this company for embroidery needs. Avoid you own headaches. A. Ortiz


*** Butler. They wanted to charge me $20 for 1 patch.


Folks: Look what I found.

1998 Yusuf Uqdah went to China

in August 2004 to teach English after graduating

from UC Berkeley. He intended to return

to the States in August 2005 but instead he

got a job in China working for a factory. He left

the factory in 2006 and shortly thereafter

started his own company in his living room

with one Chinese staff member. The company

has since grown and now has 27 employees

and does $2 million per year in sales. Yusuf’s

company specializes in custom embroidery

manufacturing, but they also do sourcing projects

which provides a service to help customers

have custom made products manufactured

in China.

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Butler Custom Caps

Butler Custom Caps may have attractive prices but they have the worst customer service and turn around time I have ever experienced. From my experienced the place sounds like it's being run by a bunch of kids out of high school with bad attitudes. I put an order in over 3 months ago to get 1500 caps, it takes them 1 week to send me back a digitized sample and if it's not right it takes them another week, and another week and you have to call them to remind them that they have not finished with the proof. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and gave them a chance to redeem themselves by sticking with them only to get attitude from all their staff. I even had one of their "dudes" accidentally forwarded me his response to another co-worker "please get this fixed this guy is killing me i need this asap" I am now on my 4th month and have decided to go with another company. I would label Butler Custom Caps as the worst cap company ever!
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map-marker Butler, Pennsylvania

Same as the prior consumer about BUTLER caps

I too have been getting the run around, sales rep were really cool, and i now had to pay 25 extra to get a sample now they have made the complete order. and i still do not know when they are shipping and had to pay up front. my quest has been going on since 02/19/08 it is now april 10th still no ship date.please just ship it out asap!! I was told that my cap would be ready in less than a two week period once everything was ok'd as of march 28th sales rep told me that they were in production and would be finished very soon, it is now april 10th still no answer, i do business every day via phone, with the whole country, and butler caps presented themselves very well, as soon as i aggreed now it is just like the past article, please just ship them, and i'll take my chances on quality at this point.
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joekuras K
map-marker Middletown, Rhode Island

Butler Digitizing/Caps/Patches/Promotions

I was excited to learn of Butler Custom Caps and their attractive prices for baseball caps made to customized specifications. Their web site stated, "Give us your design and your idea, and we will create a sample for you FREE of charge". Within 2 weeks I had approved their digital image of my custom logo and authorized Butler to produce the sample caps. I asked for 2 caps, 1 of each size, so that I could adjust quantities by size before production of the final order. A total of 100 hats were to be produced. The sales rep stated in writing that no charges would be made to my credit card until after I approved the sample caps. Up to this point, I had not provided a credit card number. I preferred to wait until after the sample hats were approved by me. The sales rep authorized me to modify the invoice with these terms as it originally stated 50% was due before samples were produced (which contradicted the statement on the web site for free samples). He also stated in writing that he received my signed invoice with these terms and would instruct the production team to begin producing the 2 sample caps immediatley. After waiting 9 days, I inquired about the samples. The sales rep replied in email that the samples would ship 3 days later and he would provide a tracking number at that time. After one week, I had not received a tracking number and inquired again. The sales rep replied that the samples would not ship for another week yet and that he would overnight them to me. Sixteen days later, I inquired again about my sample hats. A customer service rep, in conjunction with her supervisor, stated by telephone and email that I would not receive my samples unless I either accepted a free emailed picture of the hat, paid a $50.00 deposit towards my hats, or processed payment for the entire order. They said the needed to collect money up front to cover the cost of shipping the hats, despite the offer on their web site to send a free sample. I inquired by email as to what recourse I would have if I paid any money towards the samples and then we could not reach an agreement for approval of the samples. Butler Custom Caps never replied. I also asked why the terms and conditions changed when they advertised free samples. Almost 2 months have passed since my initial contact to do business with Butler Custom Caps. I have not received any samples and my order is incomplete. During this ordeal, I tried telephoning them. I was surprised that there was no answer, not even voicemail message. After several rings, the phone disconnected. At one time, I tried faxing them my signed invoice. Their fax machine appeared to be shut off. Whenever Butler telephoned me, their phone number showed up on my caller ID as either an unknown caller, or as 000-0123-****. Butler Custom Caps claims to be "A Division of 14 to 24". I could not find any information about this parent company. They appear to have other companies by other names as well. Butler Digitizing was formerly Digital EMB. Butler Patches is "A Division of Butler Promotions". I located a Butler Promotions in Oregon but they indicated that they were not the parent company of Butler Patches. The Butler companies are in South Pasadena, yet they do not advertise or offer any info regarding address on their web site. I have serious concerns as to the legitimacy of 14 To 24, Butler Promotions (in South Pasadena, not the one in Oregon), Butler Custom Caps, Butler Digitizing and Butler Patches. I operate an amateur summer baseball team for high school and college players. I run this team on a shoestring budget and rely on sponsors and fundraising to pay for things like baseball caps. I can't afford to take a loss on any bogus purchases or scams. I thought Butler Custom Caps would be a great company to meet my needs at a great price. I followed their instructions and took care to clarify their own statements in an effort to expedite this process. I am very surprised that they would change their own terms and conditions for producing sample caps without even replying with an explanation. I would have loved to have done business with them to realize a great cost savings. But instead I'm glad I didn't risk losing a great deal of money.
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I have purchased, on several different orders, thousands of patches and hats from Butler over that last 8 years. Their quality and pricing has been fantastic and they have met all scheduled deliveries.

They have worked diligently to get the artwork absolutely correct and have made several changes at no charge. I wouldn't use anybody else.


Butler Patches is truly a good service provider, i have personally placed several orders and got them cleared with great quality and timely delivery..


To all of you who have done business with Butler Custom Caps and have been totally satisfied with their work, I am happy for you. But your positive feedback still does not address the fundamental question.

Why would a reputable company advertise certain terms and conditions, fail to live up to those terms and conditions, change the terms and conditions after being jerked around for several weeks and months, and then change the terms and conditions on their own web site? I really wanted to do business with this company. I followed their instructions to the T and was 100% clear on the answers to my clarifying questions. But yet they still would not stand behind their own written word?

And no one from Butler Custom Caps would explain why? It doesn't add up.



I would love to have your business. I am aprofessional embroiderer and digitizer.

Call me. 770-965-****


:) I have used Butler Custom Caps for all of my orders and have always been completely happy with them.


:) I used Butler Caps before, and I was satisfied with their work.

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