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Richard k jones is racist man

Butler County Sheriffs Office - Richard k jones is racist man
I think that Richard K jones should not be elected to being the butler county Sheriff again. This man is wasting so much money on the illegal immigrants chaimagneing. All he is doing is sending these people back to there country where they will come accross the border again and again. Hispanic people are about to mak white people become minoriteis in this country and they make many important contributions to this diverse country. I am sure there are ome mexican criminals just like there are black and white criminals. Reasons why he shouldnt be in office. 1. Who wants someone who is out right racist to people vital to this nation.
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Hey guys you wan a here something *** ny , sherrif jones is married to a Mexican mail order bride. He has children which are biracial I heard and they are half Mexican. Seen this guy also frequenting the local taco bells and chipolte


Hi my names Juan an sherriff jones has scared me for. Life.

I am a worker at a meat packing plan which he raided for illegal aliens. I was working that day of the raid and they detained me for no reason. I am a USA citizen for the past ten years and I am sick an feed up with this mans racial profiling. If he came to my town in Mexico me and me brothers would castrate this racist fat pig.

I also heard sherrif jones has connections to local white power groups. Not sure if it is true but would not surprise me one bit


I find it hard to see how illegals have protection under a constitution that they do not fall under. I would think that the constitution from their home country should apply.

As far as the comment asking if Mr Jones is willing to pick strawberries for 50 cents a bucket or wash dishes for 10 hours straight, he might, but I'm sure that the original inhabitants of this country (remember them?) would be willing to work for decent wage. The epitath on the Statue of Liberty may still apply - we'll take other folks - but legally.

If I have to *** near be stripped searched at an airport to fly 500 miles because of "security" concerns, I expect at least the same amount of security at the borders of my country. All of you clueless folks out there feeling sorry for the illegals need to wake up.


Anyone who thinks that Mexicans should be given a pass on actually following the few, simple rules to becoming a legal US citizen is the real racist. You must just assume that Mexican people are too *** and lazy to follow some simple rules. Go die somewhere you filthy racist.

Andrea Ahw

Good for him. If he is getting rid of ILLEGAL aliens then he should be given a medal.

What part of illegal do you not understand? Illegal means BREAKING THE LAW. If these so called contributing members want to stay here, they can do so legally.

If you are an ILLEGAL ALIEN, you have and deserve NO United States rights.


CINCINNATI — An undocumented immigrant worker who sued Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones for violating his constitutional rights has been awarded $100,000 in a settlement agreement.

The settlement filed in U.S. District Court stems from the 2007 arrest of Luis Rodriguez, 44, formerly of Lebanon, when he and others were rounded by at a Port Union Road construction site by Butler County deputies and a former immigration specialist hired by Jones.

Officials said they were at the site to talk to a supervisor about undocumented workers, but Rodriguez and more than 20 others were interrogated and asked to provide identification, according to Rodriguez’s attorney, Al Gerhardstein, who posted the settlement Tuesday, April 20 on his firm’s website.

Gerhardstein said his client, who had lived in Butler County for 11 years, was arrested and charged with providing a false identification and deported to Mexico, though he was later acquitted of the charge.

Rodriguez sued Jones claiming that he was “seized” when he was taken to the construction trailer at the work site for interrogation in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

“There has to be probable cause for seizure by law enforcement, whether the person is a citizen or not,” Gerhardstein said Tuesday. “That didn’t happen in this case when they removed my client from where he wanted to be and took him to a place he did not want to be for interrogation.”

In addition, Gerhardstein argued that Jones did not have power to enforce the federal civil immigration law. The case was pending on motions for summary judgment and only weeks away from trial when the county agreed to pay $100,000 in settlement of the claims, Gerhardstein said.

“I certainly was prepared to go to trial,” he said. But he said there had been ongoing negotiations on a settlement for weeks.

Jones could not be reached for comment late Tuesday afternoon.

Jones’ attorneys had argued investigators did not violate the law when they conducted a work site visit on Jan. 2, 2007, according to court documents. They stated it is clearly established that local law enforcement may conduct activities relating to the enforcement of federal law.

“Further, questioning of plaintiff and the other workers was a consensual encounter for which there was no Fourth Amendment seizure. The subsequent arrest of plaintiff on state law forgery charges was lawful as evidenced by plaintiff’s indictment as well as the fact that there was no lawful purpose to have fraudulent identification documents,” according to a motion filed by Jones’ attorneys, Steven LeForge, Andrew Yosowitz and Marianne Pressman. “Plaintiff has produced no evidence that any defendant acted with a discriminatory purpose or motive. The evidence is clear that all workers from (construction site) were called to the trailer and showed identification, not merely the Hispanic workers.”

Jones’ attorney also said Rodriguez did not fight removal from the United States because he was in the country illegally. He agreed to voluntarily depart and left in August 2008, they said.

“By living in the United States illegally, plaintiff assumed the risk that removal proceedings could be filed against him. He had no reasonable expectation that his presence here would somehow become legal or that he was entitled to continue residing in the United States,” Jones’ attorneys stated in court filings.

Rodriguez, who Gerhardstein said is living in poverty in Mexico, wanted enough money to buy a truck and make a living. He was removed from the U.S. and his wife and two children went with him. They had lived in southern Ohio for 11 years working, paying taxes and attending a local Christian church, Gerhardstein said.

“These cases are an effort to hold law enforcement accountable,” Gerhardstein said. “There are consequences to overstepping their authority.”

Gerhardstein said it is often people law enforcement don’t “like” that can be subject to constitutional right violations.

“And they don’t like undocumented workers,” he said.

Rodriguez is a “very gracious man. He is religious and his faith has carried him through this,” Gerhardstein said


Quote from Sheriff Jones

March 6, 2007: “Today, I am sending an invoice to the Mexican Government; President Felipe Calderón for the expenses we incurred [during a recent drug bust]… I am asking the Mexican President to seal his borders to keep the poison from entering this country and Butler County!”


Quote from Sheriff Jones

March 6, 2007: “Today, I am sending an invoice to the Mexican Government; President Felipe Calderón for the expenses we incurred [during a recent drug bust]… I am asking the Mexican President to seal his borders to keep the poison from entering this country and Butler County!”


Four more Mexican workers murdered in Ohio

Latino leaders believe it may be another hate crime


Ernesto Cienfuegos

La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California - December 19. 2007 - (ACN) The state of Ohio is rapidly becoming another "hotspot" for anti-Mexican hate crimes. This is partially due to people like Sheriff Richard K. Jones of Butler County who has stirred up, like Sheriff Joseph Arpaio of Arizona, anti-Mexican hate among the state's racists, white supremacists and xenophobes. The extreme anti-immigrant environment fomented by the likes of Sheriff Jones and others has already resulted in the murder of Mexican immigrants in the state. Among the murdered is an entire family that perished after racist arsonists set fire to their apartment in Columbus, Ohio in September of 2004.

The latest massacre of Mexican immigrants in Ohio occurred earlier this month in Sharonville, a suburb of Cincinnati. The dead bodies of four hard working Mexican laborers were found in their apartment after their employer Abc Precision Masonry & Concrete called the police to investigate because the usually diligent and loyal workers had been absent for 9 days. The police then found the bludgeoned bodies of four Mexican males, all in their twenties, with stab wounds in the heart. Two of the victims were brothers and all four were from the same village in Mexico.

Hamilton County Coroner O'dell Owens, commenting on the fact that all four victims had "deliberate and methodical" stabs to the heart said, "It's clear that they wanted to be sure these four individuals didn't live."

Lt. John Cook of the Sharonville police said, "Robbery is unlikely considering that one victim's wallet contained $1,300 in cash." The police found a receipt showing that at least one victim sent money to his family in Mexico. The apartment had very little furniture and the workers slept on mattresses on the floor. The refrigerator contained a dozen tortillas and a few eggs. The men lived a Spartan existence in order to maximize the amount of money they sent their families in Mexico.

Lt. John Cook said that the four workers were quiet and did not create problems for anyone. Their neighbors and their employers said the men were hard and diligent workers. "They went to work every day. They were doing hard labor every day," Hamilton County Coroner O'dell Owens said. Coroner Owens added, "Why were the men killed? How many people would it take to kill four men in their 20s?"

Some Latino leaders believe that there is a high probability that the murders were the work of anti-immigrant and/or anti-Mexican racists. Oscar Chacon, Executive Director of Alianza Nacional de Comunidades Latinoamericanas y del Caribe (NALACC), said, "The anti-immigrant rhetoric of Sheriff Richard K. Jones has contributed greatly to the possibility that these murders were committed because of irrational hate towards immigrants of Mexican descent."

Juan Jose Gutierrez of the organization Latino USA said, “The real intellectual authors of these horrific crimes are those politicians, police authorities, and newscasters like Lou Dobbs of CNN who have taken charge of fomenting anti-immigrant hate in order to impel murderous racists to target our community."

Shenita Das

“Give me your tired, give me your poor, give me your huddled masses yearning to be free.” This famed quote has adorned the bottom of the Statue of Liberty for a hundred and twenty years. Apparently to officials in Butler County, this statement was only meant for white people.

Yesterday was May 1st, “a day with out immigrants”. Hundreds of people marched through downtown in protest of new immigration laws and reforms, in hopes that the city and nation would realize how much we really do depend on immigrant workers. Immigration has become an increasingly important issue not just in the border states, but even here in Cincinnati.

Today I stumbled upon something that was quite disturbing. It was a blog, to be specific, the Butler County Sheriff’s blog. In 2005, Richard K. Jones was elected to the office of Sheriff. Which I believe was an extremely big mistake. He is a heartless, insensitive man, with only one thought on his mind…to find and expose what he calls “illegals”. These PEOPLE are not illegals, or illegal immigrants, they are simply undocumented Americans.

We ourselves, came to America in 1620 and founded Plymouth, Massachusetts in an attempt to escape the Church of England, to enjoy religious freedom. One would think that coming from years of persecution, persecution itself would not exist in their new lives. But for hundreds of years to come, a country founded on freedom would enslave the minds, bodies and souls of millions of Native Americans, African Americans, and now immigrants. The United States has an audacious view on resources, whether it be land, natural (especially oil), or people. If they find it, no matter how many thousands of years it was someone else’s, it is now theirs. If it has a unique accent, or “weird” clothes, it must be westernized. I say “it” because people do not believe these undocumented Americans are people themselves. It might be safe to say the United states of America holds eminent domain over the world.

A man once said “poverty knows no borders”, and that is exactly why these men, women and families are crossing the border into the US. The US has long been known for opportunity, freedom and happiness. How can we get angry and close the borders when we did the same thing? The Native Americans welcomed us to this prosperous land, and how do we repay them? We murdered them in their beds.

What a money hungry, careless country we have become. And I see no difference in the sheriff of Butler County. I urge all of you to check out his blog and ridiculous pictures. I would like to share with you a quote from his April 28th entry in regards to illegal aliens:

I’ve been talking about doing something about the illegal aliens in Butler County since last October. Well, talk became action yesterday with the arrest of ten illegals and it’s just a start. For those that have been asking, “Where’s the beef?”, I can only say, “Dinner is served” and it’s the first of many.

Is he a racist, or just crazy? I will leave that up to you. Here is another question, do you think Mr. Jones will pick strawberries for 50 cents a bucket, or wash dishes for 10 hours straight, I think not. In the end, they are people, not aliens or criminals. They just want a better life, and who can blame them.

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