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Please give me a call

Please give me a call. Please give me a call. Please give me a call. Please give me a call. Please give me a call. Please give me a
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Ms. M Ygb
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A few months ago I ordered business cards from VistaPrint. Just recently I've noticed that on my bank statement that there was an odd charge of 14.95 from ap9* BUSINESSMAX, and I had no clue who they were. So I called there 800 # and asked. Apparently, they were associated with VistaPrint and had been charging me for 3 months. And all the while I had recieved no service from them at all! So, I cancelled my account (that I NEVER signed up for) and asked for a refund. BUSINESSMAX cooperated nicely and said the money would be back in my account within 2-3 business days..... I have yet to see the money, and I call them everyday. I AM PISSED!!!!!! IT IS A SCAM!!!!!
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Laughing M
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BUSINESSMAX placed a fraudulent $14.95 charge on my credit card.

On 6/2/08, I place an order with Vista Print for 1,000 business cards with my Bank of America VISA card. On 7/4/08, an unauthorized charge for $14.95 from AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V appeared on the same credit card account. I was unaware of this transaction until I viewed my credit card account on line on 7/8/08. AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V delivered me no goods or services. I thought the time of the AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V transaction was out of line because I wasn't home and didn't use the computer or credit card July 3rd and July 4th. In fact, I cut that credit card up on 6/25/08. The AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V transaction was clearly fraudulent. As of 7/8/08, I have no information about this company regarding its location or how to contact them. On 7/9/08, I contacted Bank of America to dispute the charge. They gave me a toll free number: 1-88*-840-****. Customer service agent 26010 answered and I asked her location. After 5 or 6 tries, she told me she was located in Montreal, Canada. I asked for a street address several times. She refused. I asked her to cancel the charge, which she said was associated with Vista Print. I asked her what the charge was for. She said they had a program that provided a service for businesses and billed monthly. I told her I didn't have a business and asked her to cancel it and refund the charge. She said she would cancel the charge. I asked her again for their business address. She asked me why I wanted it. I said I wanted to know more about their company and wanted to write them. She avoided the question, so I kept asking her. She finally gave me the following address: P.O. Box 5152 Plains, IL 60017-**** I called Bank of America back to tell them that AP9*BUSINESSMAX-V cancelled the charge. I asked for all the information they had and had to talk to 3 different service reps. Bank of America didn't have their address, but gave me two web sites: and
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I got hit 14.95 since April of '08. I didn't see the charge because I never use the card..long story.

It was my fault for not seeing it I know. However, this was through Vista Print and was not authorized. They said they would refund all we'll see. BTW: What tipped me off was a call from my card about a big purchase.

It was for around $1500 and unauthorized (obviously. The charge was for a Franklin Covey purchase...keep and eye things is the lesson I learned.


Well. I just noticed $14.95 on my Chase Visa statement called Chase.

The rep was not very helpful.

She said she can request a refund for for one of the 2 charges and that I need to call businessMax to get the further credit. She also said that she could not block these kind of charges :(


Sounds like the typical fraud

that I placed on my First Premier

Bank Card, $39.95, WITHOUT my


People are "snookered" by too

many "legal credit card companies.

I quit First Premier bank Card.

Only a $300.00 max balance, and then after it's paid off, a $7.00

monthly "membership fee",

each month, and then offers of another exact card, with a monthly

memberships fee--$7.00--which I


If this happens, quit that card

all together.

A total rip-off.


I also received the same charged 3 days ago and found out today. I just called their customer service at 1-80*-***-**** and Rochelle, the representative, said that she will refund the amount and submit a cancellation request for the enrollment (whatever that is). Will keep note of the refund, but overall, she was very friendly.

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Businessamax I have no clu

I don't no who this company is and I have been change for $14.95 I need this canceled right away. I call and talked to Shaneika 151437 She said this was online business. I have never ask for this type of business. Take my name off your list. I need my $14.95 changed back to my count now. Loose my e-mail address and mail address and phone #. This is not right for online to just change your count for something I have know interested for. Take my name off your list and give my money back. Glenna
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:( BOY AM I MAD! they have no where on vista print to find out more info on it and they have no where to cancel your account info with your credit card.

i called and told them what they were doing was fradulent and they need to credit me the money, and since i didn't use the "benefits" they said they could. I was like well usually when you enroll in some benefit program you get a note int eh mail, like a member card or an e-mail. i got ZILCH!

but they got a nice 44.85 from me for the time being. They should all just have their flesh rot off their body and die.