map-marker Missoula, Montana


This company is really quite sophisticated and waits a year between contacts with you. They quote "have bought" your debt with a previous company you may even have unfortunately done business with ONCE and then make up dummy invoices that they can't prove you even received--THE ONE RECEIPT YOU HAVE THEY CLAIM MEANS YOU SIGNED FOR ALL THE PACKAGES--which we ALL KNOW IS NOT THE CASE. Then they put a "legal team" on you who are truly scary. The FTC and BBB has been notified of this company, but they need to be shut down and prosecuted. I intend to do just that. but whatever you do, don't give them any names of equipment you own or people in your company. They will hound you until you die I think. But they are sophisticated fraud artists.
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map-marker Plano, Texas


We have had toner scammers calling here for years. We are a great target because the business intentionally has alot of turnover. I kind of enjoy it actually. If I get the call, I like to mess with them. I managed to keep a lady on the phone for half an hour one day while I went to "check" the model number several different times and kept giving her numbers that did not exist. I like to *** into the phone too. Good stuff. Right back at ya scammers! haha. Several times though, my employees have made the mistake of giving out our copier info, even though each phone has a notice about this. Inevitably, I get the *** ink and the subsequent outrageous bill, which I never pay. When they call about the bill I play *** and tell them I never received a bill, or I never received any ink, or that I am Sheriff Beauford T. Justice and I will sue them blind, or I cry, or...well you all have some imagination. The law is so totally on our side with these idiots so have some fun with it!
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Hey Ripped off, What makes you think that they pay any taxes! If you steal from you I am sure they steal from our government too!


Do you have a number for them? They tried to scam us this morning, and I want to make sure that they don't send any junk.

Ripped O Okr

Freaking Toner Pirates, they give the honest vendors a bad name.

Order away and don't pay, that may be the only way to run these guys out of business, you know the local authorities won't shut them down, they like the sales tax revenues these idiots pay.

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Business Supply Center toner scam

Our company got a call from a man who said he was from our toner supply warehouse offering to send more toner. He didn't identify it as a sales pitch. The receptionist assumed it really was our regular supplier, whom we've already prepaid for all toner we'll ever need so she said go ahead & send it. We received a few toner cartridges but it was not from our dealer, rather from some company we'd never heard of called Business Supply Center in Westland, Michigan. The toner was substandard--not the genuine brand our supplier always sends--and also the incorrect product number. It was not what we were expecting. We wanted to send it back but they don't take returns. Then we received an invoice from them. It claimed that we owe them an outrageous sum of $459.85; a price grossly overinflated for that phony product. We called our real supplier who said they have no affiliation with Business Supply Center. Our account rep informed me he had heard of this outfit; they were pirates who always moved around, usually waiting a year between periods of activity. He'd heard horror stories. It would have been good to get a warning that their customers were being scammed by independent suppliers acting as pirates. Nevertheless we shouldn't have to pay because our purchasing officer never actually placed an order for that particular toner. We filed a report with the FTC and the BBB. If they threaten us we'll report it to the Attorney General.
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Just got a very similar phone call . .

. said they were "Corporate Warehouse" . . .

asked for the model number after our machine name. I gave it to her . . .

then she asked for the name of the person who orders the supplies, I gave her my name then I asked for her name again and the name of the company. I asked her "Who is Corporate Warehouse, you're not our copier company and why do you need our machine details?" She hung up.


Same thing happened with us through Del Ray. now they are posing as Center Supply, when I ask for more information they hang up on me.

I have been waiting on a fax, they can't even fax right so I can get it on record that I am being harassed for now a month. I will try the BBB aspect once I get their name and number in writing.


I received a call from a very friendly gentleman that stated he was with our copy company and would like for me to check the inventory on our toners. He stated there was about to be an increase in price and we didnt get the letter, so he was offering us the old price and his office manager would be calling his name was Scott Wilson and his office manager's name was Susan..she called to get our fax number to fax me the information which appeared to be an invoice, I called the number of our copier company and they said it was a scam they will never call to check inventory. sad people cant get a real job


I have received number of calls, this week alone, where the caller has asked to have the product number to our copy machine. I have always responded with, "You should already have that number" and they typically hang up at that point. Today, however, the response was, "Well get off your *** *** and check!"

I'm glad we've never agreed to let them send us anything!


We too got a scam invoice from "Corporate Business Center". Same amount, $4,014.06. Total Scam.


We too got a phone call from a Jeff claiming to be from Xerox and wanting to know the model number of our machine. Minutes prior I had just placed a service call and I was thinking he was the Xerox Tech, then when he stated he just placed a toner order for that machine, I told him no for I only place the order for our machines. Days later we received an Invoice from Corporate Business Center for $4,014.06 for toner for a small Xerox machine. Today our accounting clerk received a phone call from them inquiring on the invoice and she told them we knew they were a fraudulent company and that they needed to quit calling us. He said excuse me? She then said, we did not request the toner that they are invoicing us for and we would not be paying the invoice.

He then said, and I quote “Why don’t you kiss my *** you *** ***.”

What customer service!

Cheri Ufd

I received a product from Corporate Warehouse Supply & feeling as if this has happened before I discovered an old invoice from Business Supply Center that included a tracking number that started the same as the package I just got. I called UPS & they confirmed that the account is to the same business it has always been to & in fact Business Supply Center never shipped out of Michigan only COLORADO!!!!

Cheri Ufd

After reading these comments & doing some intensive research I have discovered that Business Supply Center is now called Corporate Warehouse Supply!!! It is ran out of the same office in Superior, CO.


Business Supply Center 36500 Ford Rd, Ste 211

Westland, MI 48185




Dupped Again today.....same amount $459.85, once I threatened the BBB they forgave the bill and get this, they faxed me a letter stating $0 balance.

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