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I dropped in at the store on highland to see if they could do change a valve stem. I commented that a rep. over email quoted me $20 for the change, and that was for the afore mentioned sensor valve stem. When I showed the guy at the store the tire, which was in the bed of my truck, he informed me that if the sensor needed replacing it would be at least $90. Thats for one sensor on one tire! I went home, called on the parts store to get oem sensor and replaced it myself in about fifteen minutes. The nessecary part was $3.20, the labor took about 10 minutes (without a tire machine). the sensor didnt need replacing only the valve stem seat. But even if replacing the valve stem and sensor parts were $43.99 for all four wheels, complete with stems and all necessary hardware. This kind of thing is what I look for when evaluating the merits of a shop, can they be transparent or will they assume I know nothing and try to get away with generating more billable labor and parts. Burt Brothers on highland has not only lost my business, but has also likely lost the business of anyone I talk to about this. Mechanics, used car salesmen, and the like have a dubious reputation and it is practices like this that are the reason for it!
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  • Will charge ten times what the service is worth

Preferred solution: Apology

User's recommendation: Go to another mechanic, their practices are what gives all mechanics a bad name!

Nelly B Uei


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I have never been so disrespected. Worst customer service ever, unethical, unprofessional; Jason Burt son of co-founder: Mr. Wendel Burt, thinks that because he is the son of a co-founder, he has the right to yell over the phone, let his frustrations out with his customers, hang up the phone and not even end a call like a professional manager. He should take some customer service education courses and/or management skills. I wanted to schedule a meeting in person to talk over what happen at one of his locations, but for this man, it was easier to discuss a delicate matter over the phone and be able to talk to me and my husband like we are stupid and hang up the phone, being very arrogant and unprofessional. My family and I have been their customer for over 12 years, having multiple cars worked on and being loyal customers to this company. My niece took her car: a 2000 Audi for an oil change because it was due for the service, this was on Friday August 30, 2019, she took it to the Jeremy Ranch location, trusting them like we always had; that everything was okay. She got home and parked the car (it was Labor Day weekend) the car was not driven all weekend. On Tuesday 9/3/2019 morning when leaving for work the car did not turn on, she came in told me that her car was not turning on, told her “take my car, let’s have Pablo (my husband) check it later today” so she took my car, later that evening on 9/3 when they got home from work and had dinner, both my niece and my husband went out to check the car, it was not turning on, finally it turned on and it made a horrible sound, my husband immediately turned it off (he knows about cars) and the first thing he checked was the oil, he pulled out the oil dipstick and there was barely any oil on the tip, he cleaned it and checked it 4 times and the car had no oil, he checked the heads and they were dry, completely dry. Unfortunately, we didn’t take any photos or video (which now I regret, I should have) because we never thought it would come to this… Burt Brothers got the car towed to the Sandy location, they said “do not turn on the car or let the tow truck driver turn it on” the next day on Wed 9/4 the tow truck arrived close to 10 am. I came out gave the keys to the tow truck driver and told him “do not turn on the car, the car has no oil at all” so he didn’t. Later that day at 11:49 am I got a call stating that there was oil in the car. How can the car have oil over night? There is no way. I had the manager call my husband, we then went to the shop later that evening after work, they showed us the car and of course we asked to see video footage from the time the car arrived until they finish and parked it. They agree and took their time to show us, saying how difficult it is to get the footage, venting about their cameras being bad, that the footage was horrible, calling the camera system service people, a whole ordeal… also telling us that the tow truck guy was upset at them “ wanting to kind of fight them” about there being oil on his tow truck bed and them telling the driver “it must have been another car”, they started to show us the footage and fast forwarding it, watching it in fast mode, we didn’t watch the whole entire footage, we asked why there were so many guys around the car at times; the manager said “they have never heard an engine sound like that and were curious” but then I see in the video footage someone driving it out from the shop at 11:21 to get it parked and the car turning off half way when backing it up at 11:21:58, in the video footage you can clearly see that the guy driving it tried more than once to turn on the car (from 11:21:58 to 11:23:31, then at 11:23:36 a guy from the shop came out and then other 2 guys came out to push it back into the parking space; knowing NOT to turn on the car, this whole thing (act) got me thinking: These guys are lying, they put oil in the car at some point. The manager kept asking if there was any oil on my driveway, where the car was parked, etc. I have footage when the car got picked up by the tow truck and I took it for my niece, letting her know that her “baby” was being towed… in the video it clearly shows NO OIL spots. The next day on 9/5 I called the tow truck driver the same one that picked up the car and asked if he was upset at shop about there being car oil on his tow truck bed? He said “NO, when I arrived they approached me and asked if the car spill any oil on the tow bed, and said: there is little oil on the bed but I don’t know if it’s from this car or the previous car” by now I’m really doubting these guys and their story telling show. Then we went to the shop on Saturday 9/7 to talk to the manager asked to get us all the video footage from the time the car arrived to when it got parked, he agreed and told me it was going to take some time and will be ready on Monday, we then started talking about the car, again telling him there was no oil in the car, how could the car have oil over night? asked why the car was driven to be parked, he then said: the mechanic at that point knew the engine was bad so there could have not been any more damage done to the car… My husband got upset because how could the mechanic known how bad the engine was, asked if he pulled it apart, did he did his diligence, my husband told him it could have just been a head or something else that could have been fixed, the manager said well I don’t know because I’m not a mechanic, the manager didn’t know what to say anymore, they made matters worse. On Monday 9/7 they called me that the thumb drive was ready, I was unable to pick it up that day and got it on Tuesday 9/10 at 1:05 pm. The thumb drive contains 253 videos a lot of them are short and some long video footages, some start consecutively, when the previous end at and others have 3-5 minutes missing. This thumb drive has footage of Sandy’s location cameras ONLY. On Friday 10/11/2019 evening; I got a call from the Sandy manager shop, asking about the car: “what we were going to do, if we are still going to take it to the Audi dealership” I said: “I would like to schedule a meeting with the owner” he then tells me “Jason is at the Riverton location you can call and he might still be there and could speak to him” he gives me the number and then I called, the guy that answered said “Jason left for the day, he doesn’t come in on Saturdays, but will be here on Monday, he was here all week because of a training” I said “okay” then he asks “would you like to leave a message?” and I did, gave him my name and said “this is about the 2000 Audi parked on the Sandy location, I would like to schedule a meeting with him to talk about the car” they were going to pass along the message. Saturday 10/12 I get a call in the morning at 9:44 am from Jason Burt. He then says: “I’ve gotten several messages from you to call you” when he said this I was like -several- OMG this guy is arrogant, he proceeds to say “what it’s the problem, that the car had oil, that there was nothing for them to do, what I wanted, that he reviewed all the video footage from both locations, that I have what I asked for that I had all the video footage ----I ONLY have the Sandy one---- talking to me on a haughty tone of voice and saying that we took them a car that was already bad, that the engine was bad already… I was in shock over all the things that were coming out of this man “wow” these guys just want to wash their hands. Jason was making me feel that I was fighting them for money… are you serious? He was NOT even letting me say anything and every time I was speaking; he would talk over me and started to raise his tone of voice even more… My husband was by my side and was able to hear him, so I turn the phone to my husband, so my husband started talking to him in the same tone of voice as he was speaking… after 9 minutes Jason hang up the phone on my husband. My husband asked me to dial back, someone else answered, my husband asked for Jason and they put him on hold, then said Jason left he started to stutter and my husband asked when will be back and said Monday, the person on the phone said “he was with a customer then he drove off” then put my husband on hold again, then picked up the phone and started to say “you have all the footage” and continue to stutter, like someone was by his side telling him what to say every time they put my husband on hold…. my husband was telling the guy “we don’t have the Park City footage, have them put it on a thumb drive for us” the guy said on Monday and my husband was telling him: “okay but have the thumb drive ready on Monday for us to pick up at the Sandy location” then Jason grabs the phone and yells at husband ---I guessed Jason was there the whole time, and was by this guy all this time--- Jason grabbed the phone from him and that is when he yells at my husband saying “WHAT PART DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND, I NEED TO LEAVE AND TO GO WITH MY FAMILY ITS MY KIDS 3RD BIRTHDAY” he was just being rude and hanged up on my husband again, call lasted 8 minutes. Burt Brothers DO NOT CARE for their customers, nor how loyal we are to them, how long we have been customers not even how many cars we take to them… they simply DO NOT CARE, they know how bad their camera systems are and do not care, nor they do anything about it, according to other managers they have approached management with this matter and it does not get taken care of…. There actions says a lot and we all know why they don’t fix their system or place their cameras correctly, it’s convenient to them that the cameras record bad footage and that the cameras are placed where it captures little to nothing, far, the back of the cars or the concrete floor… This way it will always be your word against them, and they don’t have to be accountable for anything. I’m not the first customer that this has happened to… reading other reviews there are other customers that have complaint. IF YOU CAN AVOID BURT BROTHERS DO SO, it will save you the headache and the disrespect. They will be nice at first (money is coming in so why not) but as soon as something bad happens in their shops and it’s clearly their fault they will not honor their customers and will never acknowledge their mistakes, will wash their hands and as a plus they will disrespect you. How many times has Burt Brothers Tire and Service gone to court or how many times have you had customers complain about similar issues? Sure it’s not the first time. My hope is that this company gets investigated and do research of how many times they have gone to court for similar situations. Stop these guys from treating customers the way they do and get away with it.
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Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

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