The roof leaks more now than before with a 21 year old roof.

They do not back up their work. They destroy property to get pictures to protect themselves. Nothing but excuses and lies instead of addressing the leaks. Just look at their resolution of problems "0". They low ball estimates and do the minimum work required. My soffits are in worse shape than with a 21 year old roof, but the owner and his so-called lead in Chattanooga push the shoddy workmanship off on the customer. Their contract is worthless, they will not perform the stated work and there is no backing help from GAF. The customer is left to hire a real roofing contractor to correct the roofing problems. They will sell you an upgrade of a warranty, but register the basic "free" warranty with "GAF" . A sorry excuse for a roofing company.
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Drip, drip


Please note the lack of response from the company.


No ethics. Burell has his mother giving stellar reviews. The actual customers don't


Sounds like you need a lawyer


Corey Burell is the king of excuses


Burell built roofs leak while under their "warranty " and you will never see anyone from this company.


Burell built also removes negative reviews

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Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Service
  • Customer service and quality of workmanship
Reason of review
Bad quality
Preferred solution
fix the leaks and the destruction of property

New Roof for Old House & Very Happy Client

PERFECT, FLAWLESS,FANTASTIC 6 Star JOB! Nathan & his hermanos knocked out a TOTAL tearoff, replacement of some decking & lay down a totally NEW roof with 50 year, beautiful architectural shingles, cleaned up & they did it all in 20 hrs. These are the hardest working guys I have ever seen. I got worn out just watching 'em! They worked 14 hrs. the first day, in 90ÃÂú+ heat! MOST IMPORTANTLY - Mr. Nathan was they *only* contractor I spoke to who mentioned the simple word "insurance" to me. I had never even thought about making a claim. I know nothing about insurance except how to pay the bill, but Nathan spoke their language; slopes, squares, shingles, underlayment, yadda, yadda. He went to bat for me, he ADVOCATED, on my behalf, with the big, bad insurance company, and when the smoke had cleared, Nathan ended up getting 1/3 of the price of the job out of the insurance company. I COULD NOT believe it! He saved me THOUSANDS of dollars! I am so grateful, Nathan! THAT made hiring BB a no brainer. Home Owner's insurance, it actually PAID OFF, for once it worked in my favor rather than just emptying my pockets! These guys ALL impressed me immensely, great crew, very friendly (if not so well versed in English) and they work harder than a rented mule. I have a 105 year old house. With the help of Burell Built it now stands a good chance of making it another 105 years. I can not recommend these guys too highly. I endorse their work & character without reservation or qualification.
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I would never trust any business that the owner testifies on behalf of his criminal employee to keep him out of prison. He is being released soon from prison. Judge denied the request for probation


Corey Burell pickup truck'2012 odge Ram is not even in his name. It is titled to his mother, Donna Tisdale.

Tim disclosed this infrmation.

Said his mother really ran this company. All those white trucks lined up on the web page are employees personal vehicles except the first one


Randy is a honest man.


Business is so lucrative at Burell build that Randy is working for another construction company.


Why does this company leave Randy's photo on their website?


Happy birthday Tim! Will Corey be visiting Tim in prison today for his birthday?

Corey testified in Tim's defense.


You will never get an address since this property does not exist


Where is this house located? I would like to drive by and have a look at the beautiful, architectural shingles.

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Knoxville, Tennessee
Reason of review
All of the above

Awesome Experience with Burell Built LLC

April of this year i called Burell Built llc out to take a look at my roof. Out of the 3 companies that I called Burell Built was the only one to actually climb on top of the roof. This completely shocked me as I figured any company that would not climb on the roof was not competent to replace my roof. Not to mention the gentleman with Burell Built was extremely polite and I knew right away he would be the one we would trust. Let me just tell you, you can absolutely trust the guys with Burell Built. I was in shock how quick the existing roof was torn off and the new roof was even installed the same day they started. I live Soddy Daisy TN and we have found in the past that it is very hard to find contractors that you can trust in the area. I would and absolutely will recommend Burell Built to anyone. After I paid for their services I decided to leave them some feedback. I stumbled across this website and read through a review that I can tell is fake and possibly from a competitor or someone trying to ruin his reputation. I sincerely appreciate what they did for me and figured the least i could do would be to share my experience with Burell Built for others to read. I would 100% hire again!
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Happy birthday Tim


Randy is working for another construction. Burell needs to update his website. Randy is a good man and was not involved in Burell Built's complaint to the licensing board.


Just completed a roofing, yet has not paid Knoxville any toward the delinquent taxes. Burell Built's integrity is nonexistent

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Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Excellent job
  • Timeliness of work completed
Reason of review
Good customer service

Very Satisfied Burell Customer