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i want to claim my free gift, how i can get my free gift.i buy a red copper today 2/10/17 in ross store but is say i got a free gift but i dont not how i can get my surprise, if you can help me to get.the red copper is very good and help my health,because dont use oil to cook .my experience was very good with the product. that only thing i think there no a free gift is not true, i think is a tip to get give opinion of your products...... Read more

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I have seen your ads for the bubbhead scrubber, I was VERYinterested in it. I found the scrubber at CVS, BOUGHT IT . There is always a lady of the house need some held with cleaning her home. I have used a scrub brush n my hand and knees-no fun. I AM looking forward to working (PLAYING WITH THE BULBHEAD SCRUBBER; this boon to working women who maintain their homes. The shower pan, that has been driving me nuts, looks a lot better. i have tried... Read more

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  • Feb 09
  • by anonymous
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My $10.00 to spend. I was trying to buy 2 lids for my pans but the website isnt working. Am i being punked. Aston copper its not funny. How can I send my 10 dollars

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I received my Red Copper pan and was excited to see there was a flyer included for a free gift of a $10.00 as a surprise. All I had to do was see the site for details to claim my gift. The surprise is that there is no info on this site. Not a good representation for Bed Bath and Beyond. I paid $59.00 for my pan and it looks very nice but it would have been better if no promise of a free gift was included. I can't seem to grasp the reasoning of... Read more

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I purchased a spinscrubber from BulbHead, and I was suppose to go to a website to get a surprise gift. When I went to the website, it said no free surprise gift from BulbHead. I was really surprised that a company, or whatever it is would send a message to a costumer who had spent money for their product a lie about a free gift. There should be a law against people like that. That might mean the scrubber isn't what it is advertised to do. If the... Read more

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You are falsely leading customers on to believe they recieve something they dont. Not only I but hundreds of people have been told to go to a web site and get a free surprise. We have bought enough that you could live to your word. Read more

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I bought the lantern and received a surprise certificate for a free gift. I went on line as told and nothing came up that would allow me to receive my free gift. After reading your reviews, I now realize that they are correct. You are a fraud "Blau Blau Blau Blau. Blau Blau Blau Blau, Send me my free gift as promised . You Guy should be out of business. Blau Blau Blau Blau Blau You say your free gift is worth 10 dollars, Based on your current... Read more

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False advertising is what i encountered from Bulbhead. They claim if you go to a certain web site you recieve free gift. Only to go to the site and be asked to purchase more. Read more

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Went to 5 different web sites and none was the correct one. I hope the Red Copper Pan is better than your marketing department. Now I must type at least 100 words about a $10.00 coupon that many people like myself have no idea how to get or even if I want it! We have your two Red Copper regular pans and love them but this type of advertising is really going to hurt your Company. Whoever in the BulbHead marketing department that... Read more

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Bulbhead has no service and does not stand behind their product
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Bought two items from Bulbhead. First was the Hydra Smartbottle. Returned it as it was not as described on the website. Fedex delivered it back to them on January 10, 2017 I started asking via the website where my refund was and no response. Finally called the 800 number call center and they supposedly, we will see, issued the refund MINUS $9.95 for the prepaid shipping label. Ok I can swallow that even if I had to push the issue to get a refund... Read more

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