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The free gift is a scam !!!No site as indicated on gift card...SCAM SCAM ...I had planned on ordering one each for my daughters but after this I will seek another product !!!!! 100 words would be a waste of time to say how mad I am ! COMPANY SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS !And the requirement for 100 words ia not needed to say they are scamming people with their offer,, a Be CEE Deee Fudge I will never buy or recommend this company or any product they...
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I liked
  • Just walk in the store get it and leve
I didn't like
  • False free gift
  • False ad coupon
After seeing so many unhappy people who couldn't find out how to get their $10 surprise free gift from, I had to see if I could figure it out, especially since I had just bought a BulbHead item today that came with one of their $10 Free Gift coupons. After trying a few things, I figured it out: 1) Go to their web site "" (the link they give you doesn't take you to the area you need); 2) type into their SEARCH box:...
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Anonymous 22 I just got mr pan & could not find anything on web address for the free gift!! TY for saving me time and $! God bless the scammers out there! Very sad!


Anonymous It says Free gift?? The gift is not free if you have to make additional purchases. I do not appreciate wasting my time looking for something to buy I am not in the market for.

I liked
  • Unusual products and prices