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I went to the free surprise site and was not able to find where to sign up for it. Is this a real free surprise or just a rip off to get you to look at and buy more of their products. I thought that you should at least honor your ads that are in with the products you offer. If this is the way you do business some one should turn them in to the Better Business Bureau. I think this is very wrong to offer some thing for free and not let customers... Read more

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After seeing so many unhappy people who couldn't find out how to get their $10 surprise free gift from, I had to see if I could figure it out, especially since I had just bought a BulbHead item today that came with one of their $10 Free Gift coupons. After trying a few things, I figured it out: 1) Go to their web site "" (the link they give you doesn't take you to the area you need); 2) type into their SEARCH box:... Read more

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The surprise is no free gift but it got you to our Website! I received the Thank You for your purchase coupon in the Star Shower($49.99) It stated we are giving you a free gift $10.00 value No Strings Attached . Visit to claim your free gift! Valid 5 days from date of purchase. See site for details. I assumed I would put in details from my receipt or send a copy and maybe receive a free bub for the product or something of... Read more

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This product is falsely advertised by shown using metal utensils with it and even shown mixing things in the pan. When you buy the product, you find metal utensils are not recommended as they will damage the pan. The directions say do not use the lid in the oven and then the sentences later it says preheat the oven before using pan with the lid on I called the corporate office and the supervisor told me there was a misprint. He also said that... Read more

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I had this card that said SURPRISE! we are give you a FREE GIFT. No Strings Attached* See site for details. I did and there is no place to get a free gift. I ordered this in plenty of time for me to use for Christmas but it did not arrive in time for Christmas. I had to call and complain. I do not order anything from this company anymore because I don't think they are reputable and stand behind their product. I have heard many complaints about... Read more

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I got on the site and nothing I mean nothing. So I decided to call them and was told to type in and all I got is a bunch of topics that did not say free gift. I was told I would be in the site that asks for your name and email address but that did not happen. Like I was reading all the complaints that you are nothing but a ripoff, I totally agree, you are a big ripoff. What do you want me to say... Read more

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can't believe you say free surprise gift no strings attached yet your site does not show you were to go toget it. why send out coupon saying so if you are not going to honor it. will make me think twice before I use your company again. Just another way to *** off people who have been your customer. you want 100 words ok ok ok opk ok okkk kkk ppkl plkop /;.llom, ;;lk ol;p,kjk ';kkl .llkk .l;;; ''' '[]];l kkk llkdkfj ,kvfkfl kfkglvbl... Read more

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Looks like we have been screwed. The "surprise" does not exist. Kind of figured that spinscrubber was a piece of junk since it took nearly six weeks for them to ship and even the online shipping records were falsified. So another example of advertising bull, I should have known. Another example of consumer beware advertising by less than honest sellers. I want my money back but they run you around the mulberry bush until you finally give up. I... Read more

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could never get to sighned up for the free gift think it was just a joke will never buy one again may take this one back too the store it was got on the 25 of nov, thanks but no thanks it sounded to true to be true but there is nothing free that is worth anything i was told the light might work but it all so cuts on and off and the light display is nothing like it is suppose to be,there is some dissopinted childern,but what else can i say... Read more

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