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I got on the site and nothing I mean nothing. So I decided to call them and was told to type in and all I got is a bunch of topics that did not say free gift. I was told I would be in the site that asks for your name and email address but that did not happen. Like I was reading all the complaints that you are nothing but a ripoff, I totally agree, you are a big ripoff. What do you want me to say... Read more

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I went to the free surprise site and was not able to find where to sign up for it. Is this a real free surprise or just a rip off to get you to look at and buy more of their products. I thought that you should at least honor your ads that are in with the products you offer. If this is the way you do business some one should turn them in to the Better Business Bureau. I think this is very wrong to offer some thing for free and not let customers... Read more

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says I would get a free gift for ordering redcopper pans but wont let me whats with that bullcrap help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help why do you have to submit a hundred words when all you want is your free gift you can contact me through thanks diane boren help help help help help help help this is so crazy not reporting about the product just want my free gift and it wont let... Read more

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I tried to log on to and found nothing. So what is going on? It said I will receive a free gift worth $10.00/ No Strings Attached! I just bought the Star Shower Motion Laser Light and the coupon was in the box for claiming a free gift! I have not tried this yet as needs to be night time and dark! It looks very nice and I am hoping it will light up my home as it shows. Also hope it will last more than one year. From... Read more

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I tried to redeem a so-called "free gift" upon the purchase of two Starshower Surprise products purchased at Walmart yesterday. Inside the packaging is a Surprise! We are Giving You a FREE GIFT notice - "No Strings Attached". Valid for 5 days from date of receipt. Went on line as instructed but could find no information as set forth on the notice. After wasting time on their lame website, I finally just called their customer service line. ... Read more

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I, like the other Reviewers, am very angry and resent being duped into visiting a website under false pretenses!! I ordered two Red Copper Square Dance pans, one for myself and one as a gift! I was surprised to see the Free $10 Gift "No Strings Attached" and at first was very impressed with the Companies goodwill offer...until I tried to redeem it!!! Now I have a VERY POOR impression of his Company and will NEVER order from it nor will I... Read more

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My experience is the same as the others who are ticked off - there is no way to claim the so-called "Surprise $10 Free Gift". So deceptive & so wrong. I will NEVER again purchase anything created, promoted, marketed by BulbHead. Also, I am reporting this company to the Consumer Protection Division of the Washington State Attorney General's Office. WA state has the most aggressively enforced consumer protection laws in the country & BulbHead... Read more

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After seeing so many unhappy people who couldn't find out how to get their $10 surprise free gift from, I had to see if I could figure it out, especially since I had just bought a BulbHead item today that came with one of their $10 Free Gift coupons. After trying a few things, I figured it out: 1) Go to their web site "" (the link they give you doesn't take you to the area you need); 2) type into their SEARCH box:... Read more

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can't believe you say free surprise gift no strings attached yet your site does not show you were to go toget it. why send out coupon saying so if you are not going to honor it. will make me think twice before I use your company again. Just another way to *** off people who have been your customer. you want 100 words ok ok ok opk ok okkk kkk ppkl plkop /;.llom, ;;lk ol;p,kjk ';kkl .llkk .l;;; ''' '[]];l kkk llkdkfj ,kvfkfl kfkglvbl... Read more

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If all of you dissatisfied customers would take the time to call the 800# on BulbHeads webpage you would discover that the $10 gift offer is on your next purchase with BulbHead. If you are not satisfied with that deal then the customer service rep. will give you a choice of a free gift they are offering at the time you call. I am receiving Laser Bond for free with no shipping charge. That suits me fine!!! Writing a nasty review before you have... Read more

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