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My wife purchased a red copper pan and on the bottom of the pan logo is in the middle of the pan. This pan doesn't sit flat on my stove surface. The pan rocks and the food doesn't cook even. This product needs to be machined flat from the manufacture. I would like to see who the designer was of this pan. No one tested this pan for output quality. I would tell every customer to stop buying junk from company. I'm going to... Read more

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The free gift is a scam !!! No site as indicated on gift card...SCAM SCAM ...I had planned on ordering one each for my daughters but after this I will seek another product !!!!! 100 words would be a waste of time to say how mad I am ! COMPANY SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS ! And the requirement for 100 words ia not needed to say they are scamming people with their offer,, a Be CEE Deee Fudge I will never buy or recommend this company or any product they... Read more

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I purchased a star shower laser at Bed Bath and Beyond after the holidays in 2015/2016 (Feb. 2016). Never even took it out of the box until December 1, 2016. Both Red and Green lasers worked great for about 2 weeks, then I noticed the Red Laser was barely lit. I contacted Bulb Head twice and finally was told that the unit was only warranted for 60 days and since my unit was purchased in February I was basically out of luck. They also told me in... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jan 25
  • by anonymous
  • #997440

I purchased the atomic beam lantern and the flashlight, I received a yellow thank you saying I should go to to claim a free gift ($10.00 value). The website does not exist. I found many negative reviews regarding this advertisement. Please let me know if this is not true.

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Received my copper square pan today and on the order slip it says to go to$10spend. It won't go there. Bunch of ***. Some thing wrong with that company. Lady called also trying to send me free ear rings also would come with a necklace and if didn't like the necklace send it back within 7 days or would have to pay for it. If I sent it back in time I would get to keep the ear rings. Wanted me to press in some #'s on phone to get it... Read more

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Bought the spinscrubber after seeing ad on TV. I bought it at Boscov's , a local department store with a good reputation and I will return it to them. The scrubber did not work as shown, which I expected to a degree. However it hardly worked at all. After using as directed I found that it was easier , less time consuming & cleaner to scrub the usual way. I tried it on the entry foyer, a high traffic area, and left some of it undone. When my son... Read more

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If anyone try redeeming the free 10$ gift I would suggest that you not waste your time on this web site or try calling to get some clarity regarding the issue. All of the operators I talked to were foreign, so I had a hard time understanding what they were saying. I eventually just gave up and chalked this all up to experience. The !0$ gift is not worth going through all of the loops just to get you to purchase more items from Bull Head. I... Read more

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Ordered two deluxe Hurricane Spin Scrubbers with expedited shipping (which means you get it within 14 business days I guess). Plugged them in and charged them up for about 30 hours. The charge lasted about 15 minutes. Put them back on the charger, and left them there for about 72 hours. Again charge lasted 15 minutes. If you've got a year to clean a shower stall, then get the Hurricane scrubbers. If you've only got a day...Forget it. I'm going... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jan 24
  • by anonymous
  • #996471

Bought 2 fry pans at xmas already scratched one eggs stick and have to srub to clean.

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I got the Bulbhead after waiting almost a month for it to arrive. I charged it for over 36 hours. I wanted to use it to scrub my bathroom tiles!! The charge lasted 15 minutes!! I will be sending it back and I am letting people know it is a piece of junk that will not do what I had planned on doing. I wanted to scrub my tiles! Angry!! Do not be fooled by the ads on TV!! I will be getting in touch with the company with my complaint and asking for... Read more

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