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I hired a truck for the day and asked for full insurance.There was a ditch in the road where I went to pick up stuff, going about 10km/h the box tilted and hit another parked truck and damage was done to the roof corner. Upon returning I assumed my excess of $500 would be all I pay but Budget said that jnairabce doesn't cover overhead damage which makes no sense as I assumed I paid full insurance. It does state in their contract but wasn't...
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A $250 rental turned into a $500 affair with the unauthorized charges of the Loss Damage Waiver fees and upgrade fees.Customer service issued a case number, said they would look at the paperwork and have a response via e-mail in 5-7 days. Somewhere between declining all coverage on the computer monitor, and finalizing the reservation, it was changed to having accepted the LDW fees. An upgrade was agreed to, however, not at the fee charged....
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I didn't like
  • Charges being double what was quoted