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Hey, this is some ***, policys clearly state, that privacy matters.However, will your company up hold policy after complaints. Ok, Ive, got a private carrier, which dosent allow privacy violations. Now, I get people whose using Buget Moblie services search my phone and screen for passwords etc. Now, privacy says lost of service for the violaters. So, you like socialism, and Distraction Theory, here. Im filing complaint on the other homeless that...
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On June 29th a young lady knocked on my door, she said she was from Budget Mobile's lifeline service and that it was easy to sign up. I would get 500 free mins a month and 500 free texts. It is not even the 29th of Aug and I am without phone service,without warning while I was talking on the food my service was cut off! I contacted the company after several tries and was told that the phone is in migration and that in 72 hrs I would have...
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I liked
  • Offer i was given
I didn't like
  • I did not like everything about this company
  • All of it
  • What i was offered was never delivered