Aryaman Woe
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Dr. Nina Anderson at Buckhead Animal Clinic killed my cat

Buckhead Animal Clinic I had a similar experience with Dr. Nina Anderson and my cat. I took my cat in to the vet because he was constipated. Even with the constipation, my cat showed no signs of distress. He was still playing, eating, drinking ice water which he loved (he would not drink water unless I put ice it; but with ice, my cat drank water like a human), and he was still scratching on his scratching board, which he loved. I made the decision to take my cat to the vet, not because my cat had exhibited any signs of illness, but simply because I was concerned that he had not pooped in about 5 days. When I got to the vet, Nina (I refuse to call her doctor) took my cat out of his cage, and my cat was his normal sweet self. Nina did not put on any gloves, which she would have done if my cat were a threat. One of the first questions Nina asked me, was if my cat had been inoculated for rabies, which I found strange, and I told her “No. He’s a house cat.” I told Nina he was constipated and I believed he just needed an enima. Nina then tells me that she would need to examine him for diabetes and also do a liver exam to make sure he didn’t liver problems. I knew my cat did not have liver problems, because he showed no signs of distress. She billed me $700 for x-rays, a diabetes check, and a liver exam, and she also claimed she needed to give him some fluids because he was dehydrated. I told her my cat couldn’t be dehydrated, because he drank water like a human. She did the diabetes screen, and stated he did not have diabetes. She told me the results of the liver screen would not be available until the next day. She stated she would do the enima and I could pick my cat up in about 3 hours. When I returned, Nina claimed my cat had bit her assistant (remember she had asked me if my cat were inoculated when I first arrived at the vet). Now, after she knew that my cat had not been inoculated, coincidentally, my cat had bitten her assistant. My cat has never bitten anyone, and she herself did not put on gloves to examine him, even after I told her he had not been innoculated. I then asked her about getting him inoculated, and her exact words were “We can inoculate him another day. He’s been traumatized enough today”. When they brought me my cat in his carrier, it smelled horrible, and Nina claimed they had cleaned him up as best they could, but the enima had him still “running”. I took my cat home and took him out of his carrier in my backyard. I cleaned him up in the backyard, and at that time I noticed my cat’s eyes were completely dilated. His eyes were completely black and you could barely see the green pupil in his eye. I’ve never seen a cat’s eyes look like that before. His eyes looked bigger than his head. I put my cat down, and he laid in the same spot for about 4 hours and did not move. I took him in the house, and my cat could barely walk and was staggering. I thought Nina may have put him under anesthesia to give him an enima, and that was the reason he was groggy. My cat would not eat anything, he would not drink ice water, which was a huge red flag for me, and he would not scratch on his scratching board. My cat got progressively worse during the night. I called Nina the next day, and was told she was out of the office, and I was put in touch with another Dr (Nina’s accomplice). The “Dr” claimed my cat had problems with this liver, and it would cost $1700 for services. I told Nina’s accomplice, “I don’t have that kind of money”. She also stated that because my cat had bit someone and was not inoculated, he would need to be quarantined at a cost of $50 per day. I then knew I had been set up. Nina claimed someone had been bit by my cat, after she learned he had not been inoculated. She then claimed he had liver problems, which my cat showed no signs of having liver problems until I brought him home after she did something to my cat that caused him to have liver problems! Now, to keep me from going to another vet, Nina and her accomplice came up with the lie that my cat had bit someone and would need to be quarantined with them for 10 days. I told Nina’s accomplice my cat will not last 10 days without me! Her accomplice stated, “He won’t last 10 days with you, if he doesn’t get treatment”. I had no intention on taking my cat back to Buckhead Animal Clinic, because they did something to my cat that caused him to go into liver failure. I made the decision to take my cat to the Cobb County Animal Shelter to have him quarantined. When I arrived at the animal shelter, I was shocked to learn that I could quarantine my cat at home and the quarantine period began the day of the claim of the cat *** (2 days ago). Nina’s accomplice made no mention of the fact that I could quarantine my cat at home, since she and Nina were only interested in securing the $50 per day boarding fee, and getting my cat in their grasp again to get me to pay the $1700 for fixing his liver which they damaged! After learning I could quarantine my cat at home, I called Nina’s accomplice, and told her my cat was getting worse, and I was preparing to have my cat euthanized at the end of the week. Apparently, Nina’s accomplice was suddenly stricken with a bit of humanity, and stated they would quarantine my cat for free. I believe the only reason she wanted to quarantine my cat for free was to get me to bring my cat back to them, so that they could repair the damage they did to him, because while they had no problems inflicting damage to my cat to get me to pay them $1700, she did not want me to euthanize my cat as a result of their malicious act. I told her I was keeping my cat at home with me, and preparing to have him euthanized. Over the next day, I watched very painfully as my cat began to want to be alone and away from me (a sign that he was dying). On the night of the 3rd day, I made up my mind that I would take him to have him euthanized at the Cobb County animal shelter the next day. I said my goodbyes, and I held him and loved him, as much as he would let me, during the night. The next day I took him to the animal shelter, but when they told me I could not be with my beloved cat when he was euthanized, I made the decision to take him back to Buckhead Animal Clinic, so they could finish what they started. Neither Nina nor her accomplice was at the clinic when I arrived (good thing for them). A third doctor, who was very kind, did the procedure. I held my beloved cat, my heart, and my companion of the past 11 years, as he faded from this world. I will NEVER FORGIVE Nina and her accomplice for what they did to my cat. It was all a set up, and they traumatized my cat because of their insatiable greed! The fact that two doctors would cause trauma to a patient is unfathomable. I hope that their own doctors will someday do the same thing to them, that they did to my cat – demonstrate an absolute lack of humanity and care for the patients with whose care they were entrusted. I HATE NINA AND HER ACCOMPLICE. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM AND I HOPE THEY BOTH ROT IN ***! If you love your pet, DO NOT TAKE THEM TO NINA ANDERSON. She cares nothing about your pet, and like me, she may purposely traumatize your pet all for the sake of her wanton GREED!
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pattigouvas G
map-marker Stone Mountain, Georgia

Buckhead Animal Clinic VCA kills your pets

I took my 14 year old dog in for a routine exam and described to Nina Anderson symptoms she was experiencing (red eyes) and asked if it could be high blood pressure. Nina did not perform blood tests, took my other two dogs and kept talking about services for them. Her greed is palpable. After two more visits and being told the 14 year old was fine, I was then informed she was in renal failure. I took her to a qualified vet and she will live out the rest of her life suffering because of Nina's greed. If you value your animals, there are qualified specialists in Atlanta: Intown Animal Clinic Georgia Veterinary Specialists Insult to injury: Buckhead Animal Clinic admitted they did not properly examine my 14 year old dog or run tests they should have at her annual exam. A lackey from VCA corporate office, Susan Zobler, called and terrorized me. She is not qualified to deal with the public and talked in circles without resolving what occurred other than admitting they were completely negligent. She offered to give me a flea comb and repeatedly asked me if this would resolve the situation. Please do not take your animals to this house of horrors.
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I took my cat to Dr. Anderson at the Buckhead animal clinic.

My cat was constipated, and exhibited no signs whatsoever of being in distress. I even told Dr. Anderson, maybe I was overreacting, as my cat was not in any pain - it was just that I knew my cat had not pooped and I was concerned. Dr.

Anderson noted that I had not had my cat vaccinated in 3 years (my cat was an indoor cat, and exposure to rabies was not a concern). She charged me over $700 to examine my cat and give my cat an enima. When I came to pick up my cat three hours later, they had him in his cage, and did not even clean him up before they gave my cat to me. When I got my cat home, his pupils were bigger than his head!

He also would not move! Dr Anderson claimed my cat was in renal failure which was a lie! If he were in renal failure, I would have known three hours earlier when I brought my cat to this death/greed clinic! Before I took my cat to Dr.

Anderson, he was drinking water, licking his food, and he was scratching on his scratching board. Three hours later, after Dr. Anderson put my cat in renal failure, my cat's pupils were bigger than his head, he would not drink any water, he would not lick his food, he could not walk and he got progressively worse. Dr.

Anderson and one of the other doctors conspired to get me to pay over $1,700 to operate on my cat, when I know that she and her cronie put my cat in renal failure. I could not afford the $1,700 and had to watch my beloved cat get to the point I had to have him euthanized.

If you love your animal, Dr. Anderson and her cronies at the Buckhead animal clinic is the last place you want to take your pet. It's all about the money with them.

They don't give a damned about your pet!

Dr Anderson should not be allowed to touch an animal. I sincerely hope she rots in *** for what she did to my cat!!!


These people need to be held accountable for their actions. I plan on doing just that.

Directors do nothing but blame client. Also caught them in lies.

I live near you and plan on making them honest (or as much as possible). I'll share my story privately for now, but will go public soon.


We have take our pets to Buckhead Animal Clinic for over 30 years. Since VCA has taken over the practice WE WILL NOT BE BACK !!!

IT IS HORRIBLE !! and,on top of that, their fees are outrageous !!

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