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Bryn Mawr Landscaping

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Your nephew looks exactly like his father- short and bald. I know because the two of them showed up at my parents home (two individuals over the age of 85 ) in the middle of the night to complain and bully about your nephews neighbor-my tenant. They slandered her unbelievably blaming her for all of the problems your nephew had with the house he had purchased. Your nephew's father was never present when any of the work done by your employees in your nephews yard was performed. Regarding the removal of the drain pipe from the back of my property your nephew was present when I and the company I hired to perform the work were discussing it and your nephew told me he would take care of properly hooking up a drain pipe to his own roof. He never did so I was forced to remove mine and leave him with nothing Your nephew and workers also removed a fence that ran between the two properties and trespassed onto my property destroying plants and trees while constructing a backwards unleveled fence.According to your nephew he had "permission" to trespass onto my property, according to PD he did not. Your nephew seemed to believe anything functional on my property was his to use while feeling anything on his own property needing repair was not his responsibility. My tenant was a single woman who your family bullied relentlessly. The fact that she was a single woman is exactly the reason they did so. No one ever confronted me about the "problems" she was causing or the work I was performing on my own property that seemed to "bother" you. Based on the lack of character alone exhibited by you,your employees and your family I would recommend that anyone in need of landscaping or any of the other services you"profess" to perform not hire your company.
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  • Them
  • Manipulation and lying
Reason of review:
Bad quality

Preferred solution: apology would be nice but asking alot from these creeps

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The signs send the message that women are property, Harding says. “Especially the part about their dads handing them off,” she says.

“It’s the idea that women are objects or possessions that go from one man to another. This idea of ‘drop the kids off here’ — they’re being so open about what makes young women vulnerable, while still being condescending and gross.” Kate Harding “They send a message of inequality of power and show a fundamental lack of respect for those women" Tombros Korman


Breach of contract - chemical spraying

Bryn Mawr Landscaping (BML) has the contract for my development, The Quarters in Chesterbrook. We have a 'do not spray list' for property owners who do not want their lawn treated. Yesterday, once again, BML, ignored their contractual agreement and sprayed the entire development, including all the homes on the do not spray list. Mr. Foga, owner of BML, has admitted the mistake. Since this is not the first occurrence, he does not seem to have any procedures in place to prevent toxic mistakes, nor take responsibility for remediatting the damage. If you are considering using this contractor, be advised that his attention to detail is not adequate.
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Bml does not have a pesticide license btw...


Procedures that should be put in place would include the completion of high school for all employees, as well as the owner and ALL members of his family (his employees).


It is hard to pay attention to detail when you can barely read!

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Crazy old guys

If you like cheap ugly landscaping this is your guy He's about 70 years old, bald ,short and crazy.His partner looks just like him and is about 5 years younger. Don't tell them where your relatives live because old guys will go to their house and yell at them when you have a problem with the work. Think your too old for that to happen?, think again. You've been married and out on your own for years with children and these idiots think your parents are going to spank you. Maybe they wanted to be spanked together. Weird and disgusting any way you look at it. If you've given them any money just pray it will make them go away.
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no his internet was Widener!!


They sing really loud when they are drunk too. Totally self centered, arrogant, gullible,immature, and ignorant.

Their internet network name was drexel. Yeah right. Desperate to be liked and highly unlikeable. Just your basic yuppy who never did a day of work in his life.

Built an ugly fence and cryed when no one liked it.

Crazy old guy.


they sing really loud while they work so annoying


had a similar experience with these guys

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alli b Wwv
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Bryn mawr landscaping newtownsquare pa

bryn mawr land scaping did work on my neighbors property and totaliy ruined mine when i complained about it they told me i like to complain and blamed me for their bad work they put up a wooden fence backwards so all the working faced my yard then laid down dirt so that my neighbors yard was higher than mine where they meet and used plywood and brick to hold up the dort. my neighbors side looked good because dirt met the bottom of the fence but my side looked like *** with rocks and plywood visable to me. they also fixed a sunken drive way by reasphalting it like a pyramid so now when it rains water runs onto my driveway. then they advertised their work to the whole block a good laugh do not hire them poor work by nasty people who think they run the world.
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Santa Clause is coming to town and he can't miss your house and all those tacky lights! Merry Christmas.


One guy lived with his mother and parked his truck 24-7 on the street, a violation of the law. Street signs clearly state it is illegal to park trucks and commercial vehicles in the street after 6 pm.

Little boy gets a ticket on his truck and Mommy spreads lies about BML's neighbor calling cops. She has a driveway big enough for 6 cars and has one, like she needs to park on the street. Well BML and his neighbor farmer Joe are too *** to figure this out and believe every thing coming down the road so on the day BML's neighbor is moving out and waiting for moving truck she puts her car on the street and big wig farmer Joe who never even had enough guts to say hello to her calls the police on her, and they come out in an unmarked car and leave a ticket. REAL NICE PEOPLE.

(oh farmer Joe did verbally abuse his infant children on a daily basis so that gives you an idea of where he was coming from. According to him and BML the neighbor was going to harm their children.Farmer Joe is a star baseball player who stopped playing after BML's neighbor moved.

She didn't have nearly as much interest in him as he had in himself! )


the problems she caused him were jealousy CRYING WHINING BABY!!


Start on page 5 and read backwards to page one It makes more sense that way Don't miss the Foga comment. Lmao.


Ditch diggers and bar tenders. Do not hire.

They know everything. Who you are. What you think What you do in your spare time. Where you get our income.

What your motives are. Who your landlord is. What your children do. What you are going to do.

They find all this out from people who do not talk to you, who have never talked to you, and know nothing about you. They do have good imaginations and sometimes act on them. They imagine that if they knock on your parents door they can make you do what they want, cause your parents also know the people who do not know you.(they don't know your parents either but it is part of the dream) They imagine that their side of the twin house they live in is somehow way better and worth more money than your side. If they had hired an inspector they would have known better.

They also know other people cause their bad work. So when they do gardening for you and it is terrible know they are uncooperative,nasty,and unwilling to take responsibility and will blame you or someone else for it. (your child, your dog, your cat, random birds and squirrels) They do not know how to behave maturely,man up, and look in the mirror.

Love you boys,

Michelle (call me I moved 10 years ago but I still have plenty of gossip to share with you.

I know all the bad people just by looking at them cause no one ever really talks to me. Don't know how you didn't KNOW that.)


Watch out for ice especially if you hired these guys to shovel it for you.


Berlin Township Senior Bus ScheduleCall 767-**** x. 247 for aReservation One Day AheadYou find that dog yet?


Bryn Mawr landscaping nut.


A nut as in a "professional" landscaper who disrespects his neighbors, whom he does not know, based on gossip and a STRONG desire to fit in and be liked by anyone. A "professional" who destroys and trespasses on to others property only because he feels he can get away with it.

A professional who feels he can destroy and trespass on others property because of "who he knows". A "professional" who complains like an infant to his parents,draws them into problems that he created for himself and brings them with him to the homes of the relatives of his neighbors to slander his neighbors and make the relatives LIKE him???

That kind of nut? That's the kind of nut I thought you were talking about.



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