Adore Me - Delayed Processing- Not giving me any updates

Long Fence - Dont do It

Plumbforce Direct - Appalling attitude and unbelievably shoddy work

Camping World - Not good in anyway

Steak N Shake - Service issues

Agora Financial - Rip off

Case Boss - Scam artist

Square - Double charges

Megabus - My bus is late

Twoanyone - Very Bad Service and App!

Mcdonalds - Through the big Mac in bin

Albany Rv - Crooks

It Works - To cancel my order

Zerowater - Sour water

Lazada Philippines - LACKING ITEM

Lazada Philippines - LACKING ITEM

Rejuvenation - Nonexistent customer service

Prestige Flowers - Terrible

Mirror Essentials - Horrible

Wish - About my delivery

Taco Bell - Horrible thieves!