Spot - Junk equipment will not update-$224.00 charge

Failure to secure Apple password

CellularOutfitter - Cancel an order

DoorDash - My order was never delivered

Dr Pepper - No carbonation

DoorDash - Address issue

Romwe - Shipping

Universal Technical Services - Service is TERRIBLE !!

Panera Bread - WORST Panera ever !

Subaru Of America - Eyesight doesn't work

Magnacare - New Card

Maurices - Done with it

Shoprite - Post fall experience

Old Navy - Hate disrespectful commercial

SmartPay Leasing - Horrible experience

Chaturbate - To satan

Zoosk - Unfair

Zoosk - Unfair

Nextiva - Tried To cancel one line from account

Holland America Line - Horrible customer service

OfferUp - Problem with my account