DoorDash - Missing food

DoorDash - Dash pass is fraud

MetroPCS - Anti lgbt

Bloom Within - Scammer

Gasbike - Bike sits idle - Knight Racer G8

DoorDash - Wrong map for address in Tucson 95719

California Pizza Kitchen - NO service, NO help, Lying Manager

Jim Walter Homes - Asking for seed money

Grubhub - Wrong orders - will only give partial refunds.

Hotwire - Overbooked, stole credit card information

Marcos Pizza - Customer complaint

Malwarebytes - Technician Alex Morri tried to RIP ME OFF

Republic Tobacco - Changing tubes

Sams Club - Pork source


Global Cash Card - Having issues as well

Pizza Hut - Waiter was the best

Bh Management - Excellent customer support

United Auto Credit - In process

Sheetz - Food issue