Robin Luce-Hermann - Butzel Long - Scammed and stole my money! Atty Robin Luce-Hermann is a sca

Checkers Drive In - Over charged

Veer Cosmetics - I have used the nude product and to light for my skin

Veer Cosmetics - I want to cancel my order

Beauty Trends - Costco Promotional survey

Mealeys Furniture - Great products

Shoppers Advantage - Complaint

Ezpawn - I called to see if they could help me with one more day I di

Chilis - Food and manager

Swagtron - Save yourself the time and money

Whirlpool - Washer will not power on

Ooshirts - I have never seen such think ink, arrived late, customer service didn't follow up as promised


QUOTE : " I have had lots of shirts printed " .... by whom ? This supplier ? Others ? Why did you change if that's the case ?

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Downy - Stupid commercials

Green Dot Moneypak - Error message

Petsmart isn’t very smart

Fedex - The worst shipping experience ever

Marianos - Kroger destroying Mariano’s

Amc Theatres - AMC SUCKS !!!


What issue ? You didn't say. But you are rude and vulgar (it's evident in your post) so I suspect it had something to do with that. I'm sure they won't miss you.

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Dfa Passport Appointment System - Did not recieve an appointmentcode

Hoag - Lab delays