Wish - Fraud

Roblox - Trash

Motel 6 - I'm room

VitalChek - Abusif company. NOT RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!

Global Cash Card - My money is not showing


Please contact me. My email address is sleepyh735@gmail.com I feel the exact same way and I feel like somebody is skimming money out of people's accounts

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Viator - I ask for a refund.

Aamco - Fraud from your company

Yahoo - Email Trying To Force Change


Listen you may not like change but life is all about change. You used to be young and youthful, now not so much. YOU personally are not the focus of these changes. They didn’t...

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Ivy Rose Creations - I was given a phone number for a fax what is the customer service number

Mazda at Lodi New Jersey

Ashley Madison - Canceling

DoorDash - My money didn’t go into my account

Amazon Prime Video - they don't know what the h--- they're doing.

UPS - Horrible

Playtika - Free spins from Facebook friends

Ninja Van - Sooo slow

Rockauto - Unauthorised purchase

Okcupid - Pissed A-List Customer

Romwe - Stolen money and not given back

Wanda Patrick - Red card issues

Wanda Patrick - Red card issues