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Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Dealership - Took car in for auto service.  It was dismantled and parts likely sold off
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This irritates me to this day, and finally need to get this story out there. Busy life and not a lot of time. In September 2013 I took my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee into the Repair Shop because of an unfortunate incident that had happened. A tree from the adjacent business to my employer had fallen over the fence during a storm and one branch fell on the jeep creating a few dents but nothing in my opinion that could not easily be repaired. So I... Read more

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I was putting decorations on roof of house when the ladder fell under me. I fell in the flower bed, but had bloody face, body and bruises in the front of my body. Read more

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I was seeing what info on my number was out there and had submission durring times i was out in the woods working with no signal. These are false. There is no way i could have called anyone during those times. And they say I'm on Tapo st Simi Valley California which is weird it's a house. I have never lived in Simi Valley. But when i did live in cali i drove by there plenty of times. This place is a fraud. Juila Forte has alot more... Read more

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I have been a dish network customer for about 14 years now. Recently Chiller Network (Ch 199) was deleted from my 250 channel package without notice. My bill certainly hasn't gone down, and I'm not sure what (if anything) I got in place of it. If they're going to change programming it would be nice if they replaced the deleted channel with something in the same genre. While most news, so called "history", and sports is pretty horrible, I don't... Read more

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Watch out for their drivers they speed and tailgate. Do you really want your vehicle in their responsible hands? Search online and you will find video and similar complaints about their driving. The company's owner was also required to appear before the city's municipal licensing board due to the number of license and driving infractions of their operators. Avoid them at all costs! Post your feedback don't let a poorly run company like this... Read more

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I'm amazed at how much effort those Mods put into trying to "counter act" a review made by someone who had a poor experience there. They act just the same here towards anyone who they didn't like what was posted, treating them the same here as they do there! _ Do they even understand how others 'view them', when they act out the part of the very same thing they complain about? They can only reference what the behavior of... Read more

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They are not what they say they are. Its a website where the Regular Registered Users (special priviledged ones) determine what gets posted. They post the majority of what you see, along with internet trolls that have nothing better to do than entice these regulars into posting BS, calling them shills. They post nonsense because they have run off most normal visitors who would post real reports of unknown calls. The site is really a waste of... Read more

Was this review helpful? 90 17 is being blocked by the g d elite parasites who own almost every corporation. It is an invaluable resource for those of us who want to know who is calling us without PAYING THESE PARASITES! Elite parasites are The Network of Global Corporate Control, the giant global crime syndicate enslaving people the world over, including the citizens of the United States. The Italian Mafia based their operations on them, and they are a tiny... Read more

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Werner Ladder - Wernco and their ladder are dangerous and the company is full of ***!
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The bottom rung of the fairly new 10' Werner ladder I had been using literally splintered underneath my feet causing me to fall and dislocate my shoulder. The piece of *** Claims Administrator, Jessica Vana is full of *** when she said "Engineering had looked at the photos I sent" and said it was not their fault. What a crock. WERNER LADDER COMPANY DOES NOT CARE IF THEY SEND OUT BAD PRODUCTS WHICH HURT, MAIM OR KILL PEOPLE. I have found... Read more

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Rooms To Go - Cindy Crawford's peeling couch!
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First of all this is my first review of anything I have ever purchased. I searched for a year for a couch that I liked and wanted to buy for my family room. I kept coming back to a Rooms to Go couch that was a faux leather sectional. Our sales associate told us that he had a similar couch and as long as we put on their leather conditioner every three months it would stay nice. We finally decided on the light brown faux Cindy Crawford couch... Read more

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