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I placed a order about a month ago at the indianapolis in location on pendleton pike. After the pizza was delivered i noticed that it was left in the oven to long and the bottom of it was burnt! The very next morning i called to complaint but i was placed on hold and... Read more

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I was googling to see what could possibly be happening with my Soberlink device. The exact thing happened to me as well. My device said compliant test sent but then told me to wait 15 to blow again. When I returned home I was called by the medical board with 3... Read more

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My vet diagnosed my cat as pre-diabetic. I returned an unopened bag of cat food to a Petco store. I did not have the receipt so I was provided a gift card. Was not told I could not use this credit online where I was attempting to order the food prescribed by the vet to... Read more

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We subscribed to SG Buyers Club to save money. Today we found pot what our $29.95 per year was getting us. My husbands brother visited today with his copy of SG catalog received yesterday. My huisband also received a new catalog yesterday. His brother is not a Buyers... Read more

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I call simply to inquire about service, package prices and I know they have a Spanish Chanel from Spain that I was interested in. They ma? informed me how awesome Dish Network is and how up to date their DVR boxes are and blah blah blah. Well before he can even give me... Read more

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When i first went in everyone was friendly, first thing in the morning, once yoy pay, all bets are off. The guy that told me both my glasses were ready, had no idea who i was when i came in, everyone was stressed. Finally got my glasses. I was then blamed for not... Read more

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After purchasing what I believed to be a vegetable soup due to its advertised name (Potato and Spring Leek), I realized, 1/4 of the way through my bowl, that there were pork bits in the soup. As a devout vegetarian for over a decade, I was shocked and appalled that, A.... Read more

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According to "A tan, whether you get it on the beach, in a bed, or through incidental exposure, is bad news, any way you acquire it. Tans are caused by harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun or tanning lamps, and if you have one, you’ve... Read more

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If Zoom Tan's horrible customer service, terrible quality, and crazy rules don't make you realize that you should not go tan there. How about the fact that tanning causes melanoma? Tanning gives you wrinkled skin and a massively increased risk of melanoma. That's not... Read more

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Just want a return call 574 703 5116, want to return my order. And I would like my money back Read more

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