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Supercuts at the forum gets so much business it *** them off! When you walk in they are busy and more people walk in and they get madder and madder Once when I came here (forum area SAN Antonio Texas) they claimed "CASH ONLY" of course most people left including me and I thought well that's *** and how do they report their revenues if they are "cash only" ? Tonight i came in and they have a ghetto *** hand written note that says temp hours... Read more

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Though Steak'n'Shake has fair prices and good quality American wholesome food, the company lacks good customer service. It takes a while to be seated and I have waited for 10 minutes before when there were hardly any customers in the establishment, instead the employees were busy chatting in the corner. Sometimes it seems that the employees run to the back when they see a customer. I think that the chain needs to get better work ethics if they... Read more

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Just from reading, some of this company reviews I no I'm not going to get my order. I'll take a loss, I'll let everyone know my experience With TBDRESS Read more

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Hello, I'm not pissed, Just annoyed. I've enjoyed your fresh and wonderful menu for many, many years. On occasion when I order milk, I'm asked, "Is that a regular milk?" I'm 65 years old and the question truly annoys me. What in the *** is regular milk? Then follows, "Chocolate or regular milk?" In America, one orders what they wish to consume. Since when is it necessary to qualify milk. Basic understanding of the English language does not... Read more

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I hope Supercuts corporate reads this, because you seriously need to train your staff. I went in wanting a modified pixie cut. I showed her a picture of what I wanted and gave simple instructions on how I want some pieces to train long. Basically I wanted a *** hair cut. I don't care if it is a little imperfect. However I gave a certain description multiple times. Then she got someone and before I knew it I had six people holding on to my hair... Read more

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KFC Does NOT Honor Their Words
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The management of this facility does not honor their words they publicly display on the front counter. The last three times I have been there, the staff has a attitude and has the worst customer service of any KFC I have ever been to. Tonight, they blatantly created an issue in front of several waiting customers,myself included. I personally saw them belittle a Native American male for wanting them to do what was right. The sign clearly stated,... Read more

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I would highly recommend AGAINST this company. For over a year we were over paying for this service and when I tried to have it corrected I had no luck. I emailed three times and call numerous times only to get the voicemail. No one ever did return my calls or emails. At this point I was very fed up and decided to call around getting quotes. I did call a different company which I will not mention and they were so kind to tell me that there was... Read more

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On three occasions since March, once with the same model twice, a model has requested X tokens for a private show. Immediately upon paying the tokens, the model said, oh no, I want X + 500 tokens. Bait and switch. In each case I got no private, and nothing for my tokens. When support is contacted and documented conversations are sent, they do not read the information copied from their own website (including the transcript); they ask the model;... Read more

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Also at Emeritus at Lakeland. The male resident who was said to have sexually assaulted the wheelchair bound female residents told me.."Ha' did you know that everyone's keys open every room door?!" (YES, THEY DO. ONE KEY FOR EVERY SINGLE ROOM DOOR!) That was one of my concerns that I spoke up about in the morning meeting and was hushed up quickly for and the meeting was suddenly over. Nothing was ever done about that either! Before you decide to... Read more

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I don't watch HLN anymore. I used to watch it EVERY day...I always had to see what was being shown for a court case--most of which I watched!!!!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED TO THE LIVE COURT TV???????? Pleeeeeezzzze bring them back......I will continue watching this channel if you do. How many complaints have you received about this error on your part, anyway?? You must have gotten a bizillion!!! Come on...can't you people figure it... Read more

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