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Purchased this membership with the full intent for my entire family to use it at the hotels the chain has in the numerous locations as they so much praise. We purchased the membership during our stay at Iberostar Paraiso Linda in May 2016 and used the membership for... Read more

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Kept placing me on hold and never coming back. When I complained about that, they told me since I filed complaint to go elsewhere. Avoid at all Costs! There is NO knowing what criteria they use to do this to people! RUN do not walk away from La Queva Family Health! I... Read more

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Please read the documents downloaded from the US Middle Distrct of Florida Federal Court whereby Roca Labs and it's owner Don Karl Juravin admitted to their Gastric Bypass Alternative with no surgery products to be a total sham and hoax upon consumers. He admitted in... Read more

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I ordered the wrong Star Wars and 2 minutes 18 seconds into the movie I realized it and turned it off.I contacted them and asked for a refund and they refused. This is a systemic internal policy and not only unfair but probably under reported. We pay some of the... Read more

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I recently bought the regimen and found the taste to be perfectly awful. I showed my Doctor and he looked it up and on my follow up visit, he chuckled a bit and told me I should return it because he said that I would achieve the same results by controlling calorie... Read more

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Never got my 100.00 visa gift when I called ill call you well it's been 1 week it's all a scam they all lie makes you want to switch companies Read more

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I do not sell for this company but after seeing the explosive YouTube videos of the Mineral Liquid Foundation that even covered sharpie drawn on faces, I just HAD to try it. Of course it was out of stock for months and now that it's back you can only order the lightest... Read more

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Like on mothers day I was on the road and I went to eat and the price was 16.24 and the week before was 14.62 than last night was 14.74 and I'm a truck. driver and I didn't have my mom with me.I don't think it is right. I eat at golden corral all the time. But I'm not... Read more

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On December 29, 2016, I talked with a Customer Service Rep because they had charged my account for a "free" product that I would pay shipping only. Well... you guessed it, they were trying to charge me for 3 months of product that I didn't request. The Rep told me they... Read more

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InterNations - Extremely unethical billing and worst customer service I've known
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I signed up to try out this network a year ago. Went to an event once. The quality of the event was so bad that I never came back. I already paid an annual membership then. Yesterday I received a notification from my bank that they automatically charged me for another... Read more

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