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As a longtime account holder with Morgan Stanley, I trusted my investment account manager to be looking out for my interests. That worked until he got greedy. My account was made up of a managed portion and a portion that was not managed. My advisor sent me documents and called to say he was going to make sone changes in the managed part of the account that would benefit me. The documents stated that nothing would be done without my written... Read more

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Very disappointed with the financial aspect. Offer possible financial assistance to a certain income level. I have triplets, and they do not adjust your income level for paying 3x the cost. Read more

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Dress Not As Expected; Return/Refund Nightmare! Initial request for return authorization sent to JJ's House on 07/23/2014 (i.e., day after receipt of merchandise). Here a dialog of what happened... Sent to JJ's House on July 25, 2014: "Requested RETURN AUTHORIZATION (i.e., Product Return) 3 days ago and I yet to receive the authorization. Why is it taking so long." Sent to JJ's House on July 26, 2014: "I have received several responses from you,... Read more

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On Dec 31, 2016, I decided to order Pizza from Dominos (Store # 7454, 971 S Boulder Hwy, Henderson, NV 89015). As it was the only option open that offered delivery and I had a coupon, seemed like the wise choice. Not wanting to charge it and short on cash, I decided to take an uncut sheet of $2 bills I had and cut them up. While it's not the norm and I could have gotten more for them elsewhere, figured wouldn't hurt and the $2 bills would be a... Read more

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General RV Tampa does not perform per their Honesty and customer satisfaction promise. Management will not resolve problem issues.I purchased 2016 RV in March 2016 and to date issues are ignored.Genral RV is the worst dealer I have dealt with.Financial mgr.,Bryan Beck , had a cost of a Service that was not done at purchase plus after l read details of extended warranty I realized the cost not merited and declined!Iam still paying to bank and... Read more

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I did not have a pleasant experience with saladmaster dealer Chris Fransico. I was pressured into buying a pan set on no income which he then faultsifed to get me a proved for financing. I tried to cancel before I got the pans but he got angry and told me I had to take he pans or there would be a lawsuit and it would ruin my credit. I then tried to cancel with the finance company preferred credit inc and they would not help me out either. Stay... Read more

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Account was blocked and disabled after over a year of playing and a few thousand dollars spent. I know that I never did anything wrong. I also had accounts set up on their sister sites and those were shut down as well. All within a few days of one another. But on those other sites... They refunded me the money for every single deposit that I made right back on to my card. Which I respected and saw as being a very honorable act on their behalf.... Read more

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1 of 2 has not been honest with everyone. It has come to our attention that they have a hidden, private section buried within their normal forum which is used to spy on those not in the group, talk about other users and dish the dirt on anyone not considered a regular contributor to their website. We don't know how long its been here but we were able to gain some access at least for now to see what they are talking about. For a website... Read more

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My husband and I had dinner at the Carabbas in Cool Springs, TN (actually considered Franklin, TN) 2 nights ago. We were seated next to a man, woman, and their 2 children. The children were allowed to throw food, run through the restaurant, and scream at the top of their lungs. When I finally asked the youngest child to "Please stop screaming"" I was accosted by the mother who told me to "Go eat somewhere else." I responded by telling her that... Read more

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says I would get a free gift for ordering redcopper pans but wont let me whats with that bullcrap help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help why do you have to submit a hundred words when all you want is your free gift you can contact me through thanks diane boren help help help help help help help this is so crazy not reporting about the product just want my free gift and it wont let... Read more

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