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Three times mistreated at Giant Eagle in Hermitage Pa. I have a small business, and I opened a bank account for my business. Brand new, I wrote a check for a "welcome" party to my customers. I was escorted to the customer service desk and told I was not a "Signer" on the account. One hour wasted, nevermind I can't take the tax credit!@ Anyhow, the employee at the desk claimed I was not the president. I told her, compare the license # on my... Read more

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Review of In July 2016 I ordered a £45.00 pair of brown boating shoes UK size 8.5: Delivery was around £ 9.00: 17 days later, they sent me a pair of blue boating shoes, completely different style UK size 8.0 There is no phone number for this website site: It is a website that serves to take money from UK customers and send their products from China: I emailed their customer service department at Firstly thy... Read more

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Too many people are contacting me talking to me like I'm a ***. I am not a ***, *** or hooker. I just want to be wined and dined by someone who likes to have fun and has the money to do it. Friendship and fun. That's all I'm looking for. This was a mistake. I want it deleted it NOW!!! People are saying nasty things that they want want me to do to them and that they want to do to me. I like sex like the next person but this is not the main... Read more

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I will cancel my order because i dont have some money to pay my order and i have some problem about my family. Cause my husband dont have enough salary. And we have four kids attending in the school. We have to pay water and some fares for my childrens thats why i cancel my order. Cause we cant afford to pay my order. And then my husband scolded me why i have to order some tablets.And for our everyday we spend money to buy some food. And I hope... Read more

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For years i have called to check on promotions and by calling i have had great results. I called on In early Sept to check on some freebies and was told i could get some free upgrades everything is fine until i get my bill which runs normally 136.00 dollars today Sept 24th it is 162.00. So i call and get a young lady who tells me the upgrades i received were not free and that my bill because of my upgrades was prorated for so many days and that... Read more

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I ordered from Listen Clear because of all their advertising in my local paper and on the radio. I originally thought they were a local company, that was the first red flag, because they purposely were not clear on where they were located. After talking to their representative about how great the product was, using the "latest technology", and perfectly clear sound I tried the least expensive product which was roughly $600 each ("but because... Read more

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You pay a DECEIVING shipping fee in my case it was 9.27€ only to be given three options just before delivery: - Pay 24.80€ + Custom Duties & Tax (so DHL can clear the package from customs for you) - Pay 20€ so you can clear the package yourself (an annoying back and forth of paperwork) - Or don't pay anything so they can hold your package hostage after a certain amount of days return the package to the sender. Why pay for shipping when you will... Read more

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I switched to chase bank when my other bank kept canceling my card when I had more then enough money in my account. Chase is the worst bank I've ever been with! They have no tellers anymore. Everything is done with atm's, which they say is for the customers convenience. It is not convenient in any way! Sometimes you need to talk to an actual person, and now there are none. I use the atm, and it spits my money back out, and most of the time... Read more

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Iam well above 30 years of age to buy cigarettes or alchol in the state of alabama but your store in Lillian Al still wants to see my ID I will go to the other stores in Fl or here in Lillian to do my business.Just glad they opened cashsavers right over the bridge in Pensacola. I will no longer shop this store or any of your other stores anywhere. Please tell your employyes to use their common sense and embaress people who are well above the... Read more

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They advertise that they are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week at the Maryville Tn. location. They have a sign posted that they will be closed Saturday so that employees can enjoy the Easter weekend. I can understand being closed Sunday for Easter but Saturday also? Come on. Every other business is open on Saturday. There is nothing to celebrate on Saturday. Next year they will want Halloween off. It is fine for them to close anytime they want... Read more

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