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The advertisements for the My Pillow claim it is the number one pillow recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. Of course it is. The only products recommended by the National Sleep Foundation are the My Pillow products and that is because the National Sleep... Read more

Was this review helpful? 270 44 internet dating site is that site a scam? Mate1 Notice is that also a scam? Just asking if it's a scam as well. I have always just went for the free basic service and always waited to see if any women respond.I think is a scam as well.... Read more

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I will cancel my order because i dont have some money to pay my order and i have some problem about my family. Cause my husband dont have enough salary. And we have four kids attending in the school. We have to pay water and some fares for my childrens thats why i... Read more

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Over and over again, I was told Arbonne is not a scam- list reasons here. I went to a party, and really enjoyed the day of relaxing and the products. I decided to host a spa night myself. That bought me some time to research the company. Though I found tons of... Read more

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So I've had a pof account for less than a month. It seemed to be working well for meeting new people and I had hope for finding a woman to settle down with. I was never rude, never uploaded or sent any nude pictures. Whoever runs this site is like a dictator in their... Read more

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I called to see if I could join with my daughter who is under the age of 10 but was recomended by her doctor to do some cardio activities. All I wanted was for she and I to go walk and do the stepper. I was told they WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE under the age of 13 to join!... Read more

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I've wasted 2 years and I don't even know how much money on this company. It is a complete scam, if anyone here thinks they can make money from selling scentsy you are mistaken! Even the directors. Don't believe anyone who claims to make big money off this company... Read more

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We went with Gutter Helmet due to it’s so called, “respectable reputation,” however our experiences with the company have been nothing short of a nightmare! We paid a premium price for Gutter Helmet and expected a high quality product and install; however that’s not... Read more

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Dear Anonymous, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback. We take it very seriously and use every person’s experience to continually improve what we do for our patients. Over the years we have continually evolved to create a better experience year after year.... Read more

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This complaint is about a fly-by-night company called Ubervita that has cracked the "code" to Amazon fake review superstardom and managed to submit 1,700 fake reviews for its bogus fat burner called W700 Thermogenic Hypermetabolizer. W700 is claiming to be an “extreme... Read more

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