LIARS, THIEVES. Theft through conversion.

In 2015, BROTHERS JEWELERS in Grove, Oklahoma, received my absolutely Brand New INVICTA SEA VENOM CHRONOMETER, to remove a bracelet link, so that the bracelet would fit the gentleman I was giving this superb piece to. Steve, the the ostensible owner, for some reason, gave my $252.00 Chronometer to a clerk, to do this task. She called me, to tell me that she had UTTERLY DESTROYED my Chronmeter Bracelet, and, that Steve, had told her, to tell me, that the watch was JUNK, and that ---- and this is totally INCREDIBLE --- there was DRY ROT on the bracelet. DRY ROT ???????????????????? ON A METAL BRACELET ? STEVE had this stupid, poor ignorant hillbilly of a clerk, to tell me this. This is the State of the Art, in this little hick- town, of Grove, Oklahoma. I never got the watch back. I was NEVER supposed to get the watch back. STEVE and his crooked Mother, simply stole my Chronometer, through a crooked process the law calls CONVERSION. FOUR YEARS LATER, these crooks and thieves still won't take responsibility for their crime. They have not offered me a single dime of reparations for turning my watch into garbage, and then, stealing it. BROTHERS JEWELERS ARE HUMAN GARBAGE. Thanks. Dr. H. E. Sawyer, Jr. Grove, OK 74344
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