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Claim got denied because of a "pre existing condition".Although im pretty sure that i sprain my ankle i mean... thats what all my doctors notes say. They decided to deny me because plantar faciitis...... been waiting for a week to recieve a denial letter so i can go through my short term disability plan. Claim examiner never returns calls.... i am pretty sure they bribed the doctor to tell them it was plantar faciitis. Even though my plantar...
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I had a client who was injured at Maryland Live Casino Buffet when the seat cushion was not hinged and my 80 year old client went to sit down and landed on the floor - injuring his face, back and shoulder. He required three surgeries. Broadspire had the claim for over 1 year (almost 1/5 years) and refuses to settle because it "knows there is a third party responsible but doesn't know who that third party is." They have witnesses who saw the...
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I didn't like
  • How they run their business and fleece consumers
After my employer refused on numerous occasions to file a claim on my behalf, finally 4 months after the injury they did.What I thought was a very nice gentleman called me to take a statement . He assured me it was cut and dry , my benefits would be forth coming. After many many unanswered emails I decided to hire an attorney. Over six months have gone by the judge has ordered them to pay back pay as well as full disability moving forward from...
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I liked
  • Unethical
I didn't like
  • Jeffrey garcia
Well it goes like this in 2015 in July I was injured and it was clearly work related I had too be rolled out in a wheel chair by my resources since then it has been a constant battle too where I became scared I have had 2 surgerys and my right knee is destroyed for life since the second surgery they were actually on there game because I got an attorney and now they are not responding to any of here emails or calls in and out my account has been...
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