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I was locked out of my bmi login access for a while and I couldnt change it because the request password change wasnt sending the link so I had to call and and they updated my email and phone number and that solved my issue.
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Kristus Jazz

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Unpaid publishing royalties/data problems

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BMI is a music registery company that not only didn't pay me my 200 percent of now 300 percent of mechanical and digital and publishing royalties. I am number one ranked in 25 different titles with The (ISWC) international music work code affiliation based in Italy. How can so much data problems be the reason they won't pay me and the ISWC picking up P.R.O and P.R.S and everyone else GAMA etc.... Can someone please pay me all they owe at B.M.I. I've been a registered singer/songwriter since April 30, 2008.....My song Purple Bentley haven't received a piece of royalties and I've had it registered 2016/2019 ..... published September 24th 2020 I'm declaring BMI or RIAA to come up with millions of my well earned digital and mechanical music royalties....
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MaryRene Baxter, Broadcast Music Inc, BMI, Nashville TN, promotes herself as a singer, songwriter and performer but she's best known for soliciting men to provide her with praise and adoration.

MaryRene Baxter promotes herself as a professional with Broadcast Music, Inc., BMI, in Nashville, TN, claiming to have worked as a singer, songwriter and performer. But the pretentious red-haired wannabe may be best known for her performance as a lonely, unlucky-in-love, social media devotee who aggressively solicits praise and attention from men to quench her thirst for validation and bolster her damaged self-esteem. “I really do like it... It makes me feel pretty...”, states MaryRene when describing truck drivers who sound their truck horns when she is seen by them driving her car. Mary Rene Baxter does not discriminate in her unashamed conquest and encourages all men to participate in her flirtatious dialogue on Twitter and Facebook. “I was just told that my knowledge of "lewdness" was impressive.... It's one of my special gifts.”, claims MaryRene whose apparent disregard for the sanctity of marriage and lack of remorse for her enabling and involvement with unavailable men defies common decency and certainly falls within the abysmal level of lewd and indecent behavior. A man who risks his marriage and family for the likes of Mary Rene deserves to lose what he once held sacred, however, the children whose home is broken as a result of this woman’s pathetic need to feel desirable must make the ultimate sacrifice. So congratulations Mary Rene Baxter, your performance and pursuit of a new love has been fulfilled and in time for the holidays! Included below are a few noteworthy comments in response to your posted pleas and comments to social media sites that will assist you and your new man in what can be an awkward transition period: MaryRene wrote: “It is so great to know that I matter to so many people. I love each and every one of you, and YOU are priceless to me. Thanks for supporting me, believing in me, and helping me pursue my dreams!!” ----MaryRene, Your new man has a tendency to neglect to remind the woman he’s with that she matters. And I wouldn’t recommend you assume he’ll support you, believe in you, or help you pursue your dreams. He wasn’t good about any of those things when it pertained to me or his children.---- MaryRene wrote: “It is easy to feel like we are not enough. Do not listen to negative labels... Believe that you have everything you need to achieve your dreams. Be blessed!” ----MaryRene, My advice is for you to remember to keep looking over your shoulder since the likelihood is that you will soon discover you are not enough for your new man. Never forget that if he will cheat with you, he will cheat on you, and, in quoting your words, “The tides always come back around.”---- MaryRene wrote: “I went out and bought lipstick!!” ----MaryRene, I recommend that you remind your new man when you are wearing lipstick since he’s not likely to notice these things when the newness of your relationship expires. And since it may be a while before you’re able to buy another tube with the debt he will be bringing to the relationship, enjoy your new lipstick while you can!---- MaryRene wrote: “I smell like flowers!!!” ----Mary Rene, I can’t remember the last time your new man gave me flowers so smelling like a carnation is probably as close to the real thing as you’re going to get short of buying flowers for yourself.---- MaryRene wrote: “Got pulled over and ticketed for having a headlight out.... Not speeding or anything else. ....if you tell me this happened for a reason I will hurt you! .... Or that I refused to flirt.” ----Mary Rene, I find it difficult to believe flirting your way out of traffic citation is beneath you. Perhaps you encountered an officer with integrity and your flirting/refusal to flirt had no influence on his commitment to perform his duties.---- MaryRene wrote: “Hustler Hollywood.... thanks to your window display I will never look at candy canes the same way again.” ----MaryRene, Thanks to your display my children and me will never view candy canes or for that matter Christmas in the same way again either.---- 
 MaryRene wrote: (referring to “When You Close Your Eyes” by Night Ranger) “The last line.. When you close your big brown eyes... Barely audible but I always thought it was talking about me.” ----Newsflash MaryRene, Despite your “It’s all about me” feelings of entitlement, I rather doubt the songwriters were motivated by your allure. It’s also doubtful you were the inspiration for Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Erich Segal’s Love Story should you have assumed that to also be the case.---- MaryRene wrote: “So why do people use this whole "in a relationship" status thing. I think it's just asking for trouble. If you break up everyone knows... If you get back together that's weird. If you are kickin it with someone new, that's awkward... Keeping it all on the DL. ----MaryRene, If I carried the shame of your actions and had the burden of walking in your deplorable and tasteless second hand shoes, I’d want to keep it all on the down low too including any fungal infections or bedbug infestations acquired along the way.---- MaryRene wrote: “My dad always said be suspect of people who say "trust me" or "my word is my bond". He said that last one means you better get it in writing! ----MaryRene, Your dad certainly made sense but the words “trust me” and “my word is my bond” obviously mean little to your new man whether signed and notarized or cited as wedding vows.---- MaryRene wrote: “Always be the main dish...never be the side piece. ----MaryRene, For you to be the side piece would never work for me or my children so I’ve fulfilled your affirmation and granted you the main dish. I will however, be keeping the remainder of the china, the furniture, the car and the house that your new man had once shared with our children and me.----
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Whoever wrote this jealous blog needs to take it down. How sad that someone would fabricate something like this.

Also, if you slander someone you should have to reveal your identity.... Pathetic.


This has gone way to far and this is a complete lie! I am contacting Michael O’Neill tomorrow! The IT department will get to the bottow of this!


Hahaha well you used one 2 many words..... you've been caught!

Haha *** we knew it was your crazy jealous ***!

You better pray like *** your not posting this slander on BMI's computers!!!! I am sure HR & legal are gonna have a hayday with your CRAZY ***!!!!


This pissed off consumer is SPOT ON and could have expounded on the 'style' in which Maryrene Baxter operates both professionally and personally. Maryrene's gross use of 'friendships' and associates, for her own personal gain, is shameless.

Maryrene has a wreckless disregard for those she works with and those that care for her. She outlandlishly blames others for her professional shortcomings - with her favorite declaration being others are jealous(??). She has no regard for her 'friends' hearts or lives and uses every small detail to get ahead in some sort of 'fashion' or financial gain. Someone stalking Maryrene?

If anyone is stalking her it would be herself as she is quiet a professional at stalking. No one has to stalk her as she is grossly flagrant about every 'exaggerated' step she takes. Perhaps she is stating someone is stalking her because it is a technique she utilizes to get close to money, the possibility of fame or -perhaps- expensive gifts.

Dear Pissed off Consumer - everyone realizes it takes two to cheat but it takes only one to do the right thing.

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Isaiah 54:17


The person who wrote this is obviously the same person who has stalking MaryRene for months. For her safety she has people helping her find out who you are. You will be caught.


WOW! You sure do have a lot of time on your hands away from your "precious children" to stalk this poor girl.

You're ability to copy and paste Facebook statuses and respond to them out of context really show your immaturity.

It's clear it wouldn't take much to take your husband away from you as you have proven yourself to be jealous, petty, and a rant raging brat - I'd leave you too. Slandering this poor girl makes you look like a fool.


Whoever wrote this is a jealous ***! Grow up!

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