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The faucet filter systems keep breaking down. Twice before I wrote them to mention about the break down of the filtering system. This is the 3rd filter system that the knob, which switches from tap water to filtered water breaks down. I wrote Brita, got an incident...
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We have used the 10cup Brita pitcher for years. However in recent months the pitcher and the filters are of poor quality. The metallic finish on the inside of the lid of the ten cup new pitcher bubbled and peeled. This is a health hazard. The clip that holds the lid on...
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Anonymous Very displeased with new filter design. They don't secure properly and pop up. The old ones never did this.

I contacted Brita to let them know about all the tiny black particles floating out of the filter(s). According to the instructions this is suppose to happen only once, maybe twice after soaking it (as directed in the instructions). After doing so...the little specks of...
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I am a long time customer to Brita company. two months ago I purchased Brita Filter. The item was damaged. I contacted them with polite email right away and even send the picture to show them. No responses even though the company said they will respond to me within 48...
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Anonymous If the item was 'damaged' why didn't you return it to the 'store'?

Model # OB21/OB03 The top of the Brita Space Saver Water Pitcher does not 'click' tight. I learned the heard way when I poured a glass of water. There is no way to click it in, it's a design flaw, not operator error. The part that opens to allow for pouring water in...
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RoadKill Their reply nanoseconds later, wow! - We\'re sorry to hear your are not pleased with the design of the Spacesaver pitcher. Please be assured that this is very unusual and we w...

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