map-marker Brighton, Michigan

Service guy said I need need lug nuts ... For all my wheels.

I took my 2010 escape, which I purchased at Brighton Ford, and also service there, for my routine oil change and service. I have 60k miles. The service guy said I should replace all my wheel lug nuts. Not the wheel stud, but the lug nuts. There is no lug nut test that a dealer can conduct other then visual or totally stripped. So, they are being " less than truthful" in their service practice. In legal terms, less than truthful means you are lying!!! I'll never go back nor recommend Brighton Ford. Additionally, social media is a very powerful tool, so Brighton Ford is in for a big surprise. Watch out for the those bad lug nuts Brighton Ford.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Just be honest ..... Is that too much to ask these days??? I think not!

Michelle F Jyq
map-marker Detroit, Michigan

Brighton Ford (MI) Service Dept is a rip off

I had my 2 year old truck towed to Brighton Ford with obvious transmission problems. They tell me it's $4300 to replace the transmission, which they would recommend, or $2800 to start tearing it apart piece by piece and it could end up being more than the $4300. I told them I'd be having it towed to another place and they offered to do the full transmission for $3400. I said no. They tried charging me an extra $28 for running a "dye test" that they never told me about and I told them no way. Interesting how the place I took it to, a very professional, well known mechanic that specializes in transmissions, figured out almost right away it was just the torque converter and was able to replace it with one that was even heavier duty for only $1400. I'll never use Brighton Ford's service department again let alone buy another truck/car from them.
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