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grove city' ohio43123 wheni went to serve it and opened the carton I noticed that this was not mint chocolate chip as the carton said and pictured. this was vanilla. very very disappointed. I have been buying this for several months now and know what it should look like and taste like. this was a waste of money. we live on a fixed income so this is our special treat that we allow ourselves. please let me know you received this message and care...
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Anonymous Same exact thing happened to me in Lynnwood WA in November. Strange huh?
Funny it happened to you so long ago and so far away. Makes me wonder if it happens a lot..
J. M...

I liked
  • Mint chocolate chip ice cream
I didn't like
  • Wrong flavor in carton
Breyer's USED to be a good brand of ice cream - now it is horrible! I just bought two cartons of my old favorite- mint chocolate chip - and it tastes nothing like it used to. I thought I'd noticed a change when I'd had the Neopolitan, but this is a definite difference - and it is not a change for the better. I will NEVER buy this brand again. You have destroyed a great product and brand. Shame on you! I am beyond repulsed by the fake tasting...
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skidude I totally agree.
the fake taste comes from the carrageenan
try any dairy product with that on the label and you will experience the same fake taste.

Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Review

My daughter and I just found a one-inch piece of grass in our mint chocolate chip.