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I requested to cancel inadvertent "subscription" but was still charged :-(

I don't understand how anyone is OK taking money for a service I don't want, didn't use and can't afford. His service may be useful but I wanted to opt out and they refused to provide a refund. Unethical.
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User's recommendation: be wary

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Excellent Course

Shocked to hear poor reviews. Undeserved in my view. Brett is very genuine, and the experience base in psychology, copyrighting, and marketing is pretty indisputable. You have to do the work and know your WHY. Most people arent prepared to do the work and get through the setbacks because they dont know their WHY or their busy chasing shiny new things. A genuine guy, price is not cheap but the quality and solution results are high. What is worth to you not to get top end result and just keep doing what your doing? Its about transforming a concept into a high ticket sales model...guess what the transformation starts with yourself and looking in the mirror. I would highly recommend Brett and his offering Definitely the real deal and a worthy investment in yourself
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I’m thinking about purchasing his program thanks for your candid response it’s exactly what I needed to hear it’s up to you always


So how's it going? Did you purchase it?

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Awesome experience

Brett Mcfall and his program have been a God send to me and my medical practice. He is not a scammer. If you put in the work you get the results. Anyone who complains obviously didn't do theirpart.
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Brett McFall is a scummer

Breat MaFalls programs are total rip-off, stay away from this scam. I had a stupidity to sign up and now paying off this worthless *** You can find all the info for free on internet, don't have to pay thousands of dollars. Take a note that if you sign up to pay via installments few hundred dollars a month for his expensive programs - it'd very similar to a debt which you won't be able to get out until you fully repay it. Once you realize that you fall a victim of a scam and decide to stop paying installments - your "debt" to Brett will be sold to a debt collector - this happened to me. He is a tough guys and doesn't mess around when it come to his profit, he's leave you broke!
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Reason of review:

Preferred solution: Full refund


You sound like you’re the problem! You didn’t actually try did you? And of course you would be making debt by signing up for installments bc you’d still owe payments just like you would with anything else.


I have always been told that if I sign up then I will have to pay it or it will go to a debt agency. One of the clauses it states on their forms.

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Jeremie Jvj

Brett Mcfall - Brett Mcfall Courses Are *** Worthless and Totally a Waste of Time!B