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Brett McFall over delivers

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Original review Feb 20, 2024

I joined Brett's free 30k in a day challenge. I paid $1.00 for the 14 day trial of growth club.

Brett gives so much value and genuinely cares about his clients. Although I just didn't have the $197.00 to continue in the monthly program, I will be back. There is a small group of people from around the world in the group that give incredible feedback and assist you in getting your programs marketed online. Part of the Growth Club includes Brett personally getting on calls with the group weekly.

I feel bad about the bad reviews people have left him on here.

In particular people stating he "scammed" them out of 25k. I was on a free webinar where Brett made an offer and guaranteed people would make 250k or he would work with them until they did. I'm not sure if that is the same they are speaking of but I can tell you that Brett helps people with their limiting beliefs. We all have them.

You can pay for programs, but, if you don't implement due to your limiting beliefs and procrastination you will get no where. It is just not fair for people to blame Brett for their lack of implementation. He is a "no fluff" to the point coach. You can't really go anywhere, that I've found, and get the kind of support you will receive in his Growth Club.

Not only from fellow members that will hold you accountable, but Brett himself. For those that are challenged with the tech, he even offers a done for you service where his team will set up the system. In the end, we have to hold ourselves accountable and take responsibility for our actions. ACTION is the key.

Brett gives us the tools to make an incredible living online with our business, however, he can't make you want it and he can't make you take action. Part of growing is taking responsibility for our actions and changing our mindset. Brett will help you break down your limiting beliefs and really change your mindset. I am not affiliated with Brett McFall.

I am an individual just leaving an honest review. If you are the type of person that wants to change and have one of the most brilliant online marketers in your corner, I highly recommend joining one of Brett's programs and try it for yourself.

If you want to blame others and not be held accountable, stay away. This is Growth Club!

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  • You will have tools to change your limiting beliefs
  • Working with brett can literally be life changing
  • Brett delivers incredible value

Preferred solution: I want nothing. Brett is the real deal

User's recommendation: I would highly recommend you join Brett McFall's challenge that he puts out and see for yourself. Also, you can visit www.growthclub.me and check out his growth club. People spend more money in a month on coffee and they can truly help their business and their mindset by having Brett as your coach.


How good can he be if you had a 14 free day trial and you don’t even have $197 to join for a month. Someone made $34,000 in 23 days and he couldn’t coach you to make $200?

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With all due respect, I had a 14 day free trial to the Growth Club and only participated the last 5 days which was the live version of the 30k day challenge. That was on me, not Brett.

The challenge is for 30 days and I still have a couple weeks in the 30 day challenge. I have been juggling alot of other things as well. Point is, I am on the right path. I accomplished a lot in those 5 days, however, I did not market or launch my product in the 5 days.

It is a process. That is on me, not Brett. You do not know my financial situation. I also stated that I will be back.

I'd add that you agree someone made over 20k so obviously Brett helped others. Brett is not a miracle worker he is a marketer. The fact that I do not have 197.00 is not his fault. I took on the 30 day challenge and its not over yet.

I have another challenge now, to prove you wrong.

Thank you so much for the coaching. I can't wait to report back with amazing results from Brett's amazing coaching!

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map-marker Melbourne, Victoria

Total scam by a person who does not deliver and should know better!

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In a nutshell Brett McFall exclusively preys on the vulnerable dreamers and non business experienced good people who are committed to helping others with their expertise and skill set.

Brett should be totally ashamed at himself for the massive number of people who pay him upfront (why would you part with $25,000 like that?)

The answer is I should have known better than to pay this huge sum of money based on unsubstantiated lies and promises, and even more disturbing Absolutely NO GUARANTEE

This common internet promise you the world with a few testimonials and no true indicators or disclosures about the 99% of people who fail, should be investigated thoroughly and ultimately charged with fraud. And I am serious!!

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User's recommendation: Do not ever pay McFall or anybody else upfront for anything ever

Just a consumer

I just had to come on here and comment on your review. First, I am very sorry you felt the need to part with 25k upfront.

If this was the opportunity that I believe it was, I was on a free training webinar where Brett offered the 25k deal on at the end. He actually guarantees you will make x amount of dollars or he will work with you until you do. I did not have the money to invest. Instead, I chose his free trial in the Growth Club.

He offers more in the Growth club that you will ever possibly learn from any marketer. When the trial ends, it will end up being a" no contract" monthly fee to remain in the club at $197.00 per month. With that you receive 3-4 lives calls each month and plenty of self study material inside as well. He also offers a free 30k in a day challenge that he holds.

The first five days of the challenge you are live with him for about an hour. He shows you the method he uses to get your online programs out there. Now, I have to say this coming from someone that has tried to get programs online for 10+ years, Brett gives you the tools, but you must implement. The hardest part is getting out of our own way, getting over our limiting beliefs and stop trying to be perfect.

He actually teaches people these skills but most of us still keep getting in our own way. What he offers in the Growth Club is absolutely life changing. You can have the best product but if you don't know how to market it, if you don't get over your own limiting beliefs, no one will know about your product or service. He offers more in the free training and free trial than anyone out there.

He is a tough, to the point coach and is 100% realistic. No fluff. If you have invested 25k and you are still stuck, I would highly recommend participating in the Growth Club where you have a small group of people around the globe lifting you up and helping you. Everyone helps each other but in the end, we are responsible for making it happen.

Brett has a very simple proven system but he can't control what people do with it. Of course a lot of marketers know that people with purchase the programs and sit on it. Brett even offers a done for you service where his team will basically get your entire system set up online. The 25k offer that Brett had, at least the call I was on when the offer was made, he did have a guarantee that the person would make 250k or he would work with them until they did.

Again, parting with that kind of money and feeling like you were "scammed" is difficult. I would highly suggest putting it to work for you. You made an investment in yourself. There is an insane opportunity online to recoup your investment but you must get out of your own way and make it happen.

In the end, we are responsible and we must hold ourselves accountable but he offers a group where there is support from around the globe to help us and push us to really step into our own power and achieve incredible results.

I am a real person, I am not affiliated with Brett McFall. I have suffered with online marketers myself, false promises, money spent but I can tell you Brett is the real deal and by far one of the most brilliant marketers out there and will hold you accountable and help you change your mindset and limiting beliefs.


Thanks for sharing your experience

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Paul Aeu

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

Verified Reviewer


My advice to anybody even remotely considering engaging Brett McFall to keep their money, because he will con you with alluring words and ripping you off cold heartedly!

He is a CROOK make no mistake!

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  • Brett attracts people who have never been in business before

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Stay away

map-marker Brunswick, Victoria County

I requested to cancel inadvertent "subscription" but was still charged :-(

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I don't understand how anyone is OK taking money for a service I don't want, didn't use and can't afford.

His service may be useful but I wanted to opt out and they refused to provide a refund. Unethical.

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User's recommendation: be wary

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Same thing happened with me with Luke Hawkins and Ted McGrath - unethical when you say you can't afford it but they still take the money and don't give refunds.

map-marker Balmain, New South Wales

Excellent Course

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Shocked to hear poor reviews. Undeserved in my view.

Brett is very genuine, and the experience base in psychology, copyrighting, and marketing is pretty indisputable. You have to do the work and know your WHY. Most people arent prepared to do the work and get through the setbacks because they dont know their WHY or their busy chasing shiny new things. A genuine guy, price is not cheap but the quality and solution results are high.

What is worth to you not to get top end result and just keep doing what your doing?

Its about transforming a concept into a high ticket sales model...guess what the transformation starts with yourself and looking in the mirror. I would highly recommend Brett and his offering Definitely the real deal and a worthy investment in yourself

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Seems like Brett himself or one of his cronies wrote that false review. He is a crook make no mistake and definitely is not worth even 10% of his ridiculous unguaranteed fee


I’m thinking about purchasing his program thanks for your candid response it’s exactly what I needed to hear it’s up to you always

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So how's it going? Did you purchase it?

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map-marker Henderson, Nevada

Awesome experience

Brett Mcfall and his program have been a God send to me and my medical practice. He is not a scammer.

If you put in the work you get the results. Anyone who complains obviously didn't do theirpart.

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This comment above is absolute *** *** *** I’ve lost $25,000 cold for a trumped up copywriting course delivered by a bunch of well meaning but failed tutors, which were put on to teach you how to write a positioning statement etc In the end Brett pockets 60-70% of your fee for doing nothing but coordinate failed past students to help you waste your time on a so called done for you course which was never delivered

Jeremie Jvj

Brett Mcfall - Brett Mcfall Courses Are *** Worthless and Totally a Waste of Time!B

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I have attended many internet marketing seminars and previews over the years.

This time I attended Brett McFall seminar preview while I was in Melbourne.

To be frank, it is not even worth your time to listen to him.

It is the same old story that you hear it over and over again from all the so called internet marketing gurus - How poor they were while holding on to their mundane job and finally found success in internet marketing.

To convince the audience, he will provide some "ideas and tips" on how to run a successful internet business online by naming few outsourcing companies that you can engage to do the work for you like Elance, Odesk and Fiverr.

Four Steps to Profitable Internet Business:

1. How to find a niche,

2. create a product,

3. creating sales letter and

4. build a site.

5. Get Traffic

Traffic can get from:

1. PPC

2. Backlinks

3. Articles - Guru knowledge, Goarticles, Ezine articles, etc.

4. Press release

5. Youtube]

Four Ways to Make Money Online:

1. Physical Products

2. Digital Product

3. Your Services

4. Affiliate Marketing

There is nothing new. You can read all these from the internet.

If a shipbuilder presented a seminar on "4 Steps to Be A Successful Shipbuilder" by providing you all the companies you can engage to build a ship, do you think you will be successful shipbuilder by just listening and reading their materials?

So what is Brett McFall objective?

To get the audience hype up and sign up for his courses and pay thousands of dollars to learn the success method.

Do you think you could be successful just by learning the methods from him?

Think about it... how long do you need to learn to become a successful shipbuilder or a shipbuilder businessman?

Will watching all the DVDs and books make you automatically a successful shipbuilder?

What next??? You will start signing up for one course after another from Brett McFall. Each time paying thousands and thousands of dollar ranging from S$5,000 to $60,000.

In between he may recommend some affiliate products through his affiliate links to keep you buying.

But at the presentation, it was projected that the first $5,000 course was all it needed to be successful online. It all sound so easy.

But what you will get from his website, WarpSpeedElite, are all ebooks and DVDs on what to do at your own time.

There is no handholding.

What if you want handholding. Then prepare to pay for higher programs fee.

Do you think you would be able to build a ship by watching DVDs?

Brett McFall projected that by repeating the process you could make $300,000 in a year!

When I talked to him, he was only interested if I would sign up for his course.

When I displayed that I had no interest to part with my $5,000 for his course, he was not longer interested to answer any further questions. Any further question were deemed as negative.

If you listen to his youtube videos channel, it is the same method deployed. The objective is to get you interested to click on his links and go to his webpage and sign up for his courses one after another.

He will be making money while sleeping but you will be burning your money and midnight oil reading his materials and watching his DVDs trying to find the secret to his success in online internet business.

Will you find his treasures? Many have testified... no!

Mmmm.. sound like Indiana Jones!

Watch more about his *** in youtube:










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Reason of review:
Scam Internet Marketing Business

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution


Everything sounds good advertised but its the details that kill you. Information is available online but we go to tutors, mentors,, gurus and what not to shorten the learning curve.

In the end it boils down to choices and how we make them. Like picking your poison.


World Internet Summit - Don't Waste Your Money On World Internet Summit Australia.

The 4 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make When Starting A Business Online.

1) To waste time attending World Internet Summit Australia.

2) To attend Brett Mcfall and other so call Internet Gurus' events, coaching, trainings and Internet Summit Australia .

3) To purchase Internet business products from World Internet Summit Australia, Brett McFall and other so called Internet Gurus through their links, recommendations and subscribed to their opt-in.

4) To pay even more for World Internet Summita Australi, Brett McFall other Internet Gurus' upsell products, internet courses training courses and mentoring programmes. Content and credit goes to retireyoung who commented in http://www.infobarrel.com/Don't_waste_your_money_on_the_World_Internet_Summit To be honest I learned very little from the four days of training.

You will notice All of the speakers followed a similar format - a story about their life, how they were in debt, sick or out of work.Their life then turned around after they discovered some particular aspect of making money on the internet. The personal stories are obviously used to appeal to the audience. The presenters were good at building up a sense of excitement with their products. All of the courses were around $2,000 - $5,000 and towards the end sales pitch they gave away some kind of special bonus to the first 10 or 20 people to sign up.

The next thing that happened was a complete surprise to me. People jumped up from their seats and ran to the back of the room where they could make their purchase. I couldn't help wondering if they paid some people in the audience to be the first movers and create the ongoing rush. I asked another person I spoke to who had signed up and paid thousands of dollars for these internet courses, training and mentoring programmes if shehad made any money yet and she shook her head sadly and replied "no".

Don't waste your money on the World Internet Summit Australia! Don't waste your money on Brett McFall! Don't waste your money and time on World Internet Summit Australia. Don't waste your money and time on all the so called Internet Gurus!

Be very aware of them!

Be very cautions with your money and don't your money with them! World Internet Summit - Don't Waste Your Money On World Internet Summit Australia.


He's not a scam... he's a *** liar and a thief, how does one sleep knowing you do this to people for a living?

Having the hide to send members a video of himself in Vegas, racing a Lambo around a track available to few.

We couldn't help but think how we were paying for that little indulgence.

Late last year, he sold us the 'Social Speed' program for 3k, we discovered later he was fully aware it didn't work, we parted with a lot more money listening to this liar, my partner and I (professional backgrounds) worked full time totally focussed on this project over 12mths, if anyone was going to be a success it was going to be me and my partner!

So... it turns out, his programs are not geared to work, they're only geared to sell in Seminars!?!

The proof was his attempt to video a doco late last year, where he challenged to pay a participant $5000 if a demonstration of his system failed... and it did fail, Steve Essa (a good guy) saved his *** with a non related system, nothing to do with Bretts programs! If he couldn't make his system work, then how the *** were we?!?

I would love to get up on stage at one of Bretts Seminars and ask his 'Elite Members' (We were in that group) who had shelled out thousands for that privilege, if any had a return if any on their investment, you guess the answer, but 99% of those we knew, who started with us have left... we cant all be wrong surely, what are your thoughts? Like others... we're suing, he'll also be hearing from the Fair Trades Department...

! By Superloose


Any offer that looks too good to be true is just that – too good to be true. It’s getting harder and harder, however, to distinguish the legitimate money making opportunities from the dubious ones.

Internet business and home-based business scams are also very easy to pull off because people want to believe they can truly make money fast while working for themselves.

The truth is that most of these work-at-home opportunities and home-based business scams are at the top of the list of leading Internet fraud schemes.

These types of scams prey on 2 of man kind’s most prominent emotional shortcomings: greed and fear. Greed, one of the cornerstones of these good-old fashioned “get-rich-quick” schemes, combined with the fear of financial insecurity, is an exceptionally powerful tonic that many fall prey to.

Home-based opportunity scam artists are very skilled at using fear and greed against their victims.

The types of scams that we’ll outline below have proven to be most effective against the most vulnerable: the sick, disabled, elderly, unemployed, single parents, and low-income individuals and families.

So if you’re in one of those categories be very careful with all these hypes created by brett mcfalls or his accomplices that gave positive comments like Jason.


This is typical ill informed negative nasty online comment spam.

McFall is a marketer pure and simple. His goal is to sell his high end seminar and training packages.

He does that by giving people a free taste so people can see if they like him and his ideas before they commit to paying money.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Good for the punters and good for him too.

Perhaps if the spammer got off his *** and used some of mcfalls ideas he might actually do something useful with his life (instead of snipping on the sidelines like a spoiled brat)

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-929301

Untrue...I had attended so many of brett mcfall's seminar and training packages. Applied his ideas but nothing works.

The writer is right...the seminar and training packages are all of low quality, lousy and waste of time!

Ya...free taste...but bad taste..! No, don't ever go ever go for it!

Regret is what you will get if anyone pay him more money...!

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-929301

You are right Jason. I expect those who posted negatve are still hoping for a cteer situation.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1391819

The event I attended in Melbourne Australia in late 2014 was promoting his eBook creation program. The course was 3K and if you took them up on the offer of having an eBook created for you it was an extra 2K.

I took the latter option. The presentation worked on the idea of one eBook would sell for $30 and you could sell that at least 100 times easy (he mentioned a ball park reachable goal of around $3K as an expected outcome per book). Then you go on to create one new ebook each month and continue to build your catalogue of content for sale. My issues with him are below Firstly - I was brand new to IM and thought the numbers stacked up.

But later I did a course with someone else who explained the numbers and it was categorically impossible to make any money for an eBook worth $30 if you have to spend hundreds of dollars on advertising to acquire one customer. I expect when Brett started out in IM eBooks were more like $59 and Google Adwords was cheap as chips. But by the time I attended his seminar that was well and truly a thing of the past. Secondly - during his presentation his numbers were all based on a 30 + page eBook being sold for $30.

The eBook I received was 16 pages. And the included sales letter listed the price as $17. Half of what they promised. It was written by someone for whom English was their second language and the content was inaccurate and needed to be proof-read and corrected.

A heap of junk. When I spoke to Matt who was my liason (truck driver turned eBook maker), he said "oh well, there's lot's of things you can do with an eBook, you can give it away as click bait etc." But I hadn't signed up and paid all that money for something that was going to be given away. Thirdly - There was no mention during the presentation of the necessity of paying a further $600 (approx) a year for a customer management/email program (Brett's own product) as an ongoing cost along with the cost of $189/yr for hosting of the websites. All in all a well executed scam.

I'll admit it I was sucked in and now deeply regret having come across his path. @Jason, you don't know what you're talking about.

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map-marker Sydney, New South Wales

Brett McFall is a scummer

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full

Breat MaFalls programs are total rip-off, stay away from this scam. I had a stupidity to sign up and now paying off this worthless *** You can find all the info for free on internet, don't have to pay thousands of dollars.

Take a note that if you sign up to pay via installments few hundred dollars a month for his expensive programs - it'd very similar to a debt which you won't be able to get out until you fully repay it.

Once you realize that you fall a victim of a scam and decide to stop paying installments - your "debt" to Brett will be sold to a debt collector - this happened to me. He is a tough guys and doesn't mess around when it come to his profit, he's leave you broke!

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  • Manipulation
Reason of review:

Preferred solution: Full refund


You sound like you’re the problem! You didn’t actually try did you? And of course you would be making debt by signing up for installments bc you’d still owe payments just like you would with anything else.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2011485

Sounds like Brett is now putting the blame on his many dissatisfied clients yet again for his short falls GET A REAL LIFE BRETT!!

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2011485

Again another self perpetuating review! We lost honest hard earned money on an overpriced DIY coaching program that simply did not reap the so called guaranteed results!


I have always been told that if I sign up then I will have to pay it or it will go to a debt agency. One of the clauses it states on their forms.

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