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Brenguard Skateboards

Update by user Jul 19, 2013

Interesting......I have tried to delete Brendan schlitz off this post but pissed consumer do not have the facility to edit and alter an individual post. So what I want to say is I do not know who or why Brendan schlitz was put on this post as I have no complaint with him.

My complaint is simply with BRENGUARD Skateboards. Pissed Consumer should rectify their editing facilities!!!!!

Update by user Jul 19, 2013

The company is Brenguard Skateboards. I don't know who Brendan Schmitz or why this forum added it to my post!!!!! I did not put his name on my post.

Original review posted by user Jul 19, 2013
My son used his birthday money to purchase skateboard deck from Brenguard Skateboards. They advertised thru Instagram telling kids that they will sponsor them if they send a pic or video of themselves skateboarding. Also they state they are making decks affordablevfor the young kids who cant afford the pricy label decks. We researched the company and all seemed good. Good Facebook and twitter pages, so we ordered and paid in full on 12th April 2013.... Still waiting for delivery. Despite numerous email to brenguard via their website, Facebook and twitter we now cannot even get a response. Ripping kids off, scam book have a few complaints as well. Beware!!
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He's starting a new company called Prestige.


i just got called *** buy brenguards customer service for trying to find out were my deck is. could have just told me shippment date but instead they give you run around and dont answer you.

then curse at you.

screw brenguard. spreading the word to boycott their product in florida at every show.


*** these guys if I find them I would beat them with my skateboard a real skateboard I hope I run into one of them. Stick with best *** the rest.

They probably can't even skate.


My son has been contacted through Instagram. He was told he would be sponsored.

We ordered the boards and Tshirt from Australia a month's still in processing! It's a scam!

They now have our money and are praying on young kids! Someone needs to do something about this!!


Oh that's bloody terrible. Now I'm really annoyed.

How do these people get away with this sort of stuff. I've got absolutely no confidence now that we will ever get our order. Still waiting. I did some research as well and could only find the security business.

I'm in australa but if I was close by I'd drive to friggen New Jersey and kick some butt. Good luck with your order and lets hope the us gov agency for fair trade practices catch these guys.


Prior to ordering from Brenguard, I did the "contact us". Brenguard contacted my within 24 hours twice with my questions.

So I ordered my son a skateboard and t-shirt. Drafted my account for the money, then my order has been in "HOLD" status since July 13th, it is now August 14th. I have everyday sent them messages, I HAVE NOT HEARD ANYTHING-- NO CORRESPONDANCE, NO ORDER, NOTHING. I have called the Better Business Bureau in New Jersey and the BBB cannot get them to respond.

I have called the Chamber of Commerce in Kearney, New Jersey where Brenguard is suppose to be located and the Activities Director for the COC has no clue who or what Brenguard is and has no listing for them. The BBB website has a listing for Brenguard Security and Guards at the address shown on their website. They must exist somewhere because you see kids on utube with their board, so where the *** is my son's and why haven't I heard from them. AND YEAH--getting sponsored is easy, and it is only a discount on their ***, its a great advertising ploy, they are only out a few bucks and they get free advertisement through these UNDERage kids.

Borderline Child labor. :(


Same here son baught a shirt so he can be sponsored and no response from email and no number to call.


i got ripped too


My kid was defrauded as well. Placed an order in June and is out $50+. No response or communication from BrenGuard.

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He is an absolute control freak! He is very manipulative of the girls that work for him! He uses his (charm) to get girls to come work for them then he goes and screws them over big time! Do not trust him!! Do not work for him!!! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!! He has lies about the work that he does to try to get girls to be more trusting of him! He will try to sleep with many of the girls that work for him!!! He has done things that should not be done!!! I am very sad that people can live their lives like this!
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He is a punk


Does any one know where he can be found ? I will pay extremely well for this information . Tho it must lead me directly to him .



Brendan, It has been years since I started this thred and i wanted to tell you how sorry I am for doing this. I was just mad that you would not give me a webcam studio.

I understand now the reason you said no.

My harsh words were boeth out of line and 100% false. Please forgive me for what I put here.

I am sorry,Bren ;(

I tried to delete this but the site does not allow that. :(


Brendan,Its been years since I started this thread and I wanted to say I am sorry. I was mad because you wouldnt give me my own studio. I should never had wrote this stuff.I tried to delete all of this but the system would not allow me to.

You have always been good to me and I hope you forgive me.


A *** that works for CSS, Angelica Grace from myfreecams, is just as dirty. Meets johns on cam and she will do whatever you want for MONEY.

But hey, I guess it's not prostitution if you know the person...(lol) ***, you got paid money for sex - you're a *** ***. xoxoxo and $$$$



webcam p0rn stars want to keep their jobs a secret yet come on here writing lies all because they cant get over on a company that pays attention.. I guess real names should be posted for starters??


Are you girls all internet *** stars ?


he didn't clear up your debt I can have the girls he stoled from write evrything stop being a azzzzzzzhole like him


The people that was writing nice stuff was himself please google him look at his past he lies hes a taker hes a criminal hello


This must mean he is doing well if people are talkin about him. He came along way so its no wonder people dont like him. Keep it going good B see u in vegas next month xoxoxo

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