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Bravo Home Entertainment is now D.E.I out. It says something about a company that has to change it's name because the owner dragged the last one's name through the mud. LOL! Go back to college Will. Rude and extremely entitled. Makes promises that he does not intend on keeping. Burger Thursdays at the Callaboose Grill? Yeah fat chance, unless you're Will's wallet or you've made him a lot of money that week, there's a slim... Read more

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Don't even think about applying here. Unless you want: -Long hours standing in one spot selling something that nobody wants -lots of mileage on your car and no reimbursement (unless you car pool up to a certain amount of days) -low pay (unless you're making impossible sales quotas) -lots of suspension for low sales -demoralizing and sexist owner -Hiring drugs addicts just to keep the numbers high -Borderline pyramid scheme. You're making money... Read more

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Bravo Home Entertainment - Now calling themselves
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I responded to a job posting for "DEI Marketing", only to discover that they are in fact a shell company of Bravo Home Entertainment. I guess too many people complained about Bravo, so they came up with a new name for themselves, and even let their old domain expire (see their website, which is currently a "parked domain" message. When I realized that they were a scam, I informed the "HR" person who contacted me that I was no longer interested... Read more

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I worked here for a week.Didn't take me long to figure out it was a scam. Endless hours driving to and fro, 8 hours six days a week, sent home the first two days after 2 hours because my background check was progressing slowly, a cult mentality, I was lied to about the pay, and I did witness the "owner" intentionally mislead a customer to get a sale. This was an elderly customers, in which he said that his current provider will not charge... Read more

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I have worked for Bravo for a little over a month, and I can honestly say that I absolutely love it! It is not just a job, but a career move! There is so much room for growth! PLUS it is all base on your performance and attitude. The people a full of life and excited to go to work. I have worked multiple job and have always found myself looking for an excuse to get out of it! I have never woke up and not wanted to go to work! I absolutely love... Read more

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I have worked here for 2 weeks, and I am in love with the company atmosphere. Bravo is a marketing company that trains and encourages employees to reach for professional goals and offers one-on-one mentorship to individuals looking to build a long term career in management. There are definitely some positive vibes and tons of energy around the office. Glad to have found a good job at last! Here is the thing about this company. You have to work... Read more

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The owner of this company is as ethical as Madoff. This guy will do ANYTHING to make a dollar at your expense. Unfortunately, I have witnessed many people come and go in my short month stay here. We were always pressured to sell DirecTV, and would be fired if that didn't happen. I made an average of $225 a week, even though I sold bout 1.5 a week. I signed a contract to make at least minimum wage... There are ads all over or... Read more

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Bravo Home Entertainment is currently spewing out droves of job postings for multiple positions involving "sales" and "customer service' oriented positions. I've worked for a similar "company" under the same management, and I thought I should warn people looking for information about this relatively unknown company. They are now located in Owego, NY, but have previously been in CT and OH as far as I'm concerned. They mislead applicants into... Read more

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