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Went for PresbyLasik and ruined my distnce vision

I had surgery done at Dr Braverman in August 2013. My eyes were not too bad when I started, now I struggle to pass the DMV eye tests which I never did before. I was very disappointed with the surgery and would not recommend this company to anyone considering surgery. I spent almost $3000 to ruin my distance vision. I wish I had gone elsewhere. Please do you research carefully and remember to ask as many questions as you can. I am 48 years old and like many of us struggle to see things close up. This comes with age I guess. Last year I went to an eye center to consider Lasik. The doctor said he could cure my close up vision in one eye but that it would be a trade off and that it would compromise my distance vision. The cost for the monovision treatment on one eye would be $1500. He inserted a contact lens into the eye to show me the results and suggested I leave it in for a week. Reading close up was GREAT. I was almost hooked. However, when outside, I covered the unaffected eye and tried to read signs, on stores and road signs and they were blurry. I do quite a bit of driving and figured it was simply not worth compromising my distance vision to fix close up which could be easily assisted with reading glasses. I decided to wait until better technology came along. Around this summer, I stumbled on an article about Presbylasik. This was a new treatment, still in testing stage in the USA so not yet FDA approved (though it was already approved in many European countries). This exciting treatment supposedly cured near and distance vision all in one go with two shots on the laser at the same surgery sitting. It sounded like the answer to my prayers. I researched many eye centers and spoke to Rosemary Hartford at Dr Bravermans eye center at Hallendale Beach in south Florida. I scheduled an appointment and had a battery of tests. I then met Dr Braverman who said that he suggested doing just one eye as the other was not bad enough for Lasik at this point. He explained that the revolution presby treatment involved shooting the laser to reshape a part of the eye to correct the close up vision, then recalibrating the laser and firing again (for an extra $600) to correct the distance vision. This sounded perfect. At no time did they ever say that it could ruin my distance vision. They just said that in almost all case it was a complete success. I signed all the usual disclaimers of course. Because this is an off label non approved treatment, insurance companies to not cover it here and I had the pay the $2500+ cost in cash. Dr Bravermans office is very impressive and lots of articles stating how great he is on the walls and pictures of him rubbing shoulders with the starts, I felt in very safe hands. Came the day of treatment, all seemed OK, it was painless as they said, they fired the first laser, recalibrated it, (they had said something like it tracks the eye 400 times a second to ensure it cannot go off target). Fired again and said all was great. They send me home. My close up vision was super improved almost immediately. I was concerned that my distance had greatly deteriorated. I could not even read tags of the vehicles in front of me, nor road signs, nor makes of cars, not even writing a few feet away. This seemed just like the monovision treatment that I had refused the year before. I was very unhappy. I emailed Rosemary about this and my distance vision concerns and she brushed me off with the following. Please do not be concerned. This procedure can take a few months for the final result. You may notice some fluctuations and subtle changes but it will improve. We did not expect your distance vision in this eye to be good right now. I stayed patient and had some follow up appointments at a local eye specialist. Then came the bombshell. In October I went to the DMV to renew my license. I COULD NOT READ THE SIMPLE LETTERS IN THE EYE MACHINE WITH MY LASIK OPERATED EYE. This was devastating to me, I had never struggled with an eye test in the past and was shocked. I explained I had recently had Lasik and she said I should try again. I read 2 of the 4 and could not get the 3rd. She said to try so I guessed it (I knew it was one of 3 letters but could not tell which), she was I was correct and to try the 4th. I simply could not get it I could not even guess. Fortunately she said I only needed to get 3 of the 4 so I got my license. But as you can imagine I was extremely worried about this. 2 months after surgery and I almost failed a basic DMV eye test that I had always sailed through before. Worst still the great close up reading had settled down to be not so great and was now just the same as my other eye. I cannot even read the brand name of my TV on the so called ‘corrected’ eye. I urgently emailed Dr Bravermans surgery again (telling them of my DMV eye test nightmare) and Rosemary replied with the following You are just 8 weeks out from surgery and you are right on course. Remember that the presby treatment takes longer to settle. We did not expect your distance vision in your treated eye to be perfect right away. It may take several months. Your next appt here is 11/18 at 3:00 and we will see how you are doing. We have to wait to see that you are stable and not changing any more before an enhancement would be considered. I again felt I was just being given the brush off. Before I started they said that if correction was needed it would be given free of charge, now I was just being fobbed off despite my clear distance vision problems. I am now reluctant to have any more Lasik done as if they correct it, I will either end up as I started, or possibly with even worse distance vision. I am going to save up a bit more and get multifocal lenses installed instead. So a word of warning for anyone considering using Dr Bravermans services. Ask may questions about what can go wrong and how they will remedy it if it does and get something in writing. Don’t fall for their schmooze. I regret falling for their sales talk and wish I had never had this surgery done. At least the monovision place were honest in telling me the potential outcome, this company told me they would fix close up without compromising distance. Yet here I am not being able to read anything more than a few feet away. A nightmare experience I am sure you will agree. Be very careful when deciding on eye surgery, you only have one pair of eyes, don’t entrust them to someone unless you are very very confident they will do the job you are paying for, otherwise you may end up out of pocket and with worse eyesight than you started with as in my case
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