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I was in theSan Fran store with 4 young girls age 9-16. We were not greeted at all. The music that was playing was very sexually explicit, and I'm not a prude, and inappropriate for the mix of customers and the type of clothing. I needed something and the worker, while sucking on her lollipop, watched me take down a whole rack of skirts one by one. One employee was pleasant but customers are ignored. This has not been my experience in the Walnut... Read more

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great customer service. i revived a stained band tee; minor stains on one sleeve. and they sent out a new one in less than an hour. the lady i emailed with was fantastic

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I ordered a few items about 3 weeks ago and still haven't even received a confirmation email

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You guys need to understand. This is a great store. I have been shopping from them for a long time,online. Sadly out here in staten island there is not any Brandy Melville :[ Theyre prices are reasonable. I am a petite 4"11 caucasian woman weighing at 100 lb,and this is legit the only place i shop at,cause their clothes doesnt look too big or too small,they actually fit me perfectly. I truly love them,and there online service,very friendly and... Read more

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I was visiting family in New York, and I decided to shop at Brandy Melville I wanted to see what all the rave about the clothes there. As I was looking around all the workers were staring at me, I don't know why but they were just eyeing me down and just making faces at me as I was picking clothes to try on. I was assuming it was because I wasn't as skinny as them. I was right because one of the workers was like that's not going to fit you. I... Read more

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I'm not so much pissed off but a little disappointed, I was so excited for my shirt to come in from brandy meliville and I got it today, It arrived on time, when I open it, it comes with the stickers, two off each too which is very exciting. But when I look at the shirt .... I looks nothing like the shirt I bought online. The shirt on line clearly looks like it's a tie-dye shirt but the one I got just looks like the shirts been washed out. Also... Read more

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Covent Garden branch in London. I went there twice and customer service was horrible and depressing both times. I like the clothing but staffs left bad taste in my mouth. There will be no the third time.

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My teenage daughter spent $80 online at Brandy Melville and never received her package. I've been dealing with the twits at customer service for 2 years and I can't find any information for head office, which customer service won't provide me with. If anybody knows of a contact above customer service manager can you please email me at thank you so much

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I went and bought $40 overalls (with tax) and washed them. The next day, I went to wear them and I accidentally stepped on the buckle (the one over the shoulder). It bent and I'm like why am I spending $40 on overalls with bending buckles! I also have a shirt from there with two holes and I've only worn it like five times. I wore it at school by the way, and shirts shouldn't rip when you're sitting all day! Maybe this is kinda harsh but I am... Read more

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Every time someone gets a brandy Melville order online they are supposed to recieve brandy Melville stickers but when mine came on I was disappointed to see that there were none other than one on the package that when removed was no longer sticky :( the products I ordered were all great but I was also looking forward to the stickers that I never got

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