When I bought my Dodge at Brandon Dodge the science guy parents told me that I had to buy a bunch of extra Warranty if I wanted the gap insurance raise the price of my car about $6,000 + 1 from 18000 to 24000. Now I'm so far on site down on it I can't trade it I can't refinance it nothing. I called the general manager try and get this settled and he said we don't do that and everything is disclosed. So he won't even work with me.
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After THREE purchases with this dealer, we are disgusted to find out that the Finance Division is willing to blatantly lie on their contracts to make money for themselves and only themselves. Recently we traded a beautiful 2012 Dodge 2500 for a 2013 Dodge 1500. During our visit at Brandon Dodge on 09/2013 we originally signed our contract being promised that we had everything lined up correctly. We received a call ON 09/13 from Brandon Dodge...
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