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I ordered a special color combo Ruger 10/22 Charger stock and waited nearly a month for it to arrive. I opened the box and it was the wrong color. The order sheet accompanying the stock clearly indicated the correct color combo that I had ordered but the wrong color was in the box. It was very evident to me that whomever packaged the order had dropped the ball. Perhaps they don't read or understand English?? All of Boyd's modernization with bar...
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I didn't like
  • Service
  • Lack of customer service
Despite reading all the negative reviews about Boyd's service I went ahead and ordered a stock for my Ruger American predator rifle. Took a month to get it. When it finally arrived I opened it to find that they had only shipped the stock. No hardware to install it. No takedown screws, no mounting lugs, no magazine tab catch and no trigger guard. So now I have a gunstock that is totally useless to me until I can get the hardware. When I called...
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Upon receiving the stock and began assembly, I noticed that there was a small chip in the finish near the hand grip.Considering I payed $150, this should be something that should not happen. Secondly, I continued my installation, and discovered that the front lug did not fit for my rifle. I am quite displeased and am beginning to regret my purchase. I will try to make it work, but it will require alot of work. For the future, I will not be going...
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