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I have purchased two stocks from Boyd's for an Anschutz .22 and a Benjamin Marauder.Both are excellent and far cheaper than you can find from just about any other stock maker. The way Boyd's does it is by offering a limited set of options combined with a highly automated just-in-time production system. Once your gun is in the production schedule (I.e., once you press the purchase button on their web site), there are no changes and no refunds.If...
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My brother gave me this stock as a Christmas present in December of 2014.I opened the gift and found out I didn't receive the replacement trigger guard and magazine catch. I called Boyd's about this numerous time and finally got a hold of their customer service in early January. I was told they would ship the missing pieces to my brother since he bought the stock. I waited 3 or 4 weeks and my brother never got anything in the mail. I called in...
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I liked
  • Product quality
  • Price
  • Product fit and finish
I didn't like
  • Magazine catch design
  • Company policy
  • Lack of customer service