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Order a Boyds buttstock and forearm for my Marlin 336.The finish was nice. The forearm fit well. All the listed dimensions matched my factory original buttstock. Problem was it still didn't fit. the spacing between the the top and bottom tang is much narrower on the original than on the Boyds stock by 0.1". We questioned the response was I must have a variation they don't make a stock for. They would not take it back because it was custom...
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I ordered a stock to fit a marlin 336.I called in to confirm the order and was told the order was received. I was updated with when the stock would ship. The stock arrived and looked great. I installed the forehand part and it fit perfect. The butt stock was no the same the hole for the tang bolt was off center and the tang relief was longer then the tang of the gun. I called boyds and was told that i did not verify meassurements so they will...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service policies and execution