Gabriella M Fka

Worked for me after contacting customer serbice

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Once I found out I was doing this wrong and the customer service helped me identify I was able to lose my goal weight
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Reason of review:
Good customer service
Barbar Rhf

Sales# 4377 - I did not receive my B12 complimentary item.

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I reply to the email that they sent me to confirm my order. I've tried calling the number that's on the invoice and that's disconnected and the number I just tried to call is also disconnected.
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Shaneil Bsm
map-marker Las Vegas, Nevada

Bouari Proven Fraud by Civil Court case Jan. 2016

According to a Jan. 2016 civil case Bouari Clinics and their numerous business names were admitted by the founders Emile Bouari and Ann Chaney to be a fraudulent weight loss protocol. The products can not affect weight loss the only and the only reason a person loses weight is because of the MANDATORY starvation diet of 600 to 800 maximum. Online Testimonials by customers claim the program works but they can not verify the weight loss is ONLY fat. It is a medical fact that any on a very low calorie of less than 800 caloties s day would actually lose a significant amount of lean muscle and water. Read the findings of the court here.
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Reason of review:
The company is proven fraudulent and there are other companies still in business promoting the identical fraud!

Preferred solution: Expose the other existing companies.


Follow the *** directions!!! Don't Drink alcohol (pure sugar)

I safely lost 70 lbs. in 8 weeks and have a complete physical from St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City to prove it. It is HCG, but I was eating 1,000 calories a day NOT 500, which is dangerous. I got groceries from Whole Foods. I ate apples, grilled chicken, Zevia soda, Ice Tea (no sugar) water, black coffee, boiled shrimp, blueberries and raspberries. Steamed Halibut. Some supplements have caffeine. Don't take these if you have sensitivity. My father is a V.P of Bayer and he approved. He invented Advantage/Advantix. A plastic surgeon thought I had Lap-band or gastric bypass. Oh...I never cooked. The *** who wrote negative comments did so because they cheated on the diet. You cannot drink alcohol. Alcohol IS SUGAR you dumbshits!!!!!! Emile Bouari and Lin Chenney had a messy divorce. Any HCG diet of 500 calories a day is dangerous. FOLLOW THE *** DIRECTIONS PEOPLE AND YOU WONT HAVE ANYTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • It works
Reason of review:
Good quality
Ronald H Gwa
map-marker Las Vegas, Nevada

Bouari Las Vegas - Get your "HCG" tested after purchase

24 March 2012 I attended an appointment at Bouari Clinic in Las Vegas. I signed up for a 50 day round of HCG injections with B12 and received 1/2 of the "HCG". From 3/24 to 4/18 I lost a total of 15 pounds. This is not my first HCG rodeo however. I have completed 2 23 day rounds with another clinic in Las Vegas. I lost 34 pounds the first 23 days and 20 pounds the 2nd 23 days. To lose only 15 pounds in 25 days coupled with side effects i DID NOT experience on the first 2 rounds suggested to me there was a problem. I began to research the symptoms and relationship to HCG and found that these symptoms are common when supplied with HOMEOPATHIC "HCG". I had severe headaches, severe dizziness, right arm and joint pain and hunger. I went back to the original Simmeons protocol from my previous clinic as this worked for me. Bouari claims their HCG is real however I found a few complaints online about people who suspected what I did and that it wasn't real. Those people had it tested and found it was homeopathic. I expressed my concerns to Bouari clinic staff on 4/18 and was told it was "detox" and totally normal. 25 days of detox??? Right. Then they claimed I wasn't following their protocol. I explained that for nearly 2 weeks my weight hovered between 257 and 260 and that I wasn't a newbie. I suggested there was something not right with their HCG and was told that wasn't it. I was also told no refunds would be given for the program. They wouldn't even give a refund for the 1/2 of the "HCG" that they didn't give me. To prove my point, my last shot was 2 days ago. In the last 2 days the headaches disappeared, the dizziness is gone, the hunger is gone and my arm and joint pain is greatly diminished. I have since gone back to my original clinic and am already down 3 pounds. Coudln't possibly be the Bouari "HCG" at all right? Color me pissed. I also filed a complaint with the FTC and BBB of Las Vegas. I urge anyone who wants to try the HCG diet to do your homework and find an alternate clinic. You'll be glad you did.
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I visited the Bouari Clinic as part of my New Year resolution to lose the weight. Their name has changed to DeNovo Clinic as I understand the "original" nutritionist who created the program divorced.

I had several friends who did the program in the past and were successful and kept the weight off. I thought I would try it as I found working out and trying to "eat" a healthy diet wasn't cutting it. I met with the nutritionist Carol and staff they were very knowledgeable and helpful overall. I decided to do the hcg with their recommended natural supplements as they do not believe in the use of phen phentermine of which I have used in the past.

I am not sure about the comment of having it tested as the hcg came from the pharmacy. How do you get hcg tested from the pharmacy??? I have been on the program for 32 days and have lost 18 pounds and want to try to lose another 5-7 pounds. I was a size 12 and now can wear my size 8 loose and my size 6 though a little snug.

I recommend really going in for their weekly follow ups if not for their support I don't think I would of lost as much. They allow 1 cheat day a week which also helped. Never had any dizziness or real hunger as I was able to eat unlimited protein and veggies and some fruit, just craved at times chocolate or a glass of wine... which I would do on my cheat days.

Found I didn't lose on those days but didn't gain either. The truth is losing the weight did take commitment and work on my part, now to keep it off.

They tell you that the key is to weigh yourself every morning FOREVER and that whenever you gain 2 or more pounds your body is screaming at you that you stressed it out and that day you HAVE TO eat "good" protein, veggies and a lot of water and the next day you will be down. Will try it and let you all know.

Kelleen Mbx

I got duped too. Went into Modern Male LLC to get a free B shot.

Guy left me in room with a scale. Well, in my boredom waiting I got on the scale and noticed I put on 30 lbs since moving to Vegas 6 months ago. So he comes in and we talk about weight loss and he suggests HCG and proceeds to tell me about the HCG injections. I tell him I'm afraid of needles, so he offers a 'synthetic HCG' spray.

He continues with the spiel informing me of the portion control. In the meantime I'm getting excited about the thought of dropping the unsightly weight we get down to the bottom line and he tells me the price for the HCG weight loss program. $449! I don't make alot of money firstly so for me to spend that much I must've believed everything this would really work.

So I bought it. Got home and thought, I should have did some investigating. Buyers remorse set in and I called them right back and asked for a refund to which I was told there is a no refund policy and that I signed the disclaimer. They covered there side.

So bottom line, I bought 2 little bottles of "Advance" spray (which I am pretty sure isn't HCG and from the FDA website if it is what Modern Male told me, it's been taken off the market), a bottle of B12, an appetite suppressant and a packet of some run off copies of a similiar diet but not the HLC diet. I never did the program because I was hoping to get my money back but now, I'm just chalking it up as a loss. The products are in my cupboard where they shall remain. I realized something from all this.

There is no magic cure to obesity. It's just as simple as it seems. Expend more calories than you eat. These guys just seemed to catch me on a day my self esteem was especially low and was desperate to lose weight.

Just a fair warning to anyone reading who is in the same boat. BUYER BEWARE!

Good luck. ,)

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Hey man, it happens to all of us. The truth is HCG worked for me. I lost 80 pounds a year ago on it and have been keeping it off. You MUST follow it to the letter though, stick to the 500 calorie a day diet but ONLY if you are using REAL HCG. I went to a place called Revive Weight Loss. They will try to sell you other stuff you may or may not want to purchase, but the HCG is the key part. I lost 34 pounds in 2 weeks and they had to stop me. I stopped for two weeks, then started up again, losing 25 pounds in another two weeks.

Just make sure you are getting REAL HCG. I did the injections. Homeopathic and sprays are ***. I've tried them and they don't work.

Hope you find a good product. It's great seeing it come off.

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map-marker Camden, New Jersey

Beware of Scam!

I paid for B6 and B12 shots via a Groupon. I paid $200 for the Groupon. After 2 weeks of shots, I felt no change in my energy level, nor did I lose the 1-2 lbs a week that usually occur with these shots. I've gotten B12 shots before from my doctor and have felt the effects immediately, but not at all with Boauri! Scheduling was difficult as they rarely answered their phones, nor do they return messages in a timely manner. I contacted Bouari for a refund and was ignored. Stay away from this company, they are unprofessional and could very well be a scam.
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map-marker Pompano Beach, Florida

BEWARE The SCAM of Boari Clinic and Their Owners!

The Bouari Clinics are owned and operated by "dr" Carol Ann Chaney and her husband Emile Boauri. They have ripped off the 1956 work of Dr. Simeons and claim it as their own work and protocol taking handsome amounts of money for franchises that give back absolutely nothing to the purchasers of the franchise. Ms. Chaney calls herself a "doctor" yet I cannot find anywhere online or any other source for that matter where she was trained and supposedly got a Ph.D. I called her Las Vegas clinics and no one there could tell me where she got her training. The moral reponsibility of a person claiming to be a Ph.D. would not be a person who STEALS someone else's work (in this case from Dr. Simeons in 1956) and then take credit for it herself and sell outlandishly high-priced franchises that give the buyer only the name "Bouari" in return for their investment which is Chaney's husband's name.Emile Bouari has NO MEDICAL TRAINING yet gives medical advice freely to patients and potential franchisee buyers! The clinics are run by incompetent, non professional, techs with little or non-medical trained staff and there is not even a Medica Doctor present or Physician's Assistant or Nurse Practitioner to do exams! Injections which are supposed to STERILE are prepared in no-OSHA regulated facilities and the workspaces where the injections are drawn up are very fair from sterile environments! I could go on and on but I believe you get the point. If you are a potential patient, DON'T WASTE hundreds of your hard earned dollars on something you can easily do at home. You can even get an Rx and help with hCG from your family doctor on a routine visit. If you are a potential Franchise Buyer...BEWARE!!! Chaney and Boauri will ROB YOU BLIND and then LEAVE YOU TO FEND FOR YOURSELF GIVING YOU NO SUPPORT ONCE THEY GRAB YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY! In my opinion Carol Ann Chaney and Emile Bouari are *** ARTISTS and should be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS!
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Lavonta Amf cousin owned a clinic and they robbed her too. she gave them 75k to open center....and they were going to be 50/50 partners...they kept every penny of earnings for the first 4 mths,never gave her one receipt of where that 75k went and they basically left her high and dry after they realized it wasnt as profitable like the other places...they had her run everything by herself, meanwhile she never even owned a clinic before lol...then, they tried to bully her into signing a franchise contract and if she didn't they said she would have to change name, products etc...she spent more money trying to keep it going...lawyers was a nightmare....but apparently Karma came back to them bc from what I understand only a handful of franchises are doing good and lots of drama with in the organization. You cant be those kind of people, and get away with it...sooner or later it catches up...def DO NOT BUY A FRANCHISE LOLLL


As someone who worked for a Bouari clinic, I wholeheartedly concur with this review (sounds like you were a franchisee--too bad). "Dr." Chaney is no physician, but she is a *** and a liar. She absolutely ripped off Simeon's diet and I've heard her lie to customers about how it's "just slightly similar." I'm sure that the 29 "***" ratings are from Chaney and people that still have jobs with her organization.


If you believe you've been defrauded and that you were misled, you might have legal remedies available. Call an attorney in Las Vegas to explore you rights. Todd Leventhal at (702) 472-**** is an amazing and aggressive lawyer.

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map-marker Kansas City, Kansas

Beware of "natural ingredients" in supplements

I walked into the Bouari Clinic excited to try the weight loss system that had been advertised all over our local cable stations. I was told that none of the " natural" supplements would interfere with the medications I currently am on, so I gladly handed over my credit card. The first time I took the Edge supplement I felt horrible, my legs were tingly, had heart palpatations, headaches. In reviewing the ingredients in Edge I discovered that one of the ingredients had been BANNED by the FDA, 1,3-Dimethylamylamine also known as DMAA. It is known to cause all of the above symptoms and more. Be careful in consuming this! The clinic was cooperative in the end and I received a full refund.
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Seriously unprofessional & RUDE


Lose weight by working out and stop being such a loser.


Medications that are used for depression also give these same symptoms that you are falsely accusing the Bouri products for causing. Just ask your daughter.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-529579

Why would she need to ask her daughter?? what the heck does that mean?

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financetommy W
map-marker Dallas, Texas

Bouari Clinic Weight Loss

I visited the Bouari Clinic in early July looking to loose 15-20 lbs of stubborn fat. I was a I would not recommend this to people who are not willing to change the way that they eat, but it does work. I am very pleased with my results and so far I have not gained any fat weight back. I have resumed my workouts at the gym and now building lean muscle mass. I noticed that there are two programs a 30 day and a 60 day. I don't think that many people could stay on their diet for more that 60 days and they suggest that people who want to loose more than 50 lbs repeat the program after taking a month off.
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I've been on the Bouari diet (oral spray) for 21 days and I've lost 14 pounds. I do occasionally get hungry but then I just eat a salad or a fruit and I'm good to go.

I'm very happy with this diet. I gained 50 pounds after a rough stint of chemo and I've been struggling to lose it for over a year. This diet has been the only thing that has worked for me! I highly recommend this diet for people who are seriously serious about losing weight.

No cheating! I don't regret spending all that money for something that seems to be working


i went on this site to see a complaint that is posted but obviously it was hacked. these comments are obviously written by bouari. what are they affraid of?


This diet works like magic. I wouldn't believe it!

I just kept losing a pound a day for duration of it, and after a bit more than a month, I was a completely different person. It's the best diet I've ever had and I strongly recommend it to everyone who's willing to lose some pounds.


I did my first vist at their Vegas clinic and went on the prescription injections and lost 25 lbs in 21 days on the protocol plus 10 days after when I was on the maintenance phase. I kept the weight off for 3 moths just watching reasonably what I eat.

I went to miami on vacation and visited one of their clinics there. I did the spray protocol and lost another 20 lbs on the 25 day protocol.

2 months later. The weight is still off. I would highly recommend their diet, I just wish it was available in the philly area.

Good luck to everyone.


I lost over 50 lbs in about 70 days.

I felt great most of the time, the food does become boring after a while, but who cares, I lost more weight in those days than I did doing other diets for 18 months!

If you're ready to commit for 30-60 days do this protocol, if not then probably better to find something else.

Best of luck

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