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I have been using BMG for over 6 months because it was the best quality for the money when I signed up, but things have changed for the worst. They started charging about 50% more for better quality tutors and services, but the tutors completely neglected major areas of the assignments and brought my GPA down with bad grades, even though I signed up for B or higher grades. When I reached out to support they said they no longer guarantee anything... Read more

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I retained their services to assist me with completing a class assignment. What i received was not complete, but I used their answers as a guide to learn the material and finish it myself. I still passed with an A. They did seem to try to grab a hold of you once your money was already paid. That's why I suggest a partial payment and periodically check in on them to make sure everything is still on the up and up. I suspect some of these reviews... Read more

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Paid the class in full got zero points after week 1 no attendance for week 2 i could get hold of the tutor customer does not respond to emails.********* DO NOT USE THEM ****** You will loose your money and get an E.PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT I MADE A BIG MISTAKE AND REGRET IT TO DATE, I REQUESTED FOR REFUND AND NEVER GOT ONE,WHEN I FINALLY GOT HOLD THE SAME REP ON LINE CALLED LISA WHO IS TRAINED TO LIE AND PROTECT THEIR BEHAVIOURS AT ALL COSTS, THE... Read more

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I used them for 2 assignments. One assignment went very well. The other one after week 5 of a 8 week term just stopped doing work. Stating that it was for non payment, even though I produced the payment reminder that stated the days of payment, the confirmation of payment as well as a screenshot of my bank account showing that the payment was made. They ignored my direct messages on the site. They ignored my emails. I ended up catching the live... Read more

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I registered on this site 2 days ago and put my information in. Once I signed up I received an invoice. I went on the site and asked them if I could pay after the work was done and they told me no. I said I would take my business elsewhere. Next thing I know, my password is changed and they failed my open assignments. They didnt even attempt to do any. They opened the assignments and submitted them without doing any work. Now I have to retake... Read more

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First of all, I will start by saying I didn't want to cheat, but I have taken algebra 2 times already and could not afford to fail. So I went around the internet and I stumbled upon this site The site looks like its legit and they claim you can speak to your tutor real time. Let me just say that is a lie. You dont get to speak to any tutor. When they say you get to speak to a tutor, they really mean you leave the tutor a... Read more

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This site should be shut down. I see im not alone because if you look them up they have a reputation for scamming people. My story is I went to the site to see if they could help with my economics take home exam. They said they could help but they wanted me to pay upfront. They said that if I wasn't satisfied I could have my money back. This sounded perfect, but of course it wasnt. Once I paid them, that's when I never heard from them.... Read more

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This site is a scam. First they wanted me to register on their unsecure site, and give them my login information. I thought that was ridiculous. This day in age and they want me to just hand over my personal information to some site with a ton of reviews claiming they are a scam. Then they said they need my credit card information in order to proceed. I couldnt get a straight answer and all they wanted was my login info and my credit card. I... Read more

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