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Bookit - Horrible Customer Service

We booked an expensive honeymoon package on book it. Unfortunately the resort had a lot of issues which made our experience unacceptable for the price paid. We first shared our feedback with the resort, who could not have cared less. At this point we contacted bookit since they are ones we paid for the vacation, their customer service rep was rude, condescending and insulting and ended by telling us if the resort won't help us they can not do anything about it. We were not looking for a handout or refund, just to make them aware of the service we received after spending a lot of money. It became very obvious they simply want to make money and do not care about customer service or experience. I also left a long, detailed, professional and honest review about the resort on book it and guess what it was removed! Please do not trust their reviews and spend your hard earned money somewhere else!
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Bookit Honeymoon Vacation Package Booking