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I booked a trip to Cancun, Mexico about half a year ago for me and a friend. Its not until July, so 4 months from now. Well turns out my friend wont be able to make it on the trip. I called's agents and they tell me that I can not get a refund from the plane...
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Your original idea of doing it the simple way no longer applies in this brave new world of governmental regulation---all for your own good of course. Take the advice of Anonym...


You wouldn't get that from an airline either. You are going after payment from the wrong place. Your friend needs to pay you for the ticket. It belongs to them now. Then they ...

I didn't like
  • Not being able to change the name on a fight ticket i purchased

Bookit - Duped

Tried booking trip to Jamaica, website was not giving me correct flight info so decided to call agent. Tried using my Visa card, was told it was not going through so gave her my Discover card which went through, low and behold they charged both cards totalling over 17k..totally not use Book it, should be call Crookit

Bookit - Ripped off

Book it charge me $75 per person for cancellation which added up to $150 for the six of us. it had only been one week since I had started the payment plan for Bahia resort. Smh there getting rich off of cancellations. I don’t why why I can’t be sued for ripping people off people work hard for there money. Ridiculous Time to get lawyers involved
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy

Bookit - Changes of flight concern

Unable to change my flight directly from American Airlines because it was scheduled with

Bookit - Customer Service Representative

The customer service representative, Garfield is does not appear knowledgeable of bookit policies and does not eloquently convey information. I've spoken with other representatives and the information he keeps giving me conflicts. I'm becoming extremely upset at the outrageous options he is attempting to provide me with.
Additional Fees
Customer service
Discounts and Special Offers
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Number of Destinations
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Value for money

Bookit - Missed flight

Please help me get another flight. Just missed mine.

Bookit - Transportation vouchers

Trying to reach customer support which hours say they open at 8am Eastern time. The time now is 904am Eastern time. No answer

Bookit - No answer

I called to modify my itinerary and there was no answer
I purchase a full FAMILY vacation package from them (Round Trip, and hotel). At arrival Hotel charge me extra money, saying that prices in their website are inaccurate. The biggest surprise came when taking our flight back, the flight back was canceled, and BookIt nor...
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I made a reservation for august 18th. to august 22nd. to Virginia beach (con. #151104062542). Went to check in an no reservation. Call bookit and they say sorry for the mixup. They said it will be set up form Sunday, in the mean time I'm left without a room for that...
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Bookit - Unhappy

Room is not up to standards