Why are you people selling a product that cant be return from the USA. You are just a bunch of low down crooks whose only interest is self. Your skateboard looks good, but there are dogs running this show. You will get your turn RIP. Why are you people selling a product that cant be return from the USA. You are just a bunch of low down crooks whose only interest is self. Your skateboard looks good, but there are dogs running this show. You will get your turn RIP. Why are you people selling a product that cant be return from the USA. You are just a bunch of low down crooks whose only interest is self. Your skateboard looks good, but there are dogs running this show. You will get your turn RIP.
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Hi there! It's Daniel here.

I just read your post and I am so sad. I purchased this product like two weeks ago and I couldn't even be able to use it cause it came with battery issue. So I emailed them with no response. Then I found them in Facebook and they told me the issue I have mentioned before.

So I asked them what we can do and they told me I have to take the battery out because the dangerous good cant be shipped. That was all I got from them like ten days ago.

I emailed them twice since then with no response. I am so pissed because I don't wanna loose the option of 30-day money back guarantee.

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Pleasanton, California
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Wasted $849 for skateboard I can't return back due to dangerous goods; horrible customer service and late responses.

Bolt Motion - Wasted $849 for skateboard I can't return back due to dangerous goods; horrible customer service and late responses.
Bolt Motion - Wasted $849 for skateboard I can't return back due to dangerous goods; horrible customer service and late responses.
Bolt Motion - Wasted $849 for skateboard I can't return back due to dangerous goods; horrible customer service and late responses.
Bolt Motion - Wasted $849 for skateboard I can't return back due to dangerous goods; horrible customer service and late responses.
Update by user May 31, 2018

So Lorenzo, if you ever see this review then let this show to you how bad your business is and to never ship to other countries like the United States ever again until you fix this issue regarding your return policy as it even stated 30-day return guaranteed on your website. Either make the product eco-friendly or don't send it at all.

Update by user May 31, 2018

Just giving an update about this as it's been a while now. After this initial review, I did finally get a response from the seller on May 7th about the returns but it was not good news.

He goes on still telling me that he couldn't proceed with the return. Reasons like: "We are really a small company. It's really the first time we had to make a return from the USA." He told he has already tried asking UPS for return as if it's up to them to decide all because it's a dangerous goods product. When I ask him if he could try FedEx he tells me the same regulations would apply but with UPS it would be the easiest since that's what company he used to ship with.

Well if it is then why should it take this long with so much effort across for a return then? Those were the last messages since then. After he said he was gonna solicit UPS, I still haven't heard back from him for about 3 weeks (almost a month). Since then I decided to take it onto my own hands and disputed it with my bank and then on May 18th Indiegogo suddenly just gives me a message in my email inbox regarding chargeback it yet they're still unhelpful in resolving the case in the 1st place but oh they care only about that.

To show you that this is part of the message they gave me regarding this. "Hello Christian, We have received a chargeback dispute for a contribution that you made to the Indiegogo campaign ‘Bolt - Electric Skateboard’ on March 12, 2018. Christian’s card was charged $849 USD. A chargeback occurs when the biller claims that a charge made to their card was: Unauthorized - you did not give permission for this use of your card Unrecognized - you don’t recognize this charge, or don’t remember making it A duplicate charge We have also seen some Indiegogo Backers file chargebacks if the perk claimed by the Backer was: Not received Faulty or non-functioning If your chargeback is related to perks, we recommend reaching out to the campaign owner directly for more shipping and manufacturing information.

While the chargeback is pending, we have advised the campaign owner not to ship any perks. If you are still interested in receiving your perk, you will need to cancel your chargeback by contacting your bank directly. Note that Indiegogo does not handle the fulfillment of perks, and cannot provide you with any information regarding estimated shipping dates. At this time, the charge has been placed on hold pending an update from your bank, and it has been temporarily removed from your Indiegogo account.

We are working with your bank to resolve this dispute quickly, and we will update you as soon as there is a final decision made in the case. Please note that it may take up to 75 days for the credit card company to resolve a chargeback dispute." Both customer services are horribly horrendous and it almost seems they are purposely trying to evade my problem with no solution whatsoever.

So whether I get a refund or not the skateboard is still in the house packaged in the box waiting to be returned, sold, or thrown out, either of the three, but it just comes to show you the rock & a hard place I'm in with these small companies using sites such as Indiegogo and Shopify as their eCommerce business. And yet I'm still waiting on a response from them but I just don't feel like wanting to deal with it any longer now as long as it's been whether resolved or not.

Original review posted by user May 01, 2018
On March 12th, I've purchased a product from this company called Bolt Motion from Indiegogo website. It was apparently an entrepreneur company that was shipping out their electric skateboards. I thought it was interesting after looking at the product details and being able to get a skateboard with a remote I can control. It was very expensive, however, I was thinking about the price. I spent $849 (almost a 1k) thinking there was at least insurance or return shipping for money back in case something goes wrong with the product unit but I was wrong. They did ship it fast or should I say, one person aka the middleman. It was shipped via UPS expedited shipping so it came quickly on March 22nd after Indiegogo verified on the order. I open the package and the first thing I realized was the charging cable used for the product can't even plug in the wall outlets because I then just realized since their company is from Italy, I wasn't given the US compatible charge cable and was instead EU version. I only had a few battery juices left to even try this board but when I start using already it was messing up for me. Now I never rode on a skateboard before, but I know since it's electric part of it is also on the motor as when I tried to use the remote on the sidewalk next to housing I kept falling off. I tried working with the buttons and everything but even the slightest push of a button and it accelerates too fast moving me off the board. So I decided to try it on the street next to the neighborhoods of the houses because the board had trouble going uphill on the sidewalk. Luckily there were no cars as the roads were pretty steep so since I was still carrying the remote I tried to test and see if it could easily stop the motor from moving as it was going too fast downhill. It still kept going and I had to jump off before I caused myself more injury. I even tried riding near an empty school parking lot and it was still the same results where it went too fast and I lost balance and I already made scars on my body. I went back home to contact the seller about my issues I had using the skateboard since on that same day (March 21st) he thanked me for my purchase via email. His name was Lorenzo Cella. I responded to the message and I was still waiting for a response in the next few days. Since I was still frustrated with the product I even asked for a refund. It took him 5 days to respond which was on March 27th So when he finally responds he goes off asking me why I was having trouble controlling the board and telling me how to ride it as if it was a regular skateboard with tips such as spreading my legs and keeping my feet wide. But again, I know there's more too it than just balance since it's also the motor that's moving it as well. When I reply back regarding the motors he then just tells me practice makes perfect and uploads an image of the charging cable that obviously wasn't USA version saying I should have one in my home, then he proceeds to ask me if I checked the return policy from Indiegogo. Hold on though, how is it that a seller is asking me if I check return policy when clearly it's his product? Something was already sounding fishy about this but I was still trying to catch on to it. So I contacted Indiegogo on the same day and what one of their support staff (Leo) tells me seemed like a copy & paste but he says, "Thanks for writing in. I'm sorry to hear that your perk is not what you expected. Although Indiegogo is not able to guarantee perks will be satisfactory, we recommend you contact the campaigner directly to let them know details of the perk you received, as they are solely in charge of distributing their perks." So at that moment, I started feeling aggravated due to the fact that I contacted both the seller (campaigner) and the support staff from the website I purchased from and still got nowhere. You'd think Indiegogo would help with this purchase since technically it was from their website but by them not getting involved clearly shows how unprofessional they are as a business of allowing these entrepreneurs to get away with this shady business. So I contact the campaigner again but this time I was trying to sound demanding about the refund this time asking for an RMA number. Still, I got no results. I was waiting for days for a reply yet again. So I made up my mind to head over to UPS to return it myself without the RMA... big mistake. After the worker put the details of the return label and product on the computer he told me the price to pay for return without RMA would cost me $300 and that's without insurance. So I walked out and decided not to return. After my unsuccessful attempts at trying to get resolved with Indiegogo around April 8th as they still kept telling me to reply back to the seller, I thought of heading back over to UPS again and pay for the return this time. I made up my mind to head over to UPS and again pay for return shipping. When the worker was about to once again put the return label sticker on the box, he asked me what was inside. I told him it was a skateboard and how it was electric and had batteries inside the motor. Because of that, he called his manager and then after the call he tells me he couldn't return it because it was dangerous goods and they don't have a license to ship it back. So once again, I brought it back home. Therefore I composed a new message to him with a header regarding I don't want skateboard anymore but can't return back on April 10th. I told him how I couldn't return due to the licensing issue at UPS and then no RMA number as well as the hazardous goods in the product. It seems like again he waited a long time to reply back only just to tell me something I didn't want to hear. This was what he says, "The return and refund policy on our Indiegogo page stated that all the sales are final and you need to meet certain conditions for return (such as the item should not be used). That's because shipping this kind of products is very expensive, they are considered dangerous good (containing battery). It's also necessary to a DG shipper certificate. It's not economically feasible for you and us to return this kind of product. That's why the return policy. Anyway, we can proceed this way: I can try schedule a return for you, it will cost at least 110€ (around 140$) for us. I will show you an invoice if you want. I will also provide you a Return Authorization to attach the shipping. So the refund will be deducted 15% of the restocking fee + the shipping costs. Let me know your confirmation, Thanks and best regards" I have replied on the same day confirming I would still like to ship this back but as of today and still counting I've been waiting on a reply ever since this last message on April 10th. It also as if he contradicted what he said about all sales are final and yet asking if I would like to proceed with a scheduled return. So I'm through with the whole thing. I know they have a website: https://boltmotion.com. I went to check and if you scroll all the way down, you'll see it's powered by Shopify. That lets you know how cheap these companies are at getting away with these scams as a middleman while I can't get in contact with the rest of the team from the company. No company telephone number or live chat. Just an email from one support person who clearly doesn't want to be bothered. Don't believe me?! Look at the screenshots so you see I exactly copy & paste the message sent from him on April 10th and how I'm yet still waiting on a response from him if I ever get a return for my promised 30-day money back guarantee. Even if it wasn't on his official website, this is just bad business not stating about these kinds of information before making a purchase. Now almost a thousand dollars wasted on a product I don't want and I can't return even if I had to money to because of dangerous goods to ship back to some company that's all the way over in Europe. Hopefully, I could sell it to someone close by but then again I don't think anyone would like to buy for the price tag I paid so I still lost money either way by return or sell.
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Hopefully, the seller (campaigner) Lorenzo would actually respond back to my messages via email but either way, if he doesn't he may see this. If anyone else has had any issues share your comments here and feel free to make a review yourself. I'll read them and also share this to social media so it gets out there.

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