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Bob Wade Autoworld, Horrible Customer Service, and they yell at the customer!!

Update by user Dec 19, 2011

Since I wrote this post, the owner of Bob Wade passed away. I received many threats on multiple social networking sites (including the one from the nurse below mocking my \"mental illness\") regardless, the new owners (Bob\'s sons) still refuse to refund my money and apologize for my being verbally assaulted in their place of business. I will continue to warn everyone about the horrible service at Bob Wade Autoworld in Harrisonburg.

Original review posted by user Nov 16, 2011
Recently I made an appointment to have some work done on my car at Bob Wade Auto World in Harrisonburg, VA. The appointment was on Oct. 31, and since Bob Wade himself won't return calls to his office, home or mailed letters to address how rude and disgusting his employees behavior was...I thought I would share the letter I wrote to Bob himself. Highlights: John, a service department employee screaming at me, pointing his finger in my face, and calling me "ridiculous" "drama queen" "childish" and a *** Also John saying he was going to call HPD on me, but when I called HPD for him, he refused to speak to the officer. Sounds like someone is overcompensating with his threats. Plus who yells at a little girl after she was promised a refund when all she wants is a man to stick to his word? Oh that's right, he's not a man. The following is the letter I sent to Bob, which was never responded to...feel free to share with your friends. For quality service, I will now go to Big L Tire, Harrisonburg Honda or Valley Honda, where I'm always treated with respect. After this, I will be sure to share my experience on as many social media/review sites as possible...that is until someone with some guts at Bob Wade has the decency to call me. November 1, 2011 Dear Mr. Wade: On October 31, 2011, I scheduled an appointment at Bob Wade Auto World for an oil change and interior detailing. My appointment was at 2pm, but I dropped my car off at about 1:40pm and went to lunch with my fiancé. Before I left, Matt confirmed that I was there for an oil change and the 2195 detailing. I told him I didn't know what that meant (I assumed it was a code they used) but said I want the entire inside of my car cleaned, vacuumed, dash wiped and inside windows cleaned. At 2:15pm, the service department called and said the oil change was completed and they noticed my battery was testing low. They offered to replace it for $140. I declined because my father in law owned a local parts store until he recently retired and I could get one from him. The man on the phone said ok and they were going to start my detailing and it wouldn't be too much longer. After lunch, my fiancé and I returned to the service center. We waited from 2:30pm to 4pm waiting on my detailing. We were patient, but did think it had taken an extremely long time considering we were told it was almost finished. I paid for my services and left. When I looked around my car, it looked ok. But I did notice there were still French fry crumbs in the passenger seat and scraps of paper towels on the dashes and floorboards. There was a service sticker (not from my car) and dirt in the center console and in the sides of my door. I started to brush it off until I looked and saw my tire pressure light was still on as was my oil change indicator. I called the store and they said to bring it back. I turned around and Matt met me outside the service department. I told him that I thought it was weird they tested and tried to sell me a battery, but didn't even fill my tires. (Later, Bill Klisanin would tell me the light was probably on due to the weather, however, I am not *** and I let him know that I knew this, but it had been on for two weeks, and since I was getting an oil change I thought I'd let them take care of it.) Usually I do this myself, but it is cold and my fiance works shift work and doesn't often have the chance to take my car anywhere. I also told Matt that considering it took 2 hours, I didn't think the detailing was very good. When Matt got into my car to look at the lights, he agreed it was a spotty job and said, "Yes I'll refund your card for the detailing." I went inside the service center and Matt said he would have my tires filled up and oil light reset. When Matt came back, he informed me that his boss would only authorize half of the detailing since the job was "good enough" for $21. I then asked to speak to someone else. At this point I became frustrated that I had waited two hours, had to turn around and that Matt had gone back on his word to refund the money after promising to do so without me asking him to. Before I get to the really offensive part, I should say that I do look young. However, I am 24 years old; I own a car and a home that my father didn't buy me and work 60 hour weeks, every week. I also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. When I am frustrated, I cry because I can barely breathe and cry harder if I feel a panic attack coming on. I tried to stay calm and asked to talk to a different manager. After all, if Matt had agreed that the job should be refunded, why can he go back on a promise? Why did they try to sell me things and not even fill the tires, which is common courtesy in my limited experience? I then wondered into the main building and found Bill Klisanin. I explained my situation and at first I really thought he understood my situation. He agreed they should have checked the lights and that Matt should follow through with what he agreed to. He gave me his card and said he would make sure I was taken care of. He went back to the sales department for about 10 minutes and then came back to say there would be no refund. I told him the reason it was so important is because Matt had said it was not a good job and he would do so. Bill then asked me to show him the car. I showed him the paper towel debris, crumbs in the seats, dirt in the back windshield. He said that of course there would be bits of paper towel since the detailer used paper towels to clean the windows…really? He doesn't have to clean up after himself? He also told me the detailer wasn't supposed to wipe down my dash. I asked him why it would have done it and left it even dirtier with scraps of paper stuck to it if he wasn't supposed to? He had no response. I even showed him the service stickers that were not from my car that were on the seat. Yes, these are little things, but the little things add up. I didn't wait for two hours to be picking up dirt and debris in my car. He said the sticker wasn't trash so I dropped it on the ground. He then picked it up. If it wasn't trash, why would he pick it up? This was probably not the best way to make my point, but I was frustrated. Since Bill continued to say the job was "good enough," I assumed he took no pride in the services at Bob Wade. He said I would have to talk to the service manager, John. I asked if he would walk back there with me and help me find him, and he declined saying "go find him yourself," brushed me off with his hand and mumbled "she is ridiculous," as he walked back into his office. I wondered down the hall where I found the office manager, Nancy, who saw me crying and I asked where the service manager was. She sat me down and gave me a tissue and looked at my invoice. John then came into the office and said I was no longer welcome at Bob Wade and that they had performed the service "good enough." (You will probably notice the terms ridiculous and good enough were used quite frequently with the staff at Bob Wade). I told him I was a long-time Bob Wade customer (well as long-time someone who has only been driving for 7 years could be) I asked him why Matt had offered a full, then partial refund after being INSIDE my car and evaluating it with what I assume is his professional opinion. At this point, I just want someone to do what was promised, and treat me with respect. John said that Matt was denying telling me this and if I wanted to take it up with him that I could. John was relatively calm in front of the office ladies, but as soon as we went back to the service waiting room, he turned into a nightmare. I first walked in and asked Matt why he said I was lying about promising to give me a refund. Matt was speechless at first and then reluctantly admitted to offering me a full refund. At this point I'm still sobbing. John then begins to berate me. He calls me ridiculous multiple times shakes his finger in my face, yells that he doesn't want my business and calls me both childish and a drama queen. I put my debit card on the desk and told him I wanted what I was promised, and did not appreciate him calling me names. He tells Matt to refund my money. He then goes back to calling me ridiculous and just completely berating and belittling me in front of Matt, a blonde woman whom I believe works there, another customer and a car salesman. No one sticks up for me. At no point did I yell, call John a name or even use one word of profanity. Again, I cry when I am frustrated and could barely speak. I finally got up the courage to tell John, "you are done yelling at me and calling me names, I am not your daughter." He then called me, again, a childish brat. He said if I didn't stop making a scene he was going to call the police and have me removed, (even though Matt still had my card). I picked up the phone and called my fiancé who is a Harrisonburg police officer to save him the trouble. I told him what was going on and he could hear John yelling at me in the background. I offered John the phone but he refused. I told John that he was the one who wanted to talk to the cops, why back down now? When I told my fiancé he was refusing to do so, he finally changed his mind. John then told me and my fiancé they would refund my money, but I was never to come back there whether it be to purchase a car or get service. After handing me back my phone my fiancé tells me to get my card and leave, that he was sure Bob Wade would not approve of his employees, yelling at and name calling customers and putting his finger in my face. I told John if this was the way customer were treated, I didn't want to come back, but I was also sure Bob Wade himself would not approve of such behavior. He then decides to tell me that I wasn't a good customer, that I had only been there twice before for free inspections and wasn't worth their time anyway. After refunding my $21.95, and telling me never to come back or he'll have me arrested (funny since I hope to never work with such a rude individual again, and if I did go back, I would be accompanied by a police officer) I left. As the door was closing behind me, I distinctly heard someone (I assume John) say, "*** b*tch." If I was a grown man instead of a 5 foot tall girl, I probably would have gone back inside and punched him. Instead, I'm writing this letter to hopefully let someone know what is going on behind closed doors when Bob Wade himself is not available. If this were my business I would be mortified at my employees' behavior. Reflecting on this, I did get my inspection done at Bob Wade in July, but it certainly wasn't free and I have the bank statement to prove it. Once, while in college, I did receive a free inspection, but only one I can recall. Since I turned 16 I have been there multiple times with a 1993 Chevy Lumina, a 1999 Volkswagen Jetta, and my current Honda Civic. The only reason I could think of that there would not be a record of this is because my father is friends with Dave Gillette who normally helped us and probably put my services under my father's name. Regardless, I AM a repeat and paying customer, and until today, have referred multiple friends, coworkers and even students to Bob Wade since my job gives me the opportunity to see hundreds of people daily. Maybe it was just $21.95, but as I said before, I assumed that was a code for the job. Maybe "good enough" is the kind of work they do at Bob Wade now, but I believe every business should take pride in their work. They could have at least offered to re-wipe down the dash and vacuum the visible crumbs. Above all, I shouldn't have had to beg for what was promised to me. At this point, I'm just furious at being called a liar (I believe Matt probably just didn't want to admit the truth at first fearing he would get into trouble). I'm also in disbelief that a grown man had the audacity to yell, call me names, and point rudely in my face when I did not even utter one word of profanity or call him any names. And Bill Klisanin? Waiving me off as if I was no concern? I bet he wouldn't appreciate if he came into my place of employment and I told him to fend for himself or didn't take his concerns seriously. I'm not sure what could rectify this situation, except for a sincere, written apology from Matt, John and Bill. Hopefully I will get to speak with Bob Wade in the near future. I haven't met him before, but I'm sure he takes pride in his business, employees and understands the value of referrals for any local business. I hope he can identify the desperation in this letter. I'm not sure if he has a daughter, but if he does, I know he would not be pleased with anyone treating her this way. If I had been rude, or used profanity I might understand the reactions of the Bob Wade Employees. Since I did neither of these things, I remain confused. Why am I less important as a customer? Why did I deserve such treatment? I can only hope for a sincere response. Until then, I'm not sure who I'll refer my customers to. I honestly used to program their GPS's with 3005 S. Main St. Harrisonburg, VA 22801…thanks to Dave Gillette and what I thought was an awesome service team, now I'm not sure what I will do. Their response? A generic apology letter. Not even a phone call!!! I don't even know if I'm subject to legal action if I step foot on their property! If you want to get ripped off and treated like ***, feel free to go to Bob Wade Autoworld in Harrisonburg!!!
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You're probably to ignorant to have even read this whole letter. I'm glad someone who works for Pediatric Home Health likes making fun of those with mental illness


Finest men you've ever met? I'm not sure how a verbal assault by a large man that gives me a panic attacks is my fault.

I'm glad you gave me your professional medical advice. I'm sure you're a lovely see you in tee I hope you never get assaulted :) as a woman you could have a little empathy, but you're probably a bible thumping redneck from elkton who is just too ignorant too see any issue.

I guess Bobs death means he won't be returning my calls since he was too scared to call me. If nothing else the Valley gained from his death.


Is a ***


Bob Wade died this morning so don't expect an apology from him anytime soon. Perhaps you owe his family one.

Seems to me that Drama Queen might be appropriate. I am sorry that you have panic attacks and nervous issues. Being a nurse (but it certainly doesn't take a nurse to see the obvious) I would strongly recommend that you consider some medication before you step out in public again. Sorry for your loss...

Oh, that's right other than your dignity you didn't lose anything.

RIP Bob. You were one of the finest men I ever met.

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