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Poorly built, will not last more than a few months longer than warranty.When you call for repairs they come patch it and you have 2 days warranty. If no complaint its on you to pay $75 again and do it again. Poorly Made with presswood undersized pine, glue, couple of dowel pin screws and thin metal straps. Metal straps break first then seat box pulls apart and wood breaks. Also a few staples. Claimed to be rated for 500 pounds might work for...
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The arms on the recliner flattened out. A company named saw came out, they cut slits on the inside of the arms took stuffing out of an old coushion To fill the arms, they could not fix the lining they cut then the stuffing started to fall out on the carpet. Again a man came out, they the zippers open and the stiffing could come out. They did not need to cut the lining To fix it they could take the arms off and replace the lining. Then I got an...
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