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I have had a good experience with BMO Harris with my existing home loans. They refinanced my existing home loan once to a 15 year loan, lowered my payment and I got cash back. Later I refinanced to a lower rate for a 10 year loan at a much lower rate and equal payment. In the history that I have owned this home I have seen my mortgage sold from one bank to another. When I started I was at 9% with some no name mortgage company. As it stands, I...
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So my wife and I have been in the process of buying a home since the end of June. We finally found a place we liked after we met the owner in the beginning of September. We set a tentative closing date for October 19 about 45 days out pending the bank approval. My wife was also in her third trimester of pregnancy. We were pre approved, and then eventually Approved. 1. We were told since we are new home buyers there are tons of programs for us....
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lamoneta I understand what they put you through as I have been there. I closed over 1-1/2 years ago and still having issues with them. Being a first time home owner after what they put...

I purchased a home and received an FHA loan through BMO Harris Bank. I closed in June 2015 and it has been a nightmare since. Various mistakes have been made including the wrong interest rate on my closing paper work. My loan was supposed to be purchased by US Bank. I knew this going in. I was told with all the numerous errors US Bank refused to purchase this loan. I am now stuck with BMO and all the mistakes that keep happening. I have to send...
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I didn't like
  • Being lied to by reps
  • Poor response time
Everyone is there when you sign your loan paperwork (2002).But now after misc fees assessed a not get answers and cannot talk to someone in person. You have to go through a banker at the branch and they email the escrow dept. we have been on time for 15 yrs with out payment. Used coupon booklet system until 2014 they switched to statements and to our unpleasant surprise we find we have been charged fee assessments since 2008 no explanation of...
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