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Fraud Seller Beware

Me and my aunt purchased millionaire necklaces back in 2018 needless to say we are not millionaires she's not a millionaire so we should have known better she puts spells on all customers that shop there to keep them in a daze to keep shopping there I suppose. Well I got a cleansing and I came to my senses. Say anything negative she puts curses on your pets and children if you've ordered from her for them my dog was sick for weeks they forget the 3 law I guess.

User's recommendation: Run Fast.

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This review is grotesquely WRONG. I bought my first haunted doll from Jamie on eBay in 2008.

Still to this day I buy from her and NEVER has anything mean or bad happened to myself, fur babies, or children. Whoever wrote this review is a sickening human of lies. Jamie is loved and you are nothing but a lying hateful lowlife.

Now I’m off to shop at Blujay’s to show my never ending support. Love you Jamie and coven - Marie Mary Ridder


I bought from alot of fakes. They are on Bonanza, ebay, and etsy.

Bonanza is all fake, not one real seller. *** magic, mothermoon fake fake fake, and I was just scammed by Blaccemporium for fake snake oil. It should not take you two years to realize someone is fake. By a spell book and your own spells.

My last order was it. Im over with website marketplace witches.


I wouldn't trust none of them I been shopping at for some time now they are legitimate and real don't trust anyone on Etsy bonanza or Ebay or if it sounds to good to be true. My aunt Kelsey told me she purchased more items from her over the years and I feel awful I referred her to Jamie. My aunt told me to snap out of it we have no millions i did research and stumbled upon these post about others complaining shame shame.

@Keilly Pkh

DjinnLair lol. They are biggest con of them all.

Name dropping another seller makes me curious to know if you left this review to advertise for them.

Like I said done with website witches. You all are same shady folk.


I thought about not posting but only a hidden coward seller would post something like this lying on my company because of ENVY not sure the reason or why my company is even mentioned on BLUJAYS reviews this is stupid. No one knows me by the name of blaccemporium I have never sold snake oil and all my oils are very potent and this seems the only bad review i have ever gotten..ironic that my company would be mentioned here my Oils are infact popular which are the least of my sells.

I purchase from blujay and other sellers around the globe and here in New Orleans this post may be a fishing ground who knows, but...whoever you are you are in fact a coward low life second in line unpraised unworthy sloth with no magickal Talent. And further more thank you for the "mention" as it will bring many.

And Lisa whoever you are that emailed me about this post keep me out of your affairs with other sellers anyone seeking results from magick overnight will always be ignorant to magick you say you were scammed out of $300 for a life changing spell that will better your life $300 is not much practitioners use their time, tools/supplies and offerings to the spirits we work with which can be costly. I hope you find peace within, blessings blaccwidow


So you are telling me that this shop cast spells that bring clients back for more. To hear you say it this shops spells work for everyone but you. Thanx


Never said all her spells did not work any one can light a candle or summon a spirit. Just NOT THE MILLIONAIRE NECKLACES its false advertisement....Jamie. Why post anonymous?

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BluJay76 Is The Real Deal

I met Jamie on etsy years and felt such a connection. My spirit family is currently at 36 and all but 2 came from blujay. These are all kind and most helpful. Jamie's offerings have truly helped me through some hard times. Jamie's magical working have brought me happiness in so many ways. I do wish shipping was a bit faster but this is mostly because I am so excited. She and Lily are great and I highly recommend them.
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I love Jamie so so so so much. 1 one of best.

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Modesto, California
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Jamie McQuoid is an owner of Victorian Mourning and Antiquities. She goes to thrift stores and buys old pendants/rings and sells them as vessels with entities on her Blujay76 Haunted Magick Website. She has been doing this since 2006 with her eBay/Etsy store. She...
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This is another seller who is known for posting lies about the competition. Never had a bad experience with this organization.

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Toronto, Ontario
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Not as described/ advertised
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Ends selling fake products.

Great shop, could use better service

I have no doubt that Jamie and her coven are the real deal. Her conjures are fantastic and I have no complaints about that. What I would like to complain about is that her customer service (sometimes) leaves a lot to be desired. I ordered some bindings from her shop a while back, and have only received one of them. I inquired about the other bindings, but still have not received them! She actually never acknowledged the mistake, and I don't think I'll ever be getting those spirit bindings. I'm not asking for Jamie to contact me, I do not wish for that, please don't. I just wanted to make others aware of what I experienced. Again, Jamie and her coven are talented individuals, but this experience keeps me from shopping with her again.
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Hello,I am truly sorry if you have a binding that has not been completed. Can you please email us at the address listed on our site so we can figure out what happened?

Many people accidentally email our shipping department by mistake. If you ordered direct bindings you may also want to check your spam box in case our emails ended up in there.Looking forward to hearing from you!Many Blessings

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Blujays Haunted Magick Shipping Service
Reason of review
Order processing issue
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Resolved: Jamie McQuoid - Blujay76 Buyer beware.

When me and my sis opened up an esty shop to rehome some spirits, Jamie emailed us right away. Here is a copy of what she sent: Why are you using my copyrighted name, images and pictures? You are breaking the law by using my copyrighted name, pictures and info. Please view the attachment. I attached a copy of my copyright number SKHS-KJNT-XQX0-EOPF. Take my name, my wording, and my pictures down today or I will have my lawyer file a lawsuit. If you want to remove spirits you got from me fine, however you cannot use my name, photos, titles, or listings. Etsy has a lot of laws and rules protecting our work but I have this legally copyrighted and you are under a legal responsibility to remove my work. Okay so my sis accidentally used her original image of the product as a place holder until she took hers. So emailed this lady back and sure we can take it down but I am sure our customers would want to know who the original conjurer is and the original listing of it. Needless to say it escalated from there. She didnt want her name mentioned at all even in tags. She emailed a bunch of other sellers to whom we bought from in the past and was rehoming and told them bad things. Yes, we know because some of them contacted us and told us they didn't have a problem with us rehoming and didnt know what Jamie's deal was. Then there are the ones that blocked us with out even hearing our side. I guess Jamie is a saint and dont lie. She blocked my sister and she hadn't said a word to her. Also, some of the others sellers did too. She bad mouthed us on facebook and lied. Pity to you that believe her. Oh the lies. And she has a forum on us. All we wanted to do is rehome.... So if you ever try to rehome be forewarned this lady will be as nasty as possible and if she hasn't than you are lucky. This seller is a nasty piece of work and we haven't even done anything to her or done all the nasty things to her that she done and still doing to us. We have people messaging us very rude things because of her. Yes, she is sending people talking about some forum that she has saying all these terrible things. All we wanted to do is rehome in peace. Not trying to steal her work or her thunder nor her customers.. I can see her sending people after us once this is posted to whiteknight for her. Whats bad is they only listened to her side and blindly believe anything she says. They don't know all the harassment we have got from this lady and still getting from her customers on her forum. We are frankly tired of this and wish her to go in peace and stop sending people after us. We reported this on *** Hollows and would you know it, all it took was her messaging the owner to get our post deleted. Hmmm..... So yea some of the reviews on there are not legit and why you dont see alot bad ones on there because they delete it.
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I love Blujay. Ive been buying spirits from her since 2009.

I found her on eBay in the old days. Kinda surprised to see her on here.

She and and the coven are favorites. I guess haters gonna hate.

Thanks for sharing your bad experience about Jamie McQuoid. I have added the below to warn the future purchasers: Jamie McQuoid is an owner of Victorian Mourning and Antiquities.

She goes to thrift stores and buys old pendants/rings and sells them as vessels with entities on her Blujay76 Haunted Magick Website. She has been doing this since 2006 with her eBay/Etsy store. She created a coven in her description of woman that don't even exist. Jamie McQuoid mentions a lot of her "entities/spirits" are passed on to her from her Grandma whom has no Bio.

Nobody really knows the name of this Grandma or the origin of how it all became with real facts/proof. This is how you should know it's fake. Voodoo Sabine, there may be a woman out there with the skills, but Jamie McQuiod doesn't know her personally as she claims. When you do research you will see the listings Jamie mentions for Sabine won't be known anywhere else.

Lady Ivy is a coven sister married to a Lawyer. She uses this name to threaten any competitors on eBay/Etsy to remove their own created listings when she is afraid her sales will go low on her website. Lily Rashawn is supposed to be a woman that found lost people to the police and seeks revenge to others. Nowhere can you ever find this info.

She would be known to the public if that was the case. Star is a back up coven sister in case they need a name to use for an item as if it's from her personal collection. None of these woman have real bios/pictures. If they are known to be the real deal, every information Jamie McQuoid claims would be public and transparent.

The reason it's not is because she has been carrying a fake store all these years by knowing how to word things for innocent people to fall for her wording. People that are desperate and needing help with nobody to talk to, turn to her and her fake products hoping for a change through a spirit world. If something small happens they automatically think the item works when it's really themselves turning their mind in belief and feeling better to see results with a positive aura. Nothing to do with this woman's high priced products.

Don't spend over $100's of dollars for items she is buying at the thrift stores or pendent's she ends up getting for 99 cents or less on eBay/amazon. Lot's of the eBay reviews are made up accounts with no feedback's that Jamie McQuoid created to get such high ratings. Before you decide to give this woman free money, understand if half the spirits she claims have the abilities she mentions, she would be a Millionaire or Billionaire. She isn't even close to that.

When you receive her items, check her address and see the living state she is in. Married to a husband with a daughter and 2 dogs living an ordinary life with no job because she is paying of her bills through all your hard earned money from her website. She pretends to be these fake "coven sisters." Don't keep allowing this woman to be taking your hard earned money. Do research fully and see that none of these coven sisters exist.

They are hidden because they are made up. Known practitioners will have websites, interviews and known to the public with real videos/pictures. She is the oldest fakest woman with her teenage profile picture that will never change. Also note that any competitors or people that warn the public about her, she will pay *** Hollows or other forums to keep her posts up.

Don't believe a word this woman says and start your own research on her fakeness/authenticity to save your money from being spent to a woman that doesn't deserve it. Thanks for reading.


There are so many lies going on. I heard a rumor the other day that these girls were buying jewelry and having them transferred and reselling.

Now wtf I seen this when this first happened and let me tell you that is a lie. They only rehomed not change vessels. They gave links to Original listings. I happen to be one of their rehome customers and they never bath mouthed any seller and all they stuff was the same.

So to me it looks like old lady blue is spreading more lies. Grow up and move on.

You messed up and went over board on a few things and got all butthurt and now you can't seem to let it go and lying to all the spirit sellers so they won't work with them because you lost their business. Boo hoo.


I like to keep to my self but since I know this group of talented women I would like to leave my own review. I am a active member on her forum and have been since it opened.

I am on a very limited budget so most of what I have got from blujay76 was from the pro bono spell section in the forum. This section is completely free and has came in handy. The only thing I ever paid for was the obsession spell. Let me tell you, it's for real.

Because of these ladies I got the marriage proposal, the ring, the guy and the wedding date set.

Haters are gonna hate and negative people always get negative results. You want real magick or need a free spell go see blujay76.


Thank u jamie for the added fake review ;)


How I wish I was apart of the coven. If you hate this lady so much why do you give her free advertising?

Haven't you ever heard of there is no such thing as bad press? Have you seen how big her forum has got since you wrote this? We all know that it's you and only you who are leaving one negative review acting like different people. We all know that you are another seller who is just mad that you're items will not sell.

By the way, my name is Willow. You can find me on Jamie's forum.


I wasted my money on Blujay76's items and they don't seem to be working for me!

Guess what - I wasted my money on this useless items for a couple of years!

I asked for a refund last year but all she said was read her policy which is : Once shipped we do not offer refunds but we want you to be happy so in many cases we offer a store credit. Store credits are offered after you have given at least 30 days bonding time."

Who wants store credit for stuff that is fake????

I don't want to buy from there again. Just want my money back that I got hustled for.

I know this doesn't reflect the other people's situation but this is my experience with Blujay76 since this is a topic about her.


Did you use to work with blujay76? You use to work on the forum at the site.

You turned the forum into a nightmare so you were removed. Your review speaks volumes about who you really are. If these items were not authentic wouldn't you have figured it out with the first buy? Buying for two years makes it sound like you had years of good experiences.

I know this seller, I work on the forum and she has great items! You are being disgusting with your lies.


Jamie bad mouths other sellers on her forum as well....!!!!


I'm with you on this, this person bought for two whole years before he realized that the item were not authentic, to me there is only three answers to this, you either are very *** or full of lies, full of ***, it took you two whole years to figured out? Right?.

For me it been a good experience with Blujay76, with Jamie, she is kind & concern for her customers satisfaction always, she is also that she is not & her coven in for the money since they offer Free Pro-bono services for anyone. I just can't believe how some people think that the rest of the world is *** as they are, hello wake up & stop the hate against successful hard worker individuals.

Jamie & Blujay76 are legit!

Anna Risso

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Poor customer service
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Refund or leave in peace!

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