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Be Cautious

Former intern. Went through 3 rounds of interviews with no sales experience and never having written a cover letter for this company. It seems like they would hire just about anyone. Worked long days including Saturdays going door to door selling AT&;;;T products. Made decent money but not everyone did. Job descriptions and company website are vague and misleading. No reimbursement for all the gas money I spent. Changed in a fast food restaurant every day. Didn't get home until around 8pm. They seem to be targeting college students and people who are desperate to get a job.
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Deceitful!! Horrible experience

I used to work for Akil and Zach’s office also and I was mislead, and thinking I was an HR intern (not even marketing!!!) and I when I quit, they blamed it on me and how the job is “performance based” and I wasn’t performing up to par. What a *** The guy that trained me also slipped and mentioned how he only make 42k one year, and he is in his 30s, and had worked with the company for years. The owners don’t care about you, they just want their reps to make sales and open an office, because that’s when they make more money. Might as well be equivalent of a pyramid scam. I also never got paid the money I was told was given to interns regardless of if we made sales or not. They never told me the job roles regardless of me asking during both interviews. Not only are they deceiving customers, but also their employers. All they care about it how much money they make, not your success
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Thanks a ton for the feedback! We have taken this review and used it for feedback for our hiring process so thank you!

We believe 42k isn't too shabby for entry level sales. Also we are Better Business Bureau accredited and work directly with AT&T so of course we aren't not a pyramid scheme (Those are illegal). Our client AT&T want us to open up new offices which we believe is a good thing and the reason why is because we are doing a great job for them and their customers.

If you need anything else from us our management team would love to hear from you directly so we can assist with anything else. We honestly have implemented changes with our hiring of interns though due to this review so thank you.

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THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. I can guarantee they forced their "interns" to write any and all good reviews to try and bury the bad ones. I applied for this company under the impression that I was applying for an internship. They are very good at disguising the fact that THEY ARE A DOOR TO DOOR SALES COMPANY FOR AT&T. All positions are that way, no matter what title you apply for. You are not applying for the job they posted, I promise that. I went through two interviews, and eventually did get hired, so I saw the process they take you through. They try to hide as much information about the actual position as possible and just keep talking about high energy atmosphere. The girl I did my second interview with (Alison?) told me she cried for two weeks straight after starting this job (I wish I was making that up). Please do not waste your time with them. I wish I hadn't, but at least I can hopefully prevent someone else from doing so.
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Hi PissedConsumer1597216 thanks for the feedback. Just so we can clear things up here allow us to respond with a "guarantee" since we have in fact been in business for a few years and can share how we actually operate and allow those that read this to have a balanced view and make the decision for themselves.

1. We are not a scam – we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (their job is to call out scams). 2. All companies have negative and positive reviews - we do not ask people to leave reviews, but we do discuss bullying.

Perhaps some were left as a response to provide balance, perhaps others have actually had a great experience and want to share that the things learned here is not a waste of time. 3. Door-to-door sales involves cold calling and canvassing. We actually work with our client AT&T and work off of their leads as well as use Salesforce to log sales and interactions - a service that AT&T clearly find beneficial since they pay us handsomely for it and ask us continuously to grow.

4. For companies that recruit sales reps, the position is something different to everyone. Account Executive, Sales Rep, Entry level Sales - are all describing the same thing - this is not misleading – this is a normal approach to finding some great quality candidates. 5.

We find it very odd that a highly trained employee who is conducting an interview would reveal their inability to stop crying by working here and even if they had - this would probably be a good sign to not take the position, wouldn't it?

All in all - we can see how you'd want to share your bad experience however it seems highly subjective and we do hope you at least found some positive benefits of your short time with us - learning sales are an invaluable skill in any company since it is the only source of revenue. We wish you luck in all your future endeavors PissedConsumer1597216!

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Company disguised door to door sales as A Marketing Internship. Very dishonest people. Very vague on what i would be doing during the interview process.
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Thanks for the feedback. We are sorry for the confusion however as a result – our interview process now entails the showing of our legitimate leads from AT&T through Salesforce so that we can be super clear and transparent with candidates.

Along with the response above, yes obviously marketing and sales go in hand in hand----mar·ket·ing /ˈmärkədiNG/ noun 1.

the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. We hope that clarifies and we wish you luck for your future!


Sales and Marketing go hand in hand. I went on an interview with this place and it was QUITE CLEAR what I would be doing.

Some people simply hear only what they want to hear. You may want to work on your comprehension skills.

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