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For nearly a year now I've had some claims that I've still not received reimbursement for and I've been fighting with them to take care of this matter for way too long.They are terrible at processing claims and no one bothers to follow up enough though I've had the misfortunate of having to call them more times then I would have liked. Simple claims for doctor's visits were processed wrong on numerous occasions and therefore became rejected even...
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Anonymous I am filing a class action against Blue Shield for not paying preventive care claims promptly and properly. You should join in.

We lost the doctors we would see for the past 15 years due to the lousy reimbursement policy of Blue Shield. It doesn't pay them what they are worth. Single working Mother, small business owner, self-employed. Purchased PPO gold plan through BS only to have it lumped in with Obama Care in January of 2014. Didn't think a whole lot of it at the time until in February when I came down with shingles and couldn't find a doctor that would take my...
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I was admitted to the hospital with chest pain on 3/31/.About a week later (after I was at home) I got a letter form Blue Shield dated 4/1 stating they could not evaluate the claim because I had not yet paid my premium. I checked my credit card statement and Blue Shield's own member portal. Both showed that my payment was made on 3/30, the day BEFORE I was admitted. This is not the first time they have tried to avoid paying a claim by making...
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I didn't like
  • Difficulty contacting a knowledgeable rep
  • Nonpayment of claims
  • Customer service sucks